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Nov 8, 2017 | Prosperity

Why can some people shine so brightly and boldly while others stay more hidden?

Why are some people with less skill and knowledge and experience becoming so well known for their expertise while other geniuses are more “underground” creating magical breakthroughs?

Why are you (and me) sometimes more apt to hang back than to stand up in front when we know we likely should?

Today’s feng shui is all about shining super-brightly in every day with nothing but joy leading the way. It allows doors to open. It allows life to expand. It creates a whole new version of life as “unlimited.” It creates magic without exhaustion.

And… it’s easy to do!!!

There are so many factors why you might feel stuck, smaller or limited.

I can tell you the big ones I’ve experienced and observed.

water going down drain

They are:

Toxic people lingering around that like to squash dreams, a cycle of burnout from working like a mad person, programming from childhood about not shining too brightly, ideas that it’s selfish to love ourselves, traumas that have given us an idea that it’s not safe to step out of our usual zone (even if we don’t like where we’re at) and… even a feeling that if you’re too bright that you will fall from the top at one point and never succeed as big again….

There are so so so many of these reasons!

And, I know it’s tempting to want to know exactly why it’s happening. It’s as though we must know the reason why in order to address the problem.

I mean: If you don’t know why… how can it be fixed?!


There’s a very sad Buddhist parable that springs to mind about a man who was shot with a poison arrow. I’ve been telling this story a lot lately, and if you’ve heard it, it’s a refresher.

The doctor arrived to save the man; he rushed to remove the arrow and treat the poison. The man who was injured refused to let the arrow be removed until he had his questions answered. He wanted to know where the man was who shot him, why this man shot him and how this man would be handled. He wanted this investigation to happen immediately. Even though the doctor let him know that it was important to treat the grave situation at hand, the man persisted in insisting that he know why.

The man would have been OK if the wound was treated but ultimately died instead.

I know this is not a happy-ending parable, but it shook me to hear it because I wanted to know “Why?” a lot of things were happening in my own life before I moved forward.

Why am I hiding out where I could be creating more? Why am I waiting when I could be moving forward? Why am I allowing certain things to be neglected like major clutter because I don’t know why they are there in the first place? 

Sound familiar to you?

It’s common to a whole lot of us. We want to wrap our head around the situation. We want rational cause for the effects.

One idea:

Figure out why as you go. But, start right now to handle the situation, even if you don’t know why.

This, in itself, was an energetic life revolution for me.

I had to find answers in motion… and I needed to clear the clutter in my life even if I didn’t know all the reasons why before I started the clearing!

Now… let’s say you are in motion, but you’re feeling that with every step forward you get stuck or fall backward. What happens now?

Isn’t this when you definitely need to know why things keep happening? 

Well, as with all things, everyone is individual. But there’s one common thread we all have.


We all have energy fields. A glow. A life condition that’s manifest every day in how you look and feel.

When we shine brighter, we open up to more people and a lot more energy.

In the process, we can get drained, squashed, stuck, and spinning in our minds to solve the slippery problem of why this is happening.

I woke up today with the greatest gift from a Camp member. It was a video from John Edward where he explained that as his first TV show aired, he’d become totally exhausted. Inexplicably exhausted every time. This happened until he realized that the farther out in the world he’d stepped, the more people would be tuning into and trying to attach themselves to his energy, thinking about him, reaching in his direction in their thoughts, etc, etc. He felt all that energy and became exhausted.

We do that every day we shine brighter. We become more seen, more celebrated and more on people’s minds, in their energy fields, in connection.

This is wonderful, yet it’s also sometimes unsettling and chaotic and feels unsafe because we are dealing with a lot more energy.

It isn’t just bad vibes that are unsettling. Even the great things can be overwhelming.

Relax more and respect your feelings!


I had to learn to clear my energy field.

I had to not just clear my energy, but, also, had to learn to keep it strong like a force shield.

Without doing this, I would find myself hiding out in pajamas all day taking a million naps and daydreaming about a break. Instead of looking at the things in front of me that were exciting, I’d be irrationally emotional. I didn’t know why.

I still don’t know all the energetic principles at work when this would happen.

But, I do know one major thing to set it all straight:

Keeping my life clear: Strong. Joyous. And…Organized.

There are so many ways to keep your energy field clear.

Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing, Organizing, Energy Clearing, Spiritual practice and about 1000+ energy tools to choose from…

The most basic method that I can’t say enough about is Intention.

It’s the decision and energy that moves you through everything else. It can reorganize your universe.

Intend to have a clear, strong, vibrant energy field and your mindset and energy and action will shift. Decide every day more and more to be clear and free of anything you don’t need in your mind, body and soul. The next steps will emerge with strong intention.

If you’re too depleted to start intending strongly with focus, clear some obvious clutter. Clear your desk, clear your car, or a small area of clutter that’s lingered… and then, feel the effects!

Intention makes everything more vibrant and strong.

Intention thrives even more in clear space.

sage wands

Let it lead you to more and deeper—

Space Clearing. Clutter Clearing. Organizing, Energetic Clearing. Your spirit practices if you have them.

These actions as they come to you will carry you to shining heights without knowing “why you’ve been stuck” in order to start glowing brighter and feeling stronger.

The WHY will emerge.

Right now: stay in the light!

Decide to clear your home, your heart, your life like never before… and make it a practice!



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