One Big Feng Shui Way To Bring Your Home To Magnetic Life!

Sep 25, 2017 | Home Style

Lately I have been doing a lot of styling, and today’s styling – a kitchen showroom and range hood by Zephyr- is a study in the most magic part of showering attention on your home.


Not just any details, but thoughtful details.  Meaningful stuff.  And with some attention, it all comes together.

Today’s feng shui is all about dialing in the details. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of the empty space.  Well, it’s not quite empty, it’s full of stuff that you likely have in your home in some way or another.  Shelves, counters, plates, bottles…

Yours may be behind closed doors— but the details matter just as much.

We’ll get there in a moment.

So, it began today with loading in the basics.  I always start with basics.  In this case- beans, rice, multicolored pasta, cornmeal, herbs, fruit.

It’s not so so elaborate, but wow what happens when green lentils are right next to pink can be really hard to see.  It can be super-distracting, and it’s one of those small things you won’t “see” but you’ll “feel.”

Such is the way for every part of a home.

Details matter.  Your home doesn’t need to look like a magazine to be styled with detail.

These pears were too low, the pot of rosemary needed some fluffing…

It all comes together easily though, if you dive in and start looking.

We’ll get to the after shot in a moment, but first… let’s talk about why this matters.

While I’m not asking you to curate your closets and cabinets today, I do suggest looking at your space and seeing, just for now, how it’s styled- or isn’t styled.

In a space that is styled, things flow and click together.  They make sense.  They have a conversation.  The energy soars!!!

What do you see when you walk up to your desk or to a room you spend a lot of time in?

 What can you play with to make a bit more style happen? 

Here is a first take of where we arrived today.  There’s more to do… but it’s coming together.

It’s so fun when it comes together!

I know it’s done when I feel the click.

You’ll know as well!

Now, the feng shui of it all is more specific.  Using colors, shapes, elements… textures, art and more… you can shape far more specific stories that are both bursting with energy AND supporting your dreams. There are so many ways to do this… and it’s so worth doing!

It’s where love blooms at home.

It’s where your space becomes a magnet of attraction.

And it’s all so fun!

Part of why I’m so excited about the new Love Camp is that we get into the details of feng shui home styling using loads of what you have… because LOVE is in the details!

Enjoy some simple detail styling and see what you see and feel what you feel.

Every single shift can bring in more dynamic, elevated bliss!

xoxo Dana

A huge P.S. today:

If you’re ready to make a change and bring in so much more of what you want, changing that mirror reflection, for a few more days, The Love Camp is open!  

It’s the feng shui to bring much love into your life, and it’s also the deepest feng shui for empowerment, passion and purpose in all of life.  This is a supercharger of all your dreams, and your home will radiate all that power!

If you haven’t watched the free video series yet, it’s rich in door-opening feng shui and it starts HERE!

And if you’ve been feeling ready for more love for all of life and ready to step more on the path of manifesting magic, you can learn much more and join us in The Love Camp HERE! 

xoxo Dana




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xoxo Dana


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