Do You Dream Of Being A Minimalist But Haven’t Made It Happen… Yet?

Nov 7, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

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Minimalism is the dream for many who have been feeling shackled by “stuff”, weighed down by too many commitments, entangled in too many complication, feel to busy, too overwhelmed by the clutter or the choices or… just… the many things that really aren’t needed.

If you’ve been striving for minimalism and finding that you’re nowhere near it yet… today’s feng shui is all about sailing past the roadblocks in the process of making life lighter!

(vintage revivals… oh this pegboard DIY is lovely!)

Your brain may get in the way of your desire for minimalism.

The want of a lighter, clearer, free-er life was the launchpad for methods like those of Marie Kondo to spark joy around the world.  Touching your objects, seeing if you feel happy with them and discarding the unhappy ones created a mad sensation. It was finally a road to minimalism in a sea of stuff… It’s brilliant, it works and I love it.

But if you linger touching things in your closet for more than a few seconds, you’ll find your mind will start interjecting ideas “oh, you paid so much for this sweater…” or “oh, you may need this one day and what if you can’t afford it again…” or, “wait, it’s coming back in style in a few seasons…!”

In a sense it’s your brain wanting you to stay on the same course that feels safe right now even if it’s not desired.

How to get past this?

Mel Robbins 5-second rule is an epic way to bypass the biggest roadblock I’ve found to minimalism, to efficiency and to just about everything else that’s been hard to accomplish: getting in action immediately.  She explains in detail here, but now for the simple definition:

“So here’s the one-liner definition of the 5 second rule:

If you have an impulse to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill the idea.”

(Sarah Lazarovic’s Buyerachy of Needs)

Your family & friends may not be sold on the idea of less as best. 

Would you want to go from weekly shopping sprees to days of dumping clutter? Would you want less toys? Would you want less of the stuff you seem to work so hard to buy? Would you want to get rid of things you spend your well-earned money on?

Yes, you would.  If you’ve come to realize that all this stuff is emotionally, energetically and even physically weighing you down, you will ultimately want to get rid of it. You’ll wish it all would vanish or organize itself only as essentials.  But…

Then there are your kids, your husbands and wives and boyfriends and girlfriends and parents and friends.

They don’t want to get rid of everything– maybe get an organiztional system, sure.  But… no… not quite sold on the idea of less and certainly not up for the idea of shaking up the way they’re used to living.

So… what do you do?

After an action-packed 6 seasons of the Catalyst Camp I have been utterly blown away by the single phenemenon I have seen over and again.

Don’t ask for anyone to change, don’t require it of anyone else… just… be clear on your path and keep on clearing all that’s in your jurisdiction to clear!  So, your toiletries, your clothes, your closets, your desk, your calendar, your computer, your mind…

And what happens next?

More often than not, even the little kids get involved, even the stubbord spouses, even the friends who would rather be sarcastic are having their own yard sales and hauling out the clutter.

Inspire people by an example and you’re far more likely to have them join you.  Just don’t wait around trying to convince everyone.  Not everything about minimalism and clutter-clearing appeals to everyone on the surface.  Let them see how it lights you up and, more often than not, you’ll see people hopping on board.

But, you may be thinking…as good as it sounds to clear clutter, I can’t quite imagine that I’m not missing out by having more things!

I know.  Every so often I entertain a massive clothes shopping spree because I’ve scaled back so much on buying as well as keeping things, and then I look at my “filming” closet- my clothes to film videos, courses, camps, TV, etc.  I wear each thing 2-3 times on camera and then a few times in life and then… I need to let it go.

It doesn’t make my life better to accumulate stuff.  I actually feel irritated by random shopping.  I have streamlined my life so much in the last few years that even groceries are done much better lately than ever, and more strategically with so so so much less waste.

But, here’s what I have found: now I find it very easy to shop for the best of the best of things. 

Now that I don’t buy and buy tons of extra things and extra decor and extra stuff or random things all the time…. instead I feel empowered to invest  in incredible furniture, in the best camera, the ultimate computer, the most advanced contact lenses, the killer haircut that costs a small fortune 2 X a year…

You get the picture.

Having less is only one piece of the minimalist picture.

Upgrading the things you do have is part of the joy of all the abundance you create in the process.

So…when you become more minimalist you’ll have…

….more free time, more flowing abundance, far less stress, much more creative freedom, focus focus focus, clear minded communication, all kinds of self-discovery, more wellness, more openness to adventure and also, more of an opening to upgrade the things you do have to exceptional heights as needed…

Need I say more ?

Minimalism is massively amazing.



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