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Nov 19, 2017 | Creativity


It can be really frustrating when you want to make changes but you seem to run into other people who act as roadblocks.

It’s also really demoralizing when you’ve taken a dive into fixing and helping and wanting to see change around you and it just doesn’t stick.

If you’ve been in the middle of drama, in the throes of trying to help others make changes that are just not happening or even holding up your life waiting for a change to happen so that the chaos outside of you will stop, I’ve been in your shoes.

There’s nothing quite as odd as being super-determined and feeling ineffectual all at once.

Out of necessity, and in the midst of working with thousands of people in my ways of feng shui and working on my own life (along with living it!) I’ve come up against this “what happened to my magic?” feeling and this “why can’t I make a change?” feeling so many times.  In others, and in myself, I’ve seen it echo.

There’s no one size fits all solution to becoming as ultra-effective as you know you can be, but there’s an energy principle that never fails to create a whole lot of real change to lighten life and open the doors to magic. Today’s feng shui is all about gathering up your magic and becoming a change-maker if you’ve felt like you’ve lost that intentional, brilliant spark.


You haven’t lost your magic.  Yuo may just need to gather up your energy.  And yes, I’ll explain. The quote above poignantly explains it, but let’s dive in!

Where have you seemingly lost your magic? 

I wanted to help people most of my life that I remember in high definition.  It’s a common urge, and it’s not because I am such a divinely special person.  For as long as I remember I have been surrounded by people in pain and I wanted to stop that cycle. And for some of my life, it was literally imperative- it was impossible to be myself and live around chaos that I wasn’t creating but somehow- even as a kid- got stuck in the middle of.

This isn’t an unfamiliar story to lots of people.  Maybe not unfamiliar to you, either?

I also couldn’t make changes awhere they mattered most- I wanted happy parents, peace around me, more order, more love- and couldn’t figure out how to be effective in getting things to change.  I became somewhat overly determined to control things, and because as kids we have really no idea how over our heads we can be in our endeavors, I suffered from being unable to help.

In the process, I sort of created my own demise.  I couldn’t be the change-maker I wanted to be, and instead I started feeling overly-affected by everyone and everything else.  I lost my magic and effectiveness by the time I graduated from college because I accumulated all sorts of feelings of failure and a deep need to want to control things – and people- that were out of my control.

We are almost always the start of the change we want to see.  

I learned over time- and with a lot of patience and work- that I needed to be OK myself before I could help anyone else.  I needed to be that change I wanted to see reflected around me.  And while it’s never perfect, and the goal isn’t perfection, if I wasn’t OK, I going to stay completely blocked emotionally and creatively, and I’d live my life stuck and wandering.

I discovered yoga, meditation, my Buddhist practice, lots of hard won lessons in life and in therapy, and, ultimately, feng shui as well- and my own life detox that took a good long while of exploration started to yield magic results.  As in: I became alive and effective and felt awesome in some ways for the first time ever!  And, as the layers of life-clutter fell away, I started to find that sparkle and that passion and confidence and change-making effectivenes that I was missing for so long.

I still take time for life-work, a whole lot of it, to detox, to peel away more layers.  In fact, I do it more than ever now.  If I am losing a spark, I know that the energies I don’t need or want have started to build up and some of the habits, beliefs and other stuff that holds back life has started to rise to the surface, asking to be cleared.

You’ll see it all around you, the stuckness.  

In feng shui, there’s an energy principle of chi (life force) flowing freely.  If that chi (life force, all the good vibes) get’s stuck or blocked, we feel the stuckness in some area of life.  It also get’s echoed in our environment.   It’s clutter, it’s mess, it’s broken things, it’s chaos… and it’s also the things that we feel we can’t change (the sofa you detest, the blinds on the windows you really don’t like) that echo this sense that we can’t do anything about what’s happening.

Clearing that stuff and making the changes- even the smallest ones- can create major breakthroughs.

The inside and outside of life are reflections. 

Right now, I am looking at a temporary and horribly ugly extension cord that needs to be replaced that made it into my home to sove an immediate problem when I moved.  Three months later, it’s a reflection of how little time I’ve had and how much I am ready to be settled in one spot that’s a home.

It’s not just an extension cord, it’s an outward manifestation of a need for more care and balance.  And… as busy as I am, that new, gorgeous, grounded cord is coming today!

It’s often just that one thing- cleaning your desk, making the bed, hanging the art- that can be a big change maker because it’s a detox of negativity from your home.

In feng shui there are hundreds of ways to detox life and clear it of clutter.  In the Catalyst Camp we go through them all in an immersion.  It’s a Catalyst camp because of all the change-making effectiveness that comes from the simple act of making life lighter, more clear of the negative messages, free of the entanglements…

And, it’s also an immersion in our own self-care.

Detox your life with lots of self love. 

Start moving away the clutter in your home. 

Find the tools as you go to detox life even more deeply.  There are hundreds and they are awesome. 

Get enough rest & get enough space.

And… focus on you being the change. 

Not the change of anyone else.   But you – lighter and more free- as the way to become a bigger change-maker.

Focusing on you as the catalyst of your life gathers up your magic.  You are: the driver, the creator, the one in creative charge.

From there, people may be inspired to change.  You may be less affected by the drama.  You may realize you don’t need everyone to approve of everything you do.  You may even just drop some superstitions and become more confident.  Old beliefs may fade away and mew potential springs to life.

It’s active.  It’s not magic, even if it feels like magic.  And your whole world will reflect all your glowing magic gathered up!

xoxo Dana



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xoxo Dana


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