Do You Have Clutter That Just Won’t Go Away?

Nov 1, 2017 | Prosperity


It’s sometimes a breeze to let go of clutter.  It’s sometimes a matter of just deleting some emails, clearing off a counter, hanging a few pieces of clothes. Or if it’s a bigger process, it can often go smoothly even if it’s bigger. You know- that day you devote to a cleared closet, the multi-weekend garage clean out & garage sale…  it’s a bit of a commitment, but when it’s done, it’s done.

Then, though, there are the clutter-clearing projects that seem simple but never get off the ground. Or, they get off the ground and they seem to move painfully slowly or endlessly live in limbo.

Today, let’s look at the hardest clutter to clear and some reasons why it might be sticking around long past it’s welcome… so it can finally march out the doors of your home & life!

Right now, I am at the finish line of a few of these long clutter-clearing processes: clearing long-standing and super-difficult stuff to clear.

Some is actual physical clutter:  the few bags of things that needed to march to the donation site and the recycling bin, including video lighting that never functioned well, books that might be useful one day, and things that could have possibly been useful.

Some is equally-troubling life clutter:  like finally understanding that the blog is due for a redesign after so many backend problems that have spun me in circles for years.  Or, finally being able to handle a long-standing administrative cycle that’s weighed heavier on my life than I like to acknowledge.  And, getting rid of some limiting beliefs that have popped up recently that have shown me that I had some old stuff to reconcile.

Whether your clutter is actual stuff, emotional blocks, mental barriers (like limiting beliefs), digital clutter or any combination of the above… it’s all equally real.

Everything is energy. So if you feel off when clutter is hanging in your space in any way, it’s not a surprise.

The energy is meant to harmonize with us.  We are at out best when the energy around us is in harmony with us.  In fact, when we are around energy that is not harmonious with us, it can make us feel physically weaker.  It can be stressful, exhausting and it can slow down a day.

This means that any energy that is not flowing and buzzing harmoniously is clutter of some sort.

Some clutter is easy for us to see.  It’s easy for us to see the piles in a junk drawer, the laundry in the hamper and the car that’s accumulated lots of junk.

What is harder to see is the energy attached to that clutter.

We become sort of entangled and wound up in attachments to things- be it the pile of old books that maybe we’ll read one day, or my video lighting kit I was hoping would work out to help me even though it never did, or anything else that might seem easy to get rid of.

You aren’t a weirdo because it’s been hard to clear things.

I’ve helped thousands of people to clear space in life and deeply de-clutter and I am still finding these layers of “attachment” to things I don’t need.

It’s a part of life that we’re always evolving.  And as we evolve, we’ll always need more clear space.  More clear space is vital.

So… how does it become easier?

As soon as you decide you’re going to clear things- whatever they are- you set the wheels in motion

Easy stuff can clear the path.  I like to start with the easy and obvious stuff.  The clutter that is clearly clutter.  Like the curtains that arrived in the wrong color that I need to return today.  The drawers that could use a refresh. The refrigerator cleared before my produce delivery arrives tomorrow.

It’s all easier.  And it makes space.

Think of everything you clear as literally clearing the road.  As that road is clear you can see more of what lies ahead.  You feel less stressed.  More becomes visible.

The next steps intuitively arrive in clear space.  From there, ideas emerge.  You might realize why it’s so hard for something to go.  You might realize why things have felt stuck.

Intuition thrives in clear space.  With more of your intuition intact, you’ll find your next steps.

While that may not seem like it’s an answer to “how”- you’ll make more room for the answer.

“How” is something that emerges and sometimes arrives at just the right time.

Trust in your process.  As you go you’ll also start to trust even more in your decisions, your ideas and your flow.  It’s one of the greatest gifts of decluttering to start to trust and honor yourself & it’s so magical as it unfolds!

Even the hardest to spot clutter can be gone… soon!



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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!


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