Building The Foundation Of Incredible Breakthroughs In Life!

Sep 23, 2017 | Creativity, Prosperity


I love seeing people make breakthroughs in life even more than for myself!

I woke from the most blissful nap yesterday to a text thread full of photos coming into my phone so fast and furious I knew I had to get up and see what it was.

One of my dearest friends just had the kind of dream come true—  the ultimate dream so big that you can’t possibly even fathom it and neither of us even thought to wish for it it’s so so wildly surreal- it felt like “did-this-really-just-happen?” as I jumped out of bed.

Yes it did.  And when I woke up is a sort of surreal state and spoke to her my first words thinking back to maybe a hundred hours of conversations on the very topic we were speaking, spanning back nearly a decade, was… “you created this and you deserve this.”

For sure.  No doubt.

It’s the kind of turning-point defining moments- the moment you are face to face with your soulmate, the day you break through a major obstacle, the dream job or acknowledgement- that seem to catapult us to a next level.

They are not random even though they’re totally unpredictable.  They are not just for some people, even though they feel like a rarified experience reserved for the lucky.  And, in my experience in every way, they are not built instant… but they are built with excitement every single day.

Today, let’s look at the energetic foundation of incredible breakthroughs in life and start building them, now!

Clear space.  Let go of the ties that bind you to lea-than-healthy people, ideas, energies and places.

Of course, there are sage wands and palo santo sticks and beautiful crystals and all of that… but it starts with your decision to clear space.

There are so many ways to clear space, and the easiest:  clean your house!

On an energetic level, you can do some cord-cutting — a symbolic way to free yourself from the sticky parts of the past that seem to hold you back. You can learn more HERE. 

Showing up.  When you’re not living a breakthrough day, that same energy of a breakthrough can be there is you show up fully.  I know it’s not as alluring to show up fully and feel wildly excited about your day job as it is to show up fully for your dream job, but showing up fully and being engaged fully is what makes the momentum happen.

If you spend most of your day sort of going through the motions and only get really charged up and engaged when something wildly exciting is happening, you can be missing out on so much joy and forward motion…!

Accepting things.  Not “Hey, this is reality and it sucks so so deal with it” type of accepting things… but accepting things right now as what’s happening right now.  You may be single and you want to be married.  Some people get really down on themselves and their life of lacking their husband or wife and let sort of color their days, driving themselves to great lengths to meet people and fast-track a marriage.  Others embrace being single for the moment and stay open to the possibilities and meeting new people.  Being ok with whatever is happening is far more magnetic than trying to speed-through and force things.

It can take a while – a long while- to heal, to grieve, to build a business, to make a deep life change- and being ok with the process rather that trying to fast-track your way out of it can, paradoxically and ironically, speed up your growth.

Running on a full tank.  In Feng Shui and in life, we need energy to be creative.  Build up a well of inspiration.  Build up practices that give you energy and help you recharge.  Stay well-fed, well-nourished and hydrated. I know it’s simple and this seems like just a lot of common sense, but it’s so common to skip these things.

Staying consistent. It’s everything. One small positive, feel-great change like 20 minutes of stretching every day done consistently is far more powerful than a week of marathon intensity yoga intensively followed by months of sitting on your couch. It may seem more valiant to go for the intensity, but small things that are a part of your flow are what create so much more true, solid foundations for life!

And… with each time a win comes, there’s even more reason to feel momentum.  The big wins, the small wins, they’re all part of the process.

Build your dreams on a foundation of love.

I’ve never seen this fail anyone.

Love always takes us in the right directions.

Not drama love, struggle love or suffering for love… all those ideas we get mixed into love in various ways that can be a recipe for more stress and less connection.  Just… love.  That wildly-high frequency that brings us what we want and need, that pulls us forward, taps into our magic and brings us to a feeling of belonging, being seen, being connected and feeling at home.

And… then the wild surprises come.

They won’t be random, though.  They won’t be good fortune or luck.

They’ll be a reflection of all the awesomeness you’ve created.

And you deserve it!

xoxo Dana

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