Are You Pushing Things Away That You Actually Want?

Dec 14, 2017 | Creativity

Life Clutter. It’s a funny dynamic. It’s seemingly so mystical. And it closes doors you want to open.

You want your life to look like a picture of freedom and ease and love and instead… it’s just not there.

If you’re working really hard and nothing’s happening, chances are there’s some sort of clutter in the way.

Today, let’s look at the feng shui shift from pushing things away to becoming your own best friend in the manifestation of all those big dreams!!!

I love making dreams come true. With you. In my life. With friends. Always.

Most of it involves dumping life clutter.

One of the great life clutter instances in my life is stubbornness.

That said, not everything you’re working like crazy on is meant to be a big thing in the way you’re working on it.

Flexibility is life-opening.  

I know this because I used to be very very stubborn.

I worked like crazy on 5 different things that never got past even a moderate level of success, likely because I refused to commit more fully to the process and explore new ways of doing things. I worked on relationships that crumbled to pieces, and looking back it’s partly because I was working to have things “my way” and not the best way for everyone.

Sound familiar?

It can suck to see that your most compelling plans and big dreams are not panning out as you’ve planned them.

You may want to cultivate a little flexibility. It’s kind of magical. 

Maybe your online shop that won’t move forward is more of a local business? Maybe your long distance relationship that’s weighed heavy on you is an opportunity to travel and build something in a new way?

Fresh perspective in Feng Shui opens up life.

If something isn’t working in a certain way, your own dogged determination may not be the thing that pushes things to work. Flexibility may be your secret.

And: add a lot of new perspective. 

A small example: you want to start a new business and quit your job.

Every time you come close, something goes wrong and you scrap your idea.

Every time you try to leave, you feel a sinking feeling.  Then you stay where you are, stop working on a new idea and convince yourself that it’s just too had to be a business owner.

Then you meet people who have day jobs and full-blown careers while they build their business. They still have balanced lives and they’re doing great.

Suddenly, it’s not so scary to move forward and build ideas. Suddenly, your day job takes on new value and it’s not a drag- it’s a step toward what you want.  And things start to build.

Trust those sinking feelings.  They aren’t bad luck— they are life clutter ready to be discarded.

Don’t create failures out of mistakes.  Make art from them. 

I listened to the iconic artist Gary Simmons talk last night about his young daughter and how she started to use an eraser while she was drawing.  He encouraged her to get rid of the eraser and let things unfold.

It was particularly freeing to hear as I arrived at the lecture after recording a webinar for over an hour- full of passion- with tons of you on the call and an audio system that failed 100%. There was no volume. It was beyond a mistake… it was a melt-down of tech. I was sort of shocked… but went to the lecture anyway, because I had to find the light in this moment.

I heard this, went home, and recorded the best webinar I have ever recorded.

Dive in and let the paint fly, the ideas roll and the excitement build…!   Each mistake and mishap can be the breakthrough you were hoping for— so please don’t try to be perfect and block your progress!

Life is precious- let it be free, open and exciting.  

Life clutter takes many forms- waiting to be happy, negative programming from childhood, toxic people, chaos, disorganization, actual clutter!- and it isn’t always a cinch to get it all done and gone.

But: it is beyond possible.

It’s your decision.

Decide what you want to create. Decide what you’re ready to be free of.Decide you’ll do what it takes to have the freedom and joy you want.

Despite your present situation, the state of your basement, your relationships or anything else— it is possible to create what you want. Right now. Today.

Start with a decision that the life clutter is not standing in your way because it’s all your choice.

As you go, you’ll find more freedom every single day.

And, so many rewards.



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