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Sep 27, 2017 | Feng Shui 101

(bruce getty photography- so epic!)

Why does feng shui work?

The question of yesterday. Every day it’s a question, but especially yesterday!

I had to record sound bytes for a good two hours yesterday, and other two coming a bit later today, for a TV segment all about taking modern feng shui to the mainstream. It’s only one sentence, but the sentence has to encompass everything!

It’s such an honor to have these opportunities and to watch the wishes of my own feng shui (!) unfold in life… a gift… a joy… and…

It’s also not as easy as I thought it would be!

When I’m talking to people who have no idea what feng shui is- aka, most people, still!- it’s not enough to say “when you change your space, you change your life.”

Why? How? What?!?!

That doesn’t compute. And I get it.

While some people are open to the experiential and down for an experiment, to motivate or inspire someone to change their home (even slightly) for the purposes of supporting their dreams is not always a one-sentence situation.

I never try to convince anyone that they should do anything.

I do want everyone possible to know that there is so much potential in your home- potential to love, create and prosper even bigger than you are already.

But, to share the “why, how and what” behind space-changing to improve life is always a challenging thrill.

Here we go!

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Your environment shapes your life. This has been proven by so much science that there’s a branch of architecture leaning into the ways that the shape of our space affects our brain. Dr. Bruce Lipton has talked at length about how our environment affects our genetic expression- yes, our genes!!!

Your energy is measurable. The magnetic fields of our organs have been measured. Love wins (!) as your heart has a magnetic field 5000 X stronger than any other organ. Our “auras” have been measured in legitimate labs. Our energy fields are being explored by prestigious quantum physics.

Color is vibration of energy that has an impact on our mood, perception and behavior. Color psychology is a huge field because of it’s power that is harnessed in marketing, street signs, social media, fashion and any and every field you can think of! Locker rooms for opposing athletic teams have been painted pink in the past to calm players to the point of lazy to make them softer on the field. Colors are even used in modalities of healing. Lasers harness colors of light to have different affects on the body.

Art is a tool of healing and self-actualization. For as long as we’ve had art, it has been used to elevate, unite and catalyze change in society. Art therapy is a burgeoning field of psychological and physical healing. The craft market is exploding with coloring books and DIY projects found to calm and focus our bodies and minds.

And… on and on…

These are only a few of so so many tools of feng shui.

Plus, there’s the art and practical science of feng shui itself.

Feng shui has been around for 1000’s of years. Chances are, it survived because at least some of it works! But, I wasn’t convinced at first. I had to play around, experiment with myself, friends and hundreds of blog posts… then work for free with strangers for an even longer time, observing the results.

Some of it I can’t explain. No more than we can explain the mysteries of Nature, you know?

Much of it has rational grounding and the science to support it further is starting to expand.

I imagine it’s not easy to get funding for scientific experiments on sage wands or salt lamps quite yet (!!!) so I rely on the sciences of psychology, color theory, biology, engineering, Traditional Chinese Medicine, sociology… and so many more disciplines that have inquired about the nature of Nature, design and our optimized lives.

All that being said, I’ve seen a lot over a decade and thousands of clients, audiences, projects and more…

The biggest observation?

You need to participate in the process of shaping your life – your feng shui, your design, your choices- for it to be most powerful.

I can run through a home all on my own and use “best practice”s to create balance and harmony, clearing and energizing spaces, curating something that looks awesome to me and feels great to me…

But it isn’t about me. It’s about you!

It’s about your loves, your aesthetic, your story, your dreams.

I collaborate with clients. I work with my Campers in the online feng shui camps. I don’t preach, teach or enforce… I learn from you.

The idea is that you are a super-powerful shaper of space.

If you can start working with that premise right now, not knowing a single thing about feng shui you can change your space, the rhythm of your life and even your lifestyle to expand, to prosper and to find tremendous positive momentum building toward your dreams.

Add in the tools of feng shui, even simply, and you can sharpen the story of your home, dig deeper and find that magic “click” where your home becomes an incredible launchpad, a charging center for your energy field and your most rejuvenating, love-magnetic sanctuary.

So, how do you start with all this feng shui?

Here’s one jumping off point:

Take a minute today and see if you can deliberately create one shift at home to connect more fully to your environment. Your favorite mug making an appearance at the office? A photo you love in your wallet? A scent in your car that makes you feel at home?

From here, you can build and expand, fine tune and grow… and as you go, you’ll have your home as a co-pilot, helping you to make changes that stick and move solidly toward your dreams every day!



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There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and it’s a daily commitment to a positive life shift… which is a positive life shift already!!!

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xoxo Dana


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