Are You Ready For A Creative Breakthrough?

Nov 4, 2017 | Creativity


Are you ready for a creative breakthrough?

Creativity is all of life. It’s the “magic” and it’s the everyday moments.   It’s what informs our decisions, thoughts and actions. Creativity is your every moment. It’s not just art, but it is art, too.  And it can be every single moment of every day of life.

Creative breakthroughs- when creativity jumps to a whole new level, when you are even a bit more confident and a lot more radiant, when an idea takes shape with more color and moves you into action- are what I consider to be the “growth” of life, the healing, the stretching & expanding. It’s the wealth, the wellness, the transformation.

Creative breakthroughs are always waiting for us.

They may not always look like a painting or a song.  They sometimes don’t even look happy and shiny and bright.  But… they do always make us feel as though we are expanding wider and wider in liberating ways. Because… we are!

Your creative breakthrough could be finally, at long last, sticking to an exercise program.  It could be committing to cooking dinner every night because you love it so much.  It may be writing your long-dreamt-about novel or it could be finding pillows for your couch that make you excited every day.  It may be a new beauty routine or it could be a meditation that frees your mind. Creative breakthroughs can also be things like a realization that you have a darker habit that’s been standing in your way and you’ve fully committed to pushing it aside and getting beyond it.

It’s not all gloss and glamour to break through to a new level of life, but most all creative breakthroughs are grounded, at their best, in deep, profound love… and that is beyond gloss and glamour!

Want to move yourself toward a creative breakthrough today?

Love your life lessons. 

Especially the ones where you may have messed up.  Those are the ones that are hardest to love and accept.  HINT: If you are having a hard time forgiving someone else for their mistakes, chances are you have some of your own self-forgiveness to do.

See what’s been neglected and love that, too.

The RICE EXPERIMENT (above) has shown me just how much neglect can damage life significantly.  I have neglected parts of my life that really needed my attention.  This attention is making me feel more whole, more full, more flowing and excited… and I’ve seen this change lives so many times… you’ll be amazed what a powerful effect a positive focus will have on the parts of life that really need attention.

Love your process.

Not everyone moves from A-B during the day.  There are so many more cups of tea, breaks, phone calls, books to read and baths to take in between point A and point B in my days sometimes… and I used to be so angry at myself for this process. That anger would create creative blocks, fear and panic.

Sure, we can all be more productive, but I work in an elliptical way on my own and it works for me.  Some of you may need naps, gym trips, time off, snacks or even movie breaks to get through your days well.  If it works for you really well, even if it’s odd to others, it’s your process.

Respect it, and don’t judge yourself!

Love the stuck moments.

Those stuck times are the times I get the gift of a negative belief coming to the surface.  Like last week.  In tears.  Telling someone trying to help me that “I can’t waste my time taking time off.”

I am so glad I said those words out loud.

I didn’t even consciously know I was feeling this way.

But, I haven’t had time off in a very very very long time.  And now, I’m sweeping away that belief with new actions and more downtime every day.  I feel so much more free…and things feel so much better!

Love the wild feeling of taking risks.

Creativity is a faith practice: not religious but definitely an exercise in trust.  Faith it’s going to work out.  Faith that you’ll be supported as you go.  Faith that you’re deserving of success.  Faith in the twists and turns.

The wild feeling of taking positive risks can become positively addictive in a great way.  If you’re not feeling the thrill of what’s to come today or any day, it’s time to get into that zone of love much more… and start planning ways to stretch into new territory.

Allowing yourself to grow is also… love.

Will these ideas write your book, create your next film or decorate your home?

Yes they will.  If you want anything, more love will take you there. Confidence, power, grace, artfulness and pure love will guide you toward creative breakthroughs every day.



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