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Nov 27, 2017 | Prosperity

This morning a funny statement hit me. I said to myself, “Oh I want my new sofa so badly…” as I have for the past few days and as I said it I was reminded of a truism.

You can’t want something and have it at the same time.

But… you may be thinking, ” I am supposed to visualize my goals every day… I am supposed to focus on what I want… I am supposed to want things really badly to the point where it’s deeply emotional…and the Law of Attraction, and the… ”

Yes. But, there’s a way easier way. And it is more natural.  And it’s not forced.  And it makes life a super-fun adventure. And, lots more of the wanted stuff tends to arrive easily!

Today let’s move from want to have, from desire to building dreams, and from complicated manifestation to being just as powerful as you are!!!
This is really EVERYTHING to me.

I catch myself in wanting and I walk away from whatever it is for a while. I shut the computer.  I head to my car if I’m out shopping.  I let go.  I hit the beach.  I take a nap.  Basically, I just walk away from whatever is stressing me out because I WANT it so badly.

What is “wanting” in the way I’m describing it here? 

Wanting is stressful.  You know when you’re in it because it drives you to compare yourself to others, to see what you don’t have, to start believing you are inadequate or that a situation is lost without this specific thing… and it turns what you do have into “not enough.”

It’s very different to have a wish list, goals, plans, etc… than to desire something in a sort of obsessive way that I think lots of us are prone to when we really want something in a “wanting” kind of way.

Goals and aims focus our action and attention. Exciting, momentum-building, purposeful focus.   Without a sense of where you’re headed when you leave the house, where would you walk?  Without an eye on what you’re shaping and making, you know that not much gets done.

Our intention kicks off lots of action with those aims in mind.  You know which pot of gold you’re headed toward at the end of a specific rainbow and and you set in motion all kinds of inspired creative actions.  And, hopefully, you get so lost in the process that you can’t deeply focus every moment on the outcomes that you want.

Now, for the opposite effect:

Sitting in a space of wanting for one specific thing- whether it’s my new sofa or your new job or anything else-  can sort of become it’s own creative block.

Last week I needed curtains.  I wanted them so badly and my energy was so focused on not having curtains that I literally found nothing and decided to let go of this type of unhelpful, stressful need. I spent maybe 3 long hours tediously searching and felt the stress building before I let it go.  I would be excited with what I had up for the moment and the uncovered windows would be OK for now.

Yesterday,  the specifically-right curtains appeared, on sale 40% off, ready to be delivered.

I’m not suggesting that you want for nothing or work for nothing.

But I am suggesting that goals are great when followed by inspired action, inspired living and a love for the process without the stress of needing one specific outcome to the point where what you don’t have becomes the focus.

How do you know the difference?

Wanting is stress.

If you’re in stress, you’re pushing lots of the great things away.

If you’re in creative motion, you’re literally CREATING the great things.

Stay in that space of creative motion.  You’re grateful for what you have, and you’re excited for all that you’re making.  The things that flow in are exciting, but they don’t come because they’ve been obsessed over.  They come because you’ve made the space for them.  You’ve created welcoming energy without thinking about it, obsessing over it or anything else.

If you’re in stress and wanting right now, walk away. 

Take a walk, a shower, a nap.

Plug into inspiration –  Nature, art, animals, kids, spiritual practice…all tapped into wellsprings of creative force.

Clear lots of clutter. Lots of it.  More than you ever thought possible.  The magic of space clearing is that as the life clutter flows out, greatness flows in…!!!

And… get in motion.  Creative, inspired motion.

If you’re so captivated by creativity that you can’t stop to worry about what hasn’t arrived yet, you are in the magic zone, in my experience!

As Andy Warhol says, “As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.”

It’s not about not working for your goals, it’s about living with more faith, ease, grace & clear space.

You got this! Have fun!!!



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