10 Feng Shui Ways To Get Back Into Your Magic Zone Of Manifesting!

Oct 14, 2017 | Creativity

Have you been feeling like you’ve lost that spark a bit?

I talk a lot about personal magic because I feel it so profoundly— the flow, the dynamism, the energy, the sense that you’re charting a course and having an impact on life in your choices. It’s a feeling place and a “zone.” And, it’s what we all need these days more than ever to navigate the speed, the changes and the tides of modern living without feeling overwhelmed or burned out.

Are you needing more of your manifesting magic intact?

Are you needing to get back into a streak of making things happen and feeling on top of life instead of catching up or getting out from under it?

Today’s feng shui is all about this magic manifesting zone: getting there and staying there as much as possible!

Love wins.  Love is an energy frequency rather than simply a romance. Love is the energy of change-making. Love is a feeling we have about everything, every day, and all of life. Love is what you are in when life is so awesome that even seeming miracles are falling from the sky. Choose that love. Choices you love, food you love, goals you love, a home you love.

Scattered is not powerful. You can be a laser beam or you can be a ping pong ball. We are more ping pong balls by nature, bouncing around dealing with bits of stuff at a time. True focus on a task is “all systems engaged.” It’s the times where the project gets done from start to finish. It’s the list that gets crossed off from task to task, rather than just a touch at a time, just a little of this and that that leads to no solid products. True production makes us feel empowered. End the multitasking with a decision to really finish things and get them done with focus!

Give yourself time to get there. Rushing is a great way to miss out on magic. I would rather stay up all night (I avoid that at all costs, but if given the choice in a deadline I will) than rush and throw up any old thing. I also have learned not to rush anything- “haste makes waste” is real in my experience. It’s why I have stopped writing (and tossing blog posts as a result) when I am really busy. I would rather write less and be connected to every word. Same with just about every facet of life. Take the time and have your genius intact.

Practice your gifts. You can practice “manifesting” by practicing being cause in small ways. The book E2 is full of awesome ways to practice your magic of manifesting. It can be as simple as saying you’ll have an amazing surprise today and having that amazing surprise!

Collaborate. Two or three or ten minds can be better than one if you’re in need of fresh perspective and more synergy. Find like-minding people and synergize!

Accept a challenge. Yesterday, I accepted a challenge from a friend and Camp member to finish my new home Feng Shui by December 7th. Is it a surprise that I suddenly found all the furniture I needed, almost instantly? I don’t think so!

Dump negativity.  Negativity puts the breaks on life. You know this. You can’t move forward. You can’t see the infinite. You are just… in the dark. And as much as you know this and I know this— sometimes we’re still in it. Quit something as simple as complaining and watch how much more focused and flexible energy you’ll have!  


Bring unexpected awesomeness to every room. Creative surprises woven into your home can make for a more layered experience of space. That translates into a richer and more inspired life! Something like a painting (non-valuable!) in the bathroom, a veggie garden on the patio… these lovely surprises keep live flowing!

Keep your vital stuff in order. Nothing wastes time and stops the “manifesting magic” quite as much as disorganization. Truly… it is like a logjam in your days.

Know what you are looking for. Here’s the best way I can explain it. You know it, but if you need a reminder…

Don’t fixate on one hyper-specific result & see progress.

Meaning: control freak behavior can block brilliant outcomes. I know because I “uncreated” many amazing things in stress and panic looking for just one outcome and forcing things to fit my specific idea. The result: people showed up telling me to start preparing for “worst case scenarios” as though there were only two options- my way or the worst way. This isn’t true, but my stress of forcing made it feel true.

Don’t get me wrong: specific goals are great, but stay open to possibilities even better than you can presently imagine.  I almost lost big deals and lots of incredible things in my life due to a narrow focus on only my specific thing in my mind that I had to have.

Let yourself see progress. Not everything happens instantly… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Flow with more of your magic current intact. Dream super-big… and make those big dreams come true!!!



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