Elevate Life With Ultra Violet, The Highest Vibe Pantone Color Of The Year!

Dec 7, 2017 | Sensory Goodness


There’s a whole lot of mystery and magic in violet. It’s also enormously high energy as a color in its must intra-violet form.

I’m thrilled that Ultra Violet is the color of the year fr so many feng shui reasons, so many personal reasons, so many reasons it’s hard to imagine just how perfectly this color aligns with raising up the universe!


I’m impressed with Pantone’s very on-cue color selection. It’s more of an intuitive choice than the deep reds and greenery and so many other colors of the past because this color is quite profound.

First, it’s not a great idea to use a lot of ultra-violet. It’s like taking too many vitamins- what is elevating will ultimately make you feel horrible if you do too much of it!

Too much of any good thing ceases to be good. Violets are a big example— to much of it is isolating, overwhelming and can stifle the good vibes you’re after. Keep violet to your most intuitive pulls— a big amethyst, a jewel toned throw, some spirit quartz…artwork, a great dress, a marker or pen, your journal…

Where it feels like you need elevation, this is your cue to add ultra-violet.

Make sure it’s ultraviolet. The richness of the color that will stir the most change is a richness that is hard to ignore. The ultra of ultraviolet is that beaming color. Make sure you aren’t just adding the color— feel the color.

This is important with all things- from “good investments” to “great design” to “amazing healers”- if it feels wrong or not quite right, it simply isn’t right for you at this particular moment. Don’t override your feelings or talk yourself out of or into a switch that feels wrong. If you’re living in a state of feeling wrong, trust that feeling just isn’t good.

Now, the excitement of it— the high vibes.

Have you seen this chart?

Look at how life expands at the top of the chart and how life contracts at the bottom. This is what vibes do. It’s why I spend 2 + hours a day in spiritual practice and the rest of the time as happy as possible (!!!) because… it makes life AWESOME! And easier. And brighter. And far more powerful.

Look at the top of the chart. Look at how vast it is. By the realm of love, there’s literally wildly expanded consciousness INFLUENCE here. You can lift up the world around you, just by being YOU and feeling GREAT!

Sorry for all the caps here— it’s just so thrilling.

That’s the violet feeling- so expanded, so easy, so loving, so ready…I’m deeply ready for every year being a year of ultra-violet.

The trick – not that it’s that big of a trick- to having ultra violet work for you is simple:

High vibes thrive in clear space.

Clear your home of excess stuff. 

Clear your days of distractions. 

Clear your heart of the heavy stuff. 

Clear your life of vampire energy. 

It’s one thing to live with high vibes- it’s another to sustain those high vibes.

Stay the course. Clear space. Add the spirit of ultra-violet and soar!!!



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