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Sep 26, 2017 | Creativity

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I have read a record number of messages in a week from people who feel, their words not mine, cursed, hexed, broken or otherwise so stuck that it feels supernatural.

It’s tempting to say it’s astrological, it’s energetic (well, everything is energy, but let’s not get too deep into this one) or it’s somehow a cosmic force that’s out of whack.

But that’s not fair.

It’s not fair to you.

Even if there are energetic, cosmic, moon-wobbling forces happening, this doesn’t mean that they have to stop you in your tracks or become a reason why you are not more powerful, present, capable, worthy or totally ready to keep moving forward.

The position of the planets and stars, the darkness and ill-wishes and the weirdness of life isn’t bigger than your power and your choice.

Today, let’s look at the Feng Shui of freeing yourself from the cycles of “what is happening?” that can create chaos, moving to a place of being truly unstoppable…!!!

What is happening that so many things are feeling crazy?

That’s what I’m asked. A lot.

I have no exact reason to give for what is happening or why.

But there are ways to turn the tides, for sure.

In my personal philosophy, it’s karma that’s happening and sometimes things get stirred up so we can clear them away and soar much higher, experience more greatness and live with more abundance.

But why exactly, what caused x,y,z to happen out of the blue, I don’t know.

I can tell you from my darkest days to my brightest, the more I entertained the fact that forces- or people, or stars, or energies- out of my control or beyond my capability were coming at me and cursing, blocking, stopping or putting my life on hold, the more it happened.

One example: At one job, a woman went after me with such diabolical force that people around me were astonished. They asked her why she was doing it and she admitted she was… and I was letting it become the theme of my days. I was walking around in a panic, in the hospital for endoscopies as I felt my stomach on fire (it was, and that was a wake up call) and in a series of horrible events that were unending.

Then… I decided this would stop. I started praying for her (wow was that hard at first!) and then, taking incredible care of myself… and… within weeks… I had a job with more money, more love and incredible amounts of fun pretty much appear out of the blue.

She became some sort of a healer (be careful in selecting healers, not all are healthy or healed!) and while I never got an apology, I never let that happen again!!!

Yes, I never let it happen. People have tried. I am aware now that I will not be a doormat for that kind of stuff.

So let’s start right here by saying-

You are more powerful than anything that is happening. 

Even if you don’t fully believe it yet, the more you do, the more you’ll move from the “effect” of things to the “creator” of greatness.

When I didn’t believe it- when I let myself believe that someone could drive me out of a job, mentally terrorize me, energetically “stop” me or anything else- I became the effect.

It often doesn’t matter why things are happening that are wonky or off track… it matters most that you decide it will end.

Start now with a new paradigm:

“I am the creator of my life.” (phrase it how you’d like, but you get the gist!) 

If you really believe that, it becomes less appealing to indulge lots of energy and thought and time into how crazy people are, how wrong things have gone, or anything else.

Even the worst things that can happen- and I have a long list of worsts and traumas I can site in my own life- can be untangled and healed from this place of active creative power.

It may not always be instant, but it can always happen. You’ll know you’re on the right track because things feel bigger instantly. You can move more. The spring and speed comes back where things were stopped.

When I hear people say they feel cursed, blocked or otherwise, I give the following as a suggestion. I have done it so many times, and so have hundreds of clients:

Clear some space.  Sage burning, dumping clutter… and an infinite number of ways of clearing space work wonders. Space Clearing- it is all so helpful to move from EFFECT to CAUSE.

Be grateful you made it through the craziness.  Even if it’s not all resolved yet, you made it this far and you will make it through easier with as much gratitude as possible.

Focus on what’s great. Including yourself. Self-love and seeing the love all around you may seem “extra” but it’s not “extra” – it’s your fuel for major change and huge prosperity.

Keep moving toward what makes life expand. The people, ideas, habits and places that make life expand are what creates that uphill motion. Stop responding to drama. Stop talking about the past in ways that just rehash problems without solutions. Shift to love.

The people. The spaces. The habits. The practices.

Check out the chart above. Look at what happens when you are feeling love!

Everything becomes wider.

Do you know what else becomes wider?

Your sphere of influence. Your way of making an impact. Your presence when you walk into a room. Your wealth. Your relationships. Your powers of manifesting, which are actually your creative powers and not a form of magic reserved for a few who know special secrets. 

If you’re feeling blocked, stopped, challenged… lean into more love. For yourself, for your life. For your blessings. And in ACTION.

When you set up a space around you to be a mirror of love- that space informs your life. It makes you stronger, more resilient and more glowing.

It’s an active way to solve cosmically challenging “why is this happening” issues.

It’s freeing, gorgeous & awesome.



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