The Rice Experiment Has Blown My Mind & Proven The Power Of Love

Oct 16, 2017 | Creativity

Love is 10000000000% transformational.

I love myself. I love that I’m tired right now because I am awesome and I can take a nap soon. I love my puppy resting on my side. I love my sofa even though it’s getting reupholstered love it so much. I love my totally empty house waiting for it’s furniture. I love my blog that I’m typing right now.   I love everyone in my life.  I love so so much… and I am making love the ultimate everything even more.

I just got the ultimate cosmic proof of love’s power.

I know, I talk about it, I know it, I am certain of it…there is science behind it and I have seen the miracles of love all the time.

But it’s a bit more spellbinding when you see what happens to matter- jars of rice in this case- when they are either loved, hated or ignored.

Welcome to the Rice Experiment by Dr. Emoto. Doing this experiment with a group has been a next-leveling of love in my life.  Wait till you see this!!!<!–more—>

I’ve seen lots of skeptics say that the power of love is overblown and that Intention Experiments are a bunch of hoo-ha.  Well, I am sure there are reasons people have formed those opinions and I am rooting for them to believe in love and their power of intention.

This is just epic.

Three jars are filled with rice & water. Same size jars.  Same amount of each.  Same location beside each other.  They are sealed with the same type of lids equally.

One was labeled with the word LOVE and sent love all the time. Whether in thoughts, in words, in emotions… love has been showered on this jar.

The jar sat beside the HATE jar.  That jar I used to vent frustrations, to complain and to criticize.  To pull this off, I committed to the experiment and labeled it HATE and kept it up.

Equal time for both Love & Hate.

Then, the unlabeled jar was simply ignored.  Not thought about, labeled or anything.  If it popped to mind I would mentally say “Ugh, I am ignoring you.”

I wanted to really see this.  In action.

Here is what happened after about 10 days: 

LOVE flourished.  No mold.  No issues.  Even the water is milky-clear if I tip the jar.  It’s literally fine.

The HATE jar started to mold, with white mold along the periphery and condensation everywhere.

The IGNORED jar… is black molded, profusely.  Rice is turning black.  It’s very dramatic.


I will let you draw your own take-aways. In fact, I would love to hear what happens if you do this for yourself!

My own personal realization:

If I ignore things, they will totally deteriorate.  Including all objects, all projects and all relationships.

If I hate things and they will rot, albeit but more slowly than ignoring them… but I imagine all that bad vibe energy is doing bad-rotting things to my body so I’m forgiving anyone and anything that’s still not forgiven that elicits super-bad vibes.  

If I love and things, they will flourish… to the best they can flourish, or even beyond my expectations!

Right now, after this wild revelation, I am spending the day immersed in the Buddhist practice I love, preparing the empty house I love for all kinds of Feng Shui and furniture I love to arrive…. and loving the things like emails, to-do list things that have lingered too long, grocery-getting and long walks that I have not ignored on purpose but I have ignored!

And… of course… spending lots of time telling people I love them even more than I do!!!

Does this experiment give you chills the way it’s given me chills? 

Does the outcome give you ideas to infuse more love and attention into areas of life, people and spaces- that could use more love? 

I’m off to love everything!!!

And, I’m wishing you so much love!!!




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xoxo Dana


  1. Karen isaacs

    Hi Dana,

    I’m loving this article about love hate ignored. I’m loving this and it’s making me remembered and feel the way I used to feel…thanks Dana. I am using this love way of life view instead of should ifs etc. it enlighten me it brought me light, thank you so much I really needed this and thank you for sharing this I appreciate it. I am loving everything ! You so awesome!

    • danaclaudat

      Oh Karen, I am so glad you ae finding useful ideas and light here! I’m honored and thrilled!!! xoxo!!!

  2. Ana

    Dona, you are amusing girl. Somehow you always speak what my soul looking for.
    Have a wonderful day, every day 🙂

  3. Elisheva

    Really appreciated this experiment! I needed this reminder as I had gotten a bit complacent and when I started feeling blue I caught it and thought, uh oh, not good. I need to re-focus! And here came your email! Thank you!!



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