Four Feng Shui Ways To Create A Sanctuary To Support Your Dreams!

Oct 5, 2017 | Creativity

HERE is where things begin: sanctuary. A place where you feel safe, grounded and cared for.

Today, though, it’s not the sanctuary-making of fluffy pillows and shag carpets that we are talking about.

It’s deeper: making a sanctuary in your home that is energetically supportive.

There are a few ways to do this, and having just received so many messages from the universe about all of these things, I am excited to share some ways to make your home more a stress-free, energetically stable space!!!

An energetic sanctuary isn’t just woo-woo stuff. It’s real. Our homes use energy and if that energy is wasted or being drained from our homes it is being drained from our lives.


Today, I checked a few appliances in my new home and learned that I ultimately need a new stove and a new setting on my refrigerator and also my water heater for my space to not be draining energy for no reason. This is a big revelation. I am always getting these lessons, and they are very instructive.

An energetically efficient home is more of a sanctuary. Not only will it save you money (which is a big deal) it will reduce the amount of waste— energy sort of flying out of your home that isn’t used— and this will create more of a solid sense of energy flow and efficiency mirrored in your life.

It’s worth checking to see how efficient your home is.

Solid stuff.   

How solidly are your pictures hung on the walls. How safely are hooks installed. Are things slipping from their grips. Door knobs loose?

I just had a lovely installer at my house who I sadly had to ask to leave as I knew that his version of solidly hanging things and my version were not matching up. I had a sensation that if I continued with installing in this way that I would be feeling danger instead of peace in my home. My heart was racing. It was that profound- and I am that sensitive to home energy!

Check to see that your heavy pictures, TV’s and other shelving is all hung on studs in the wall or mounted with proper mounts. Fill any holes in the walls properly. Create a very solid sense of everything hung around you and you’ll feel safer at home on a level hard to describe but easy to experience as ambient stress.

Repairs done.

Any lingering repairs are a top priority. I have two to complete in my house now in order to have a space that is super-solid. Even just having them in process of being handled creates more of a sense of calm at home. It is worth investing time and energy into repairs.

Pace yourself over simply filling space.

Organize deeply. 

Deep organization that works for you is the difference between a stressful home and a peaceful home of flow. I am a big fan of organizing so that the routines that you need and want to do are able to get done. Not all organization looks the same.

One hint here: do not organize clutter! Eliminate all the clutter and then you can organize.

I am about to shred a pile of papers and then file some things away to be ready for a next level of order.

I know that these seem like simple things, but I promise that each makes such an incredible difference in the energy of your home and life, you’ll be so happy you took the time to shore up your space.

You’ll gain time. You’ll feel more “cause” rather than “effect.” You’ll save energy and support the planet more. And you’ll even, likely, save lots of money in the short and long run.

Energetic sanctuaries beam with solid, feel-great space.

Create that in basic and fundamental ways, then layer in the floor pillows and flowing fabrics and cozy greatness!



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