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Dec 11, 2017 | Creativity

be yourself

Becoming more of who you are isn’t an indescribably journey that only poets and philosophers and exhalted icons have somehow discovered, leaving all of us in the dark.

It’s actually really simple, which is why I think it seems difficult or puzzling.

It’s the non-secret secret to being iconic, to being fulfilled, to being free and to having inspired lives.

Just be yourself.

I’ve hit quite a few walls where being “myself” seemed like the hard choice as I was trying really hard to be— perfect for others, awesome in things that I didn’t like, competitive for the sake of winning— or I was so afraid that being me would be isolating or might cause me to lose things and people I loved.

So, “just be yourself” can be risky.  Or confusing.  Or really radical, which is, in itself, a big revalation.

Today’s feng shui is all about shifting your energy to be more of YOU.  And in that shift, such incredible things happen.  And in that shift, life looks and feels more and more amazing! 

We aren’t what we do or what job or relationships we have, you know?  It feels like that sometimes, and so we get so wrapped up in what is expected or what we have prescribed as our “wrong and right” that we can become covered in all this stuff that just isn’t who we are.

We are these balls of light and energy and talent and interest and soul and mission.  We are these dynamic and unique beings.  We are full of gifts, full of infinite potential…

And when I’d hear people say these things I’d roll my eyes or sort of shut down.  “Blah, blah, blah… yeah I know but… I have x, y, z responsibilities and I have x,y,z things to do… and I need x, y, z stuff to stay how it is… and I have to reach x, y,z goals…”

I wisened up when it became far too painful to keep up with my life and all the things I needed to spend enormous amounts of energy to be and to do.  To be the perfect girlfiend to a man who wanted only cerain aspects of me, to be the perfect employee, to be the perfectly cool friend, the socialitie type when I’m out, the… something for everyone.

Have you been there? Are you there now? 

It’s so exhausting.  And it is often the reason who it’s hard to expand life.

It takes enormous amounts of energy to be all of these things.

It takes far less energy to be who you are.  In fact, I dare say it will give you energy.

I see it in the online Camps daily.  The clutter of life falls away and the ease returns along with the passion, dreams, action and lifestyle that is who we uniquely are…!

It’s amazing and vital to have goals, responsibilities, things to do and things to care for… but it;s way easier when you can technically be able to be yourself and do anything and everything you have to do.

If you’ve gone down a road far away from who you are, how do you get back on your powerful track?

Take some time.   Quiet is healing.  Alone is not lonely.  Time can help you to reset and see life from a more grounded perspective than running through days on automatic.

Talk to yourself kindly.  It’s funny how when I have huge deadlines I can hear myself start to spin on a tirade in my mind…” why didn’t you do this sooner? why did you just start now? why… why… why….” and now, I put on music and distract myself so that everything can actually get done.  Beating yourself up isn’t a success strategy.  It just makes everything more painfully hard.

Act in ways that feel like you.  Really.  Your core values resonate with your life.  The more you live your truth, the more aligned your life will be.

Create like you.  A friend chatted with me recently about the copycat culture in wellness these days- people sort of copying other people’s work and trying to start their own brands. The first thing I thought was, “Wow, I have no idea where someone would begin to really copy what I do!”  I mean, really, I grew up in a mix of paradise and insanity, I’ve lived about 40 lives already and my mind is so hard for even me to understand…and that’s a big part of what makes my work my work, for whatever that’s worth.

It’s when I realized that I did truly create like me more than I ever thought I could.  Love me or hate me, it’s me and I bring it to what I do every day.  And, when I see that real voice in big brands that aren’t carefully sculpted, small companies with hearts open, art that is alive, the best books, the truths of life that come from unvarnished people… it’s the stuff I love.

It can’t be copied and it isn’t hard for you to do… because it’s REAL.

Live in your balance. Without apologies.  Your balance is your balance.  My balance today was waking up at 12:30pm after working until 5:30am. Not what I suggest, not what I do often, but when it happens, I am all-in and it feels so alive.   Your balance may look like dark chocolate for breakfast and writing poetry on your lunch break.  It may be lots of work then lots of rest, or lots of structure.  You know how you function best and feel best, and it may seem different, extreme, or “not following the best practices” prescribed by others.  Shut out the noise and find your way of balance and you’ll feel so much more in your equilibrium.

Strip away what’s not you.  I just got my new bottle of flower essences after over a year from Alexis Smart.  I just took the dose of powerful constitutional remedy (the homeopathic match for your personality) an hour ago.  I feel already more of the layers of life falling away: the thoughts, the life clutter and the stuff that I didn’t need, sort of pelling away like layers of an onion.   That’s one core idea of homeopathics: stripping away the layers of what’s”not you” so you can be who you are more powerfully.

The same goes for clutter. At home.  In the car.  In your office.  In your digital life.  In your organization.  In your mind.  Your life.  All of it— when stripped away— brings you more space to be you.

Pick one place in life that’s easy to clear and get started.  Wash the dishes, create a new office storage system, whatever it might be.  Then the next, and the next.

And keep on going.

You might just fall completely in love with yourself, or even more in love with yourself, as you go! And, in the process, life opens up in incredible ways!!!



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