Feng Shui To Refuel Your Manifesting Magic!

Dec 10, 2017 | Creativity

When we’re focused and clear-minded, it’s magnificently easier to make things happen.

“Manifesting” isn’t magic— it’s our creative power in action. It’s no secret that it’s way easier to be creative when you’re feeling grounded, calm and powerful, but perfect circumstances aren’t always the times when we most need to make stuff happen!

Today’s feng shui is all about harnessing your manifesting magic to make things happen when you feel depleted, tired, empty-minded, overwhelmed or just dull, worried or far from magical.

It’s your imagination in action and you can start right now! 

make the magic happen

The year starts with an event online in the Catalyst Camp that I call The New Year Visioning Workshop. I see people creating entire classes dedicated to making things happen, setting goals and creating things, but for me, this is part and parcel of feng shui.

Without your intention, it’s just stuff you’re moving around your house. Without intention, it’s just following a script without emotion.  

I think of it like this, very simply:

What would it be like to watch a movie where actors just recited the lines read off of a page and didn’t add emotion, energy, action or anything else- just the script and the basic cues read as they were written?

  • Would you watch that movie?
  • Would you feel like you were watching nothing?
  • I bet you’d feel like it was weird at best. And you’d likely think, “wow, these are really bad actors…”

What you expect from a film is commitment, passion, artistry… you expect the characters to be real. You expect things to feel like you’re peering in on real life. You expect to be so convinced that you’ve slipped into another reality and had a life experience.

But if people just read the words, it would be nothing. It would be following the script, but not in the way that would make anything come to life, right?

That’s how I feel about following rules that don’t pertain to us to make things “manifest”- like just following a script without any engagement, without imagination or creativity. There’s no commitment, no dynamic, no emotion (except, maybe, feeling nervous or frantic) and then… when it falls flat… we feel the rules failed us.

“That doesn’t work…” 

“I did it all “right” and nothing happened…” 

“I followed all the rules to the letter and mine came out terribly…” 

“There’s something wrong with me…” 

I’ve heard all of this so many times pertaining to feng shui, goals, making money or investing, having relationships, being creative… I’ve said a lot of it in my life, I’ve been there, doing it all right and coming up with nothing.

So, where does the wrong become right? Where does the good stuff happen? Why are we not in some magic experience that other people seem to do so easily?

It’s not hard and fast to say absolutely that “this x, y, z reason” is why you’re not manifesting things…. but I see things in myself, in over a thousand clients, in my friends, in observing and experiencing:

There’s a creative force of imagination that makes things come to life.

That creative force is not only in some people and not in others.

Here’s a big question:

What are you looking forward to? 

If you are struggling to answer that question, you might need to wake up your imagination a little more to your own future vision.

And another:

What are you excited about creating today? 

If you have no idea, or you hope to find it throughout the day, even if you’re dragging yourself through the day, you might be sort of floundering like an actor reading a script without ny creative power, running on automatic.

Creative fuel makes it easier to imagine life with full color and engagement. Creative fuel turns ON your imagination. Creative fuel makes the ideas flow and the possibility rich.

There are a few ideas to open up your creative channel to get started: 

Clear clutter from your home. Do you hear me say this way too often? It’s because it’s so vital and it’s everywhere. I actually still have an enormous project to do during the Catalyst Camp this session coming to organize an enormous amount of stuff into brilliance. Clutter isn’t just stuff, it’s energy that’s stuck.

Clear clutter from your life.  One idea to get started:  Last night my friend Rebecca said an enormously powerful bit of advice: “Put your phone away- it has tentacles. It blocks your manifesting power.” Same for too much random Internet surfing and too much binge watching. A little of all of it is fine, a lot of it becomes a massive creative distraction.

We can- and in the Camps we do- dive deep into home & life clearing, but the most important thing to note is that you don’t need to be “done” in order to get the flow going. You’ll never hit “perfect” and have the skies open up.

In other words: this isn’t about perfection, it’s about flow. So, please don’t make it a priority to have it all done “before” you can make things happen. It’s often a few small projects that crack the world wide open.

Fuel up your inspiration.  And avoid comparison. Many times this takes people down paths of comparison.  “Oh, they have x, y, z, ” or “look at this Instagram, I suck…” or anything else that makes you feel not good enough is not inspiration, it’s a bigger creative block.   Find real inspiration— be it window shopping, heading to museums, diving into music, taking naps, reading…

Really fuel up creatively. It makes a vital difference.

Imagination is your manifesting fuel. It thrives in clear space. It loves an empty page. It sees the potential in fresh starts.

From this place of imagination, you can start visioning so much more. You’ll start moving through the day with commitment. You’ll be so much more excited, even for the stuff that isn’t your favorite stuff to do. You’ll have so much more fun.

You can start from any place- worry, overwhelm, exhaustion- and you can make a little extra room around you, tap into your natural inspiration, and start manifesting with far more magic.

Your head doesn’t need to be in it, your heart does. That’s the magnetism that is unstoppable…!

Have fun making the magic happen!

xoxo Dana

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And, as always, please let me know what happens!


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