Are You Good At Thinking About Self-Love But Have A Hard Time Doing It?

Oct 23, 2017 | Sensory Goodness


Thinking about self-love and self-care is a daydreaming pastime in the crazy days, you know? The flashes of what life would be like when the day started early and super-well-rested with lots of gorgeous food and fresh flowers and all those incredible wellness routines we all read about if we’re into the subject of self-love and personal growth and all this good stuff of wellness.

It was my own daydream that my life would look like an exotic Instagram account with all kinds of optimized lifestyle raining down on every day, and, more important than gorgeous bathtubs and scenic, exotic hikes, that there would be great ease involved in all of this.

And: it wasn’t really easy at first to figure out why it wasn’t easy to achieve!

If you’ve held even a bit of these thoughts in mind- a reverie about morning exercises, meditations, creative writing with a bulletproof coffee, making art for fun, dressing up joyfully and sort of easily moving through the day in a spirit of flow and smiles- and you can’t quite get there, I feel you.

As a friend said this morning, ” I love thinking about self-love but the doing of it is the thing that’s important.”

Today, let’s get into the self-loving lifestyle path that is actually do-able!!!

Try to force wellness and self-care into your already-packed life and it becomes… less love and more duty at times. It’s also going to likely be the first things you abandon when things get busier.

I hear people talking about how they must take a salt bath, they’re squeezing in yoga classes to the point of arriving late in stress and leaving in a panic to get to the next place, they have sage burning in a near-state of superstition that the energy may fall and bad vibes might get in if the wand isn’t burning at the same time each day… I’ve seen diets done by relatively healthy people in the name of wellness turn people paranoid abut every bite of food…

This is, in my mind, a part of the reason why it’s so easy to come to believe that a lifestyle full of dreamy self-love in action — far more carefree, exciting and full of gorgeousness— may just not be for you.

But it is. I know it is.

I felt exactly the same— “it’s maybe just a fantasy on Instagram to live this way…” — until I found in my own work a road to make love into way more of a lifestyle.

It didn’t happen overnight, it’s imperfect, but it’s so powerful as it evolves.

If you are living in a home stuffed with stuff, surprise yourself with how much you can let go. It’s energizing and freeing!

Organize what’s been neglected.

Emails and technology? Your car maintenance? Your desk? Your wallet or finances?

Notice that both of the things above don’t look like a yoga retreat, a perfect smoothie or a superfood secret or detox bath…?

This is why I used to discount them in the category of self-love.

I believed that the superfood smoothies and brilliant hikes would just transform life, and for a few days or even weeks they would until… I got busy, I ran out of reishi mushroom powder, I forgot to get groceries, I woke up late and missed my hike and then… I would be out of salt for my bath and… boom: ;Bye-bye wellness routine. So long self-care.

It’s really hard to keep up with new things if your foundation is wobbly.

With a clear house and an organized life, it’s actually easy to do things like make caramel sauce out of almond butter for my organic fuji apples, mix up detox baths of crystals and flowers and all kinds of potions, take long walks and complete a spiritual practice before the rest of the day begins…

It’s not easy when there’s just no room. I feel you if you’re there right now. And you can get so much more ease in two big acts of self-love:

Make room in your life for you.

Organize what’s been neglected.

This is deep self-love.

See how much more time you’ll have when you’re organized.  How much peace of mind you have when you’re on top of things. How much more room you have to think about and experience the new.

When I have trouble keeping my routines in order, these are the two simple ideas (that are vast!) that I come back to, as every level of life really does demand a new- and more organized- you!

Make room. Get organized. And revel in creative, beautiful, love-fueled days!!!

xoxo!!! Dana

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