Do You Feel Like Someone’s Bad Vibes Won’t Go Away?

Dec 9, 2017 | Sensory Goodness


There are times where for no apparent reason I feel this draining feeling that’s hard to put into words. It’s a rare feeling but it’s hard to ignore. It feels like there’s no thrill, no spark, it’s hard to wake up, it’s really hard to get things done, it’s impossibly weird…

Sometimes it’s coupled with feeling spaced out, stuck, creatively blocked or disconnected.

In my life I’ve seen this as one specific thing that seems almost too crazy to write about but I realized I was not alone— it’s a thing that so many people have experienced more and more as they wake up more to their own energy.

Someone’s bad vibes… directed, wished, pulling, vampiring…

It’s not a curse, it’s not a spell, it’s not a demonic situation— it’s just energy. And it’s low. And it’s so easy to be free of, luckily, that today is all about casting off the bad vibes you feel that are not at all welcome in your life and keeping them very far away.

(lalah delia) 

If you’re afraid to shine too brightly, that something bad will happen, this is a story – or a few stories – for you. Learning this energetic dynamic changed my life.

I saw this often as a kid, to the point where I began to be afraid to shine too brightly.

Are you afraid to be too big? To have too much good?

I watched my mother in fits of anxiety and tears so severe as a kid right after something really wonderful happened for her.

I remember one so vividly. It was right after a new business my mom started began to do really well. It was booming and finally I felt that we’d have stability at home.   My mom had a team of people selling clothes for her. It took over the garage, the kitchen table… she’d sit with little note pads and a calculator for hours doing her records every day.   She was on fire with action and the money was rolling in.   Then, slowly but surely, she started to get a sick feeling. I saw the energy drain from her over the course of a few weeks. This radiant light turned inward and I watched her start to worry.

And, instead of carrying on or shaking it off, she started to panic. I asked her what happened and she told me she “felt someone was jealous.” That was her way of saying that bad vibes had entered into things. As it turned out, one of her “friends” stabbed her in the back and took away a big part of her business.

It wasn’t the first time. Or the last time. I saw this bright shining light get squashed so many times… it was heartbreaking. And, it had an impact.

I was afraid to be too bright. I hung back in the shadows. I took a backseat to other people around me to stay safe from “harm.” I didn’t take risks, didn’t trust myself and suffered from a feeling that I was actually… cursed in some way. The glass ceiling over my head drove me to tears and frustration.

I lived in fear that if I was too much of anything that some sort of spirits would come after me. Jealousy, evil wishes, bad things…

It was not a way to live. And over many years of letting go of that story, my life got brighter and brighter and I saw a lot of the same thing— the ill wishes, the backstabbing, the jealousy– but, unlike my mom, because I saw this so many times- I never quit.

That said, the energy took a lot out of me and made life a lot harder than it needed to be. In fact, I could do things so easily when I owned all my power that I felt almost guilty for how easy things could be.

Own your power. Do not be afraid of how talented, smart and awesome you are. Not everyone will be excited for you and it really does not matter.

It wasn’t until I met one woman who was deeply disturbed energetically – posing as someone who would be of service- that I realized I had to deeply confront this issue in a way that I never thought I would be so challenged.

First, before I get into that, let’s start with this:

If you’re hiding out because you don’t want to get to much attention lest something bad happen, start working on that belief. Clear it out. Let it go. Learn as much as you can about visualization, rewiring your mental patterns (there are so many amazing tools) and start creating a new paradigm.  

Also, learn about your own energy. The video above is a good starter. Your energy field is super strong and real. The truth is that the brighter you shine and the stronger your energy field, the less that any of these bad vibes can even come near you. 

Now, for the learning from a lady who I still pray for daily. A deep darkness. I believe that most every day she sits and sends ill will in the direction of my home and me and many other people. What started out as a fine friendship began to seem bizarre. Backhanded compliments. Weird power plays. Stalking people I love. It was like I was constantly fighting off a black cloud over my whole life. I would be exhausted, confused… strange things started happening.

I learned it’s a classic vampire situation: she wears people down with manipulation until suddenly you don’t know exactly what is happening.

That happened and it was the greatest gift. I don’t say that lightly or flippantly.

It was a gift.

It made me sit strong at last in my own power.

It changed my life in ways I never knew were possible.

So, if she ever reads this, it’s huge gratitude I feel.

In fact, in Buddhist philosophy, if someone harms you with their thoughts, words and actions, that harm doesn’t harm you, it helps you to expand and grow and dump loads of negative karma.

Pretty awesome, right?


When you’ve had a seemingly crazy person come after you energetically (the person in the office who wants your job, the weirdo, the friend who is jealous, or anyone else) it can be the turning point. I’ve had a few, but his last one was the absolute worst one. Disappointing, shocking and deeply life-changing.

One word on other people’s energy: no one can harm you with their thoughts, but they think they can. Science has proven that we can pick up the messages in the energy around us. When someone is sending you lots of bad vibes, think of it as though you’re reading bad news constantly… it’s the information and the dynamic you are feeling even if it’s invisible. You might have persistent thoughts that are distracting. You might feel bad about yourself for no reason. ;But it can’t break you. It can only drag you down… if you engage.

There is nothing to fear. 

So, where do you go from here if you feel someone’s bad vibes in your space?

Higher. And higher. And higher.

modern bohemian


I’m not huge on decluttering just for the simple reason of clearing out space to have a better looking space. I’m into decluttering because it takes your energy to astonishing heights.

Clear the energy in the air. Open up your windows and let the fresh air in. Do everything you can to elevate your energy with simple practices that make life lighter.

Clear your space. Of everything that doesn’t belong.  Let it go. 

Clear your mind of the distraction. The distractions of thinking about evil can be the evil, you know? I’ve found that creativity and action are the antidote to all kinds of distractions, as easy as that may sound. 

And do everything that moves you higher and higher. 

It’s funny to say this, but for all the times I’ve believed that someone can harm me with their bad vibes, they have.  Because I allowed it. I saw it so many times as a kid that I felt it was just the way life worked.   I needed to stay small so no one could come after me.


Please don’t do this.

No one can do anything to lower your life. They can try. You may feel weird, get bad vibes, feel confused or disconnected for no good reason… But, in those times you may want to try… rising up!

Yes, up!

Let the bad vibes be a gift. Or a rocket ship. Up, up, up!

There are hundreds of tools and practices I teach in the Camps to lift life higher and while they are all powerful in their own right, they all start with YOU.

Decide that no one and nothing is going to pull on your energy.

No one and nothing is going to break your stride.

No one and nothing is going to cloud your life.

And from there…. you’ll find your way to a higher place. Just keep on deciding. And, moving forward.

I know there’s a lot I just said above.

You may wonder— “Where do I start?”

And my best advice always to myself and to anyone else is to start. It doesn’t matter what door, just take a door and swing it open with your powerful intention.

Stay light and focused on what you look forward to doing. What you look forward to seeing. What you look forward to living with.

The bad vibes are not your vibes.

The people sending them out are the ones to pray for and feel compassion toward. Every time someone wishes bad on others, they’re doing harm to themselves. A lot of hard. It’s truly so sad.

Keep on moving higher. You go this one. I know you do!

xoxo Dana


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