10 Simple Ways To Make Your Days Far More Productive & Powerful!

Oct 10, 2017 | Prosperity

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I’ve learned for years that it’s the small things that make all the difference in feng shui and also in a lifestyle.

It’s the extra glass of water, the one simple vitamin, the daily stretch, the great pen… these little things can mean so much to a cumulatively amazing lifestyle.

Sometimes it is the difference in seconds. Apparently, a blog that takes more than 3 seconds to load will lose up to half its visiting traffic. It’s an amazingly interesting world we live in. I learned this when my image-heavy blog slowed down to a near stop and is in the process of a massive optimization. (…or maybe by the time you read this it is already done, which is so awesomely exciting!)

These things we don’t think about- looking for keys, searching for paperwork, feeling stuck at a desk with no water to drink- these things that may just be a normal, can be switched up in seconds…and the results can be dramatic!

Today, the focus in on optimizing your days in easy ways that are personal, fast-to-do and totally amazing for your feng shui’d abundance! 

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Efficency matters. A lot. It matters so much that it can be the difference between success and failure. It matters so much because in our busy lives, extra steps and extra hassle and extra waiting can push us toward a breaking point.

Efficency makes us flowing. We can stay in our inspirational zone. We can enjoy more free time. We feel stronger, more pulled-together and more effective.

Here are a few easy ways to up your efficiency in a day.

Saving time— and also feeling really on top of life — is an awesome way to win every day!

A tray or basket at the entranceway. The extra time we spend looking for things can be better spent in focused flow. If you lose your keys, sunglasses, wallet or dog leashes often, this is a major step of enhancement. Can you put a table in your foyer, a simple wall shelf, a basket…? These little things make a big difference. Please note: this is not an invitation for clutter- it’s for the essentials and it can be a time saving move toward efficiency.

Making your bed. First thing in the morning, this is a habit touted for its happy-making, pillow-fluffing efficiency.

A ten minute meditation. Five minutes of breathing consciously can be all it takes to reset yourself or set yourself up for an amazing day. The Headspace app is super-popular becus it’s pretty simple and a great place to start!

Stock up on easy food. Give yourself a few meals you can make when you’re “out of groceries.” This is a place for boxes of organic broth or soup (*I prefer everything fresh, but in a pinch, this works!), in my house it’s bean pastas, canisters of nuts, maybe some frozen veggies or gluten-free pizza in the fridge. Always having healthy meals on the ready is a deep breath when you are busy.

Get organic veggies or groceries delivered! I am about to start Imperfect Produce delivery of weekly organic veggies and fruit— and this is so thrilling!   Instacart is credited in many households I know as a marriage-saver (more time together, less hours spent on line) and an efficiency-maker.

Do simple priority lists. Too many to do lists will make your head spin. Each morning, look at your day and make a simple list and do your best to organize it so that the more difficult things are done first— we are most able to decide things in the early part of the day!

Keep your computer tools updated. I can’t tell you the time wasted- and the flow interrupted- to update browsers in the middle of the day, to find files, to clear space in memory, update phones, get pings about cloud storage and the like. A tech world that is highly functional is a big part of many of our lives so make it great!

Plan outfits.  While this may not work for everyone, wow has it been life-changing to plan out what I am wearing for events, for work, for important days, on trips… it not only allows me to see what needs to be steamed, it gives me a great sense of freedom to know that this aspect of my day is handled. And, if I need a shoe repair, a new accessory or anything else… I know in advance. And… it’s so much fun!  Capsule wardrobes like the one above can be a tool for minimizing your stuff and maximizing your style!

De-clutter your wallet, purse or bag. Reaching into a bag with no idea where to find tings can create so much time-wasting angst. After holding up many lines in shops while searching for things at the bottom of a full bag or looking for a debit card in a stuffed wallet, I learned to keep this part of my life in order!

Get the tools you need.   Cleaning guru Melissa Maker walked me through the power of proper tools to cut down on cleaning time earlier this year. Having the tools you need to do your job well (you should see my stash of fun things for clients and my baskets of products to review!!!) is something that will make your whole life far easier! If you are lacking proper tools, life can become far more difficult. Anything from an effective yoga mat to practice at home to a proper knife to chop veggies can turn daily tasks into something far more awesome!

Wishing you clear-minded, powerful and flowing days!!!

xoxo Dana

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