The Wild And Awesome Signs Of A Creative Awakening!

Nov 21, 2017 | Creativity

If you’ve been on a path toward a bigger life, more freedom, more ideas, more balance, less stress and more success and dreams come true… essentially you’re on a path of creative awakening in my experience.

After all, life in all it’s parts- from taking a shower to cooking meals to walking the dog, exercising, being in relationships, healing, and of course working- are all creative acts.  All of them! All of life is a creative act!

Painting and dancing and making music and writing are of course creative— but so is everything else.

And if you’ve been stagnant and then, with a decision to shift, you’ve moved into action to shake things up, balance your life or infuse it with more love or wellness or anything energetically awesome that you’ve needed, creative awakening begins.

Waking up creatively doesn’t always look like unicorns and rainbows, but it is always worth the ride! Don’t quit on yourself before you get to the breakthrough— embracing the waking-up process is part of the joy!

After many years of guiding people through The Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron and 3 more in immersive Feng Shui Camps and the 18+ years I’ve been clearing my own life of creative blocks and stagnation and making things,  I’ve seen a wave of signs that a creative awakening is underway.  They vary from person to person, and your signs may be totally different… but… if you feel more expanded, more receptive, more relaxed and more excited for every day… chances are, you’re into your creative flow!

Here are some of the signs of creative awakening that aren’t simply and suddenly writing your novel or creating a massive project.  They’re the ways I’ve seen energy shift within myself and others that signal big changes… and they’re so much fun…!

You don’t really want to wear the clothes you’ve been wearing.

That’s my first sign I’m waking up more creatively— I’m outgrowing the usual or the style that once reflected me.  It’s time to restyle the closet.

A favorite color switches.

Our colors are also energy, and the ones we most favor tend to switch as our emotions and energies switch.

You’re happy spending time alone- not isolating yourself but really deeply enjoying alone time.

When you’re stuck or feeling low, spending time alone can be a form of isolation.  When you’re in deep self-love, healing and creative awakening, time alone is more of a precious gift that feels sacred and amazing.

You’re having vivid dreams. 

This is a big one for many, as though our mind is giving us full color demonstrations of other universes! These dreams can be overwhelming for some people, and tempting to interpret literally… so  trust your feelings.  Keep them in a journal, writing them down as soon as you wake up.  They may be a key to next steps to take in life!

Ideas start taking shape on paper or you get flashes of inspiration in your mind.

I literally get flashes of ideas.  Like a picture show.  Sometimes they play out like movies.  Usually they come to me while I am immersed in my spiritual practice.  Sometimes when I’m taking a bath or journalling.  Always, they are vital.  My whole life right now was once a creative flash…!

It’s fun to do childhood crafts again, or new crafts.

When I am googling “latch hook rugs” or another project from my childhood, I know I’m on a path that is connected to creative magic.  I’ve seen so many people reconnect with creative passions, it’s so exciting!

Your eyes may seem brighter. Or you may be more glowing!

Or… both! Creative energy is electric, rejuvenating and full of wellbeing.  The picture of an artist crumbled up in drugs and dark rooms and looking dim is not how our creativity best functions! There’s a part of our brain that is rational that does CENSOR extraordinary creative thinking.  Drugs and alcohol can shut down that part of the brain (hence, I believe, the correlation) but you can also shut down that censor in the mind with mediation, exercise, superfoods, high energy habits and joy!!! Clearing your clutter also helps in a big way!

Sleep feels intuitive. Naps too. 

You know when you need them, and perhaps for the first time in a while you honor that time.

You crave new experiences.

New restaurants, new paths to walk down, new neighborhoods, new ideas, new books, new adventures!

Complaining isn’t that welcome.

In fact, it’s the opposite.  It feels like a drag to complain, even if everyone around you is used to sort of joint-complaining, it’s just not appealing.

You might have so much energy it feels overwhelming at first!

And, people may think you’re crazy or having some sort of a freak out because you’ve got so much energy.  It’s like shaking a soda can and opening it— you have to let it burst out if it needs to burst.  Walks, yoga, exercise, even housecleaning can funnel the extra energy into even more positive directions!

You may be more emotional.

And that can be really shocking.  Emotions get realized when the clutter gets shaken off.  Freedom ensues.  Tears fall more easily.  Laughter comes faster.  It’s all really wild if you’ve not been that emotionally connected lately.

You trust your intuition more than usual.

Here’s a really wobbly feeling— suddenly you feel decisive about what was uncertainty.  There’s more trust in life.  More self-trust.  More faith.  And yes, I know it can feel weird at first, but it’s awesome!

Joy feels more important than achievement.

Here’s where I know that I am- or a friend or client or anyone- is in a space of genius: joy! Joy is the aim, it’s the fulcrum of decision-making, it’s the goal and it turns life into so much art and love.

The funny thing: when joy is the aim, achievement soon follows.

That goes for all energetic shifts and changes and awakenings: the more you open up to energy that flows through you, the higher you raise the energy around you toward love, the easier it is to work, decide and move through your days and the more things you want tend to appear, almost like magic!



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