A Simple Exercise To Get Un-Stuck & Soar To The Next Level In Life This Week!

Oct 30, 2017 | Creativity, Feng Shui 101


In the online Camps I share exercises nearly-daily that I have used perhaps once or often for years and decades to get from a stuck place to a higher place. If it works… I pass it along. I share many others on this blog- from journalling tools to salt bowls and coloring books and, of course, Feng Shui. All are easy to do and create a perspective shift for many. It’s a total joy to keep these ideas spreading, and to see how you make things your own and keep on expanding!

Today’s exercise is something I am deep into right now, which makes it extra-special. It’s also extremely easy to do. It’s something that has taken me from a feeling of clutter or disconnection to a place of deep connection. It’s something that works even though it seemingly makes no sense, even to me, sometimes.

You can call it whatever you want, but I call it 10+10, and it’s been my Feng Shui way to elevate life without thinking too much and with incredible feelings of accomplishment.

If you’re in a rut, in overwhelm, facing stuckness or “what do I do next?” times where things feel pretty disconnected, it can be super-helpful. For me, it’s the way I gather up my best thoughts, ideas and energy to start a new project, season or chapter..!

10+ 10 = awesome life changes that feel so easy. 

I grab my sketchpad which is my daily journal and do this super simple thing:

HOME. Then I write the numbers 1 through 10 beneath it.


LIFE. Then I write the numbers 1 through 10 beneath it.

First, HOME.

It starts with listing 10 things I can do to improve my home this week that are extremely easy, that cost next-to-nothing, and that use much of what I have (so I am not wavering on getting any done and don’t need to research or order many things).

To give you an example, my list right now for the week includes-

  • ordering more fanning palm trees
  • getting new recyclable dish gloves
  • finding the right gorgeous extension cord
  • lining the drawers in my hallways with marble contact paper that I have (!) so I can fill them in an organized fashion
  • oiling the drawers of my vintage metal desk and the hinges on the doors of my closets
  • properly removing & recycling mercury-filled lightbulbs that were in my new home when I moved in…
  • dropping off donations in the neighborhood… and a few more.

It’s stuff that takes almost nothing to do, but the result of each and every action is that my home is majorly better. Remarkably better. In fact, yesterday when I came across a clearance sale on full-spectrum lightbulbs and bought handfuls, installing new bulbs became the most potent home change I could ever imagine! It cost less than 10 dollars and I am now in an oasis of sunshining light and color, free of mercury, yellow tints and overly-bright, buzzing, spiral bulbs that make me feel horrible.

Can you list the smallest of 10 things to make your home more shining? 

Then… 10 ME things that feel fantastic and feel overdue.

Whether it’s the long overdue appointments to set, the face mask to try, the walk to take or anything else for me… it goes on the list.

Right now on my list it includes:

  • delivery of “Imperfect Produce” organic produce
  • longer and more sacred times at my temple
  • a new jasmine-filled serum from Rosemira for my skin
  • cooking a big soup every week…
  • more walks with Bob to new spots in the neighborhood… and more

This is all pretty easy. In fact, I did 2 of my 10 on each list already and I am… totally… excited!

My aim is to only include what I can finish in a week.

Once it’s all done… there is more space. There’s 20 small bits of accomplishment that amount to ridiculously awesome momentum. There’s very little time spent on wondering “gee, how can I make life better today?” and there’s so much eye-opening realization.

10 for HOME/ 10 for ME = 100% fresh perspective. 

You really can’t go wrong if you stay simple.

The only way I’ve done this “wrong” is to make the list full of either super-hard or complex tasks that I don’t want to do but feel I “should” do.

Make it easy on yourself.

Make it fun.

These tiny little actions are a thing of magic. 20 little things of magic.

I’ve been carried through overwhelm, out of confusion, into healing, past emotional darkness and so much more… all from very small steps.

It’s not just about clearing away clutter, it’s about gathering up the courage to clear away what stops us all in our own ways from feeling worthy and deserving of more good things if we’re stuck. Clearing what keeps us separated, detached or otherwise in a space of waiting if we’re waiting. Clearing the tough stuff. Clearing the creative blocks. It starts with clutter and goes far beyond clutter.

Let’s make this the season of gorgeous transformation in all the ways that move us forward, step-by-step!



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Gather up your magic & make gorgeous dreams come true!

xoxo Dana


  1. DaytonDiva

    I am doing your 10/10. I started today and got so much accomplished in such small tasks that it just flowed into other areas. For example, Under HOME, I wanted to wash off the outside of a set of kitchen canisters. An hour later I had done that plus wash the kitchen walls, deep cleaned the counters, microwave, and cabinets, deep cleaned several of my appliances, and taken out the garbage and recycle bins, and made several appointments I had put off due to depression (none of which were on my list of 10 items for the Home). Just seeing I made headway with one small task made the energy flow positively and focused my thoughts enough to continue to the next task. If I did something not on the list, I just added it under a new heading: FENG SHUI FLOW. I had planned to try to do 2 tasks per day. I can’t wait to see how doing these small tasks lead to additional positive chi flows!

    • danaclaudat

      this is so great!!! it’s amazing to find the small things that can lift up the day and see what a difference it makes in momentum!!!

  2. DaytonDiva

    I found that doing just one or two items on the list I made unblocked my energy and created a flow of positive energy. I wiped off a set of canisters and an hour later found I had completely cleaned my kitchen. So I just made another list, Feng Shui Flow, and listed the additional tasks I did from that positive one.


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