How To Handle The Part Of Making Home & Life Changes That Looks Like A Big Mess!

Oct 25, 2017 | Feng Shui 101


If you’ve decided to make a big life change- or a big home change which is also a big life change!- more often than not, some chaos will ensue to tempt you off your path.

My recent chaos includes:  realizing that this blog was not properly maintained (though I paid for it, and presumed it was done!) in 5 years and every step forward is met with more questions… returning furniture, a faux Vitamix sold on Amazon (beware of fraud!) and more stuff that arrived that was not what it was advertised…

So much weirdness, taking a few steps forward then and a few steps back…

Have you been there? Are you there now?

Are you in a space where every step forward seems to be asking you “Are you sure you want to deal with this right now?”

Yes, I do want to deal with this.  I know where it’s all leading…and it’s so amazing!

And… I bet you do, too.  Or…. you soon will!

Today let’s get into the feng shui of times where things get shaken up in the midst of improving them!!! 

If you aren’t thrilled about the chaos you’re in, or you feel like maybe it’s best to start exercising or getting up early or starting a new business as a New Year resolution or as a later thing, “something for later…”  it might help to know that chaos is a very good sign.

Chaos often means the stagnation is shaking off.  This means you’re really making progress.  You’re really getting unstuck.

This is what people hope for… the key to shattering glass ceilings, making breakthroughs….

But… what does one do in these times of chaos to not go crazy?


How do you know if you’re actually on the right track? 

It’s going to be different for everyone in every situation but the energy principles seem to be the same.

First: it’s often helpful to let things open up/unravel/come to light as they need to.

You know when you accidentally shake up a bottle of soda then open it and it explodes?

Sometimes that’s a great thing.  It’s safer to let it sort of explode pointed away from you when you are aware it will explode than to try all sorts of ways to keep it from truly exploding by slowly opening the lid or trying to put a towel in your hands and slowly open it…. and then having it explode all over you!

If things are going to explode, let them have the space to free themselves.

The stuffed closet may explode all over the room, and this is the greatest way to see all of what you’ve got. 

The relationship may need a true (mediated?) airing out of all grievances to allow things to improve. 

The house may need new plumbing rather than replacing a new piece- and all the damage it causes- every month.  

I was less than thrilled recently to learn I may need a totally new blog right now (I love mine and while I can embrace the new I have other things to invest my energy in…) but I was told that I was losing so much in terms of my web presence, on Google, in all sorts of ways… I am now open to all things.

Sometimes, it’s better to let it… just… go it’s course and embrace the best solution!


What if you’re not sure you’re on the right path? 


I’m so inspired by the velvet and the plants above, but when I think of this as my office, I can’t imagine getting things done.  We can like a lot of things, but imagining how they feel in our lives is a whole other experience.

It’s so interesting that we all know that when good things feel good they are usually good for us. But, when good things cause all sorts of nightmarish chaos as they’re being improved or implemented… how is it possible to trust your feelings?

What I do: I think of the end result.    If it makes me feel larger and brighter in my mind, I know it’s a good thing, even if it sucks at the moment.

How awesome it will be to have all these annoying web issues not just repaired but also on a supercharged platform… omg… just the thought is so thrilling!

How awesome will it feel to have a more peaceful home, a healthier life, a new job or anything else that you are envisioning…?

Can you see how the chaos may be just the un-tended-to-stuff getting shaken up?

Of course,  just saying that chaos is great doesn’t mean that solves all the stresses and makes things work out perfectly, but it’s a start!

In chaos-times, it’s great to…

Get super-focused on your goal. Try spending extra time clarifying what you’re after and researching what exactly that will be like, or what it will entail, if it is researchable!

Visualize the outcome a whole lot.   A few times a day, close your eyes and simply see whatever you’re faced with as reconciled and completed.

Clean the house a whole lot more. Cleaning keeps the momentum flowing.

Try not to talk about the chaos, just the solutions!!!

The more we harp on things the more they grow bigger.  Better to get super-focused on solutions!

Be flexible and willing to change your direction if what you’re doing isn’t working… but largely, as you flow through the chaos, it often leads to the perfect solutions!

This may not always be a perfect cycle to get from the start to the finish line, but you’ll fear risk and resist change a whole lot less every day, and you’ll create so much space for big breakthroughs.

I know you got this one—!!!

xoxo!!! Dana

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  1. Tami

    Omg thank you for this post. I was feeling so lousy in the chaos I’ve made while redoing my home office. It had me down and discouraged as I was painting and making a mess. I kept thinking that all I was doing was making crap smell like potpourri. Thank you for reminding me to focus on my vision and get out of my head.
    You are such an inspiration.
    Love ❤️

  2. Satu

    I love your blog. I’m sure the new one will be even more amazing and exciting. I will say this from a readers point of view: this blog is a bit messy to navigate, so maybe a new platform will open up a chance to bring in more clarity for us as well 🙂
    Good luck and have a lovely day!

    • danaclaudat

      It’s alllllll going to be easy to navigate!!!! xoxo!!!!


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