The Feng Shui For 2018 Is A New Dimension Of Creative Magic!

Dec 28, 2017 | Creativity, Feng Shui 101



I know how tempting it is to take the turn of the calendar each year as a time to load up on a self-prescription of every change that has never been successfully made in your life and decide with many exclamation points that this is the year to do it all!!!

I also know it’s an alluring time to take apart the year that just happened and to see all that didn’t happen and all that you don’t have yet and make it a mission- with even more exclamation points-  to have it all!!!!!!!!

This year of feng shui- this blog, my own life and work, the ethos in the air- is not about life as a science project of fixing you or turning yourself into your ideal self or finally morphing your life to check off every box on an arbitrary checklist that says “success.”

This year of creating new balance, new paradigms and, yes, the dreams come true, is more about love than ever.  It’s more about wholeness than achievement.  It’s more about open arms than head-down-in-deep-focus.  It’s more about your own magic and less about sage wands and sea salt.

This is a year to blow your mind with how much joy is possible, and how that joy translates into shaping a new world around you.

This year is to me about creating life on a whole new level.  It’s a level where you are actually the one doing the creating in ways that you deeply feel without confusion.

I realized this year the vast difference between creating achievement (ie: the grind every day without joy) and creating a life you love (which tends to imply that you aren’t acheiving anything, you know?).

This false equation is a way to stay stuck— and this year is about freedom.

Creating a life you love is a level where potential becomes actual because there is no rushing and there’s more connection and the journey is as fun as the destination.   And it’s the sustainable type of achievement that is exciting enough to melt anything that was once a reason why things are not possible.

It’s all possible.

And, all that said: 2018… we’re ready for you!I’m into this concept very much because I see it work where I see nothing else work to change the course of life:

Belief.  Believing so much that it becomes real.  

That energy is the fuel of everything from finding a parking spot to finding the love of your life.  If you believe it, it’s real.

You still have to dive the car and catch the perfect spot as it appears.  You still have to show up and be present for that love to arrive.

It’s not as much “believing in your dreams” that makes things happen, though.

I have believed in many dreams so much that it was surreal how well I could see them, feel them and practically felt I’d lived them… but I lacked belief in myself.

I fell into a pattern of waiting, broken, need-my-brain-rewired type of trap that allowed me to believe in my dreams but NOT believe in myself. I thought would believe in myself when I was done fixing myself.

Sound familiar?

If so, let’s leave that in 2017.

Believing in yourself more and more cultivates the kind of imagination that lifts life into realms of possiblity where the synchronicity, odd coincidences and seemingly-perfect-timing happens.

If you don’t believe in you, all the wishing in the world falls flat.  It’s more idle hope that some luck will find you, even if you’re doing all the “right” things.

If you’ve decided you’re broken, how can you be a creative genius at the same time?

Exactly.  You can’t.  You’ve set yourself up to stay stuck.

Believe in YOU so much that you rewire your mind and your universe shifts without complexity.  It’s just natural because, naturally, we are creators.

The highest vibes are echoed in color and all around you.

Ultra-Violet is Pantone’s color pick for 2018.  It’s an interesting color because it’s elevating, ultra-high-vibrational and like a tuning fork for energy.  That said, too much of it is deeply repulsive and separates us from one another because it’s so introverting.

Before you paint your life in purples, think of what really needs an elevated perspective.

Your work? Maybe some violet on your desk in a small and rich dose.

Your social life?  Maybe a lockscreen or a profile photo with a little violet in the mix.

Your mealtimes that don’t exist right now? An ultra-violet centerpiece or a fruit bowl can be great to pull you toward a table to sit and have the proper meals that fix with your lifestyle.

When purple feels wrong, as it often does to me because it can be overwhelming, amethyst crystals can be your ultra-violet.  Amethyst is so powerfully noted as a gemstone stone that it’s thought to change all the ther crystals you have,  along with your whole environment.  And, it “purifies” itself.

You have that amethyst power within you, but they’re always beautiful to add…!


The Number is 2 is the numerological theme of the year.  You can read more about what this means in specific terms HERE, but overall, it speaks to synergy.  Coupling up.  Brainstorming.  Loving one another.  Eliminating our tendancies-  if we have them-  to isolate ourselves or hide out where things feel safer.  It’s a theme of co-creation rather than “I have to do this alone.”

If you have been needing help, ask for it.

If you’ve wanted a partner in life or business, open your arms wider and your heart much more.

It’s all always available.

Organizing the universe in your favor. 

There’s a Saturn In Capricorn theme.

For three years the “organizing” planet Saturn is in the orderly sign of Capricorn which is the ideal place for it to be… but, as the astrologers say, it means big reorganization.

Rather than fighting to make systems work that maybe worked in the past, organize in ways that suit your life and lifestyle now.

It’s basically three years of cosmic feng shui, and the more we flow with fresh order the more we live stress-free and feeling fantastic.


Mutual respect, love and connection. 

It’s the Year of the Earth Dog starting in February.

And while we are far from February, again we have the Earth Dog theme of together rather than separate.  Connecting, respecting and living from a space of more love and less of all the things that criticize and seperate us from one another.  It’s not a time to renew or strengthen toxic ties, but, rather, it’s always a time to forgive and let things be free.

Incredible light. 

And, of course, this year starts with a Full Super Moon. And, there are two Full Moons in January!  Bright bright bright times ahead… and a very lovely symbol to start the year in the fullest bloom of a full moon…!!!

Create on a whole new level.

Fifth Dimensional (5-D) creativity is interesting because it’s not talking about going to other galaxies (!!!)as the name implies but, rather, creating from a place of extremely high consciousness.

Consciousness expands what is possible.  It literally expands what we can see in every day.

To create in the 5-D world, show up 1000% right now and start owning more of your creative power every single moment.  No one can show you how as much as you know how.

Get organized.  Get grounded.  Love your life.  And show up for it!

Every year is what you make of it.

Every day is what you make of it.  Every moment we’re more and more awake is how we make it all happen.

Rather than striving to fix yourself as an endless project or deciding to sacrifice yourself this year for rigorous work that will finally bring you some sort of achievement, think of this:

Too much of a prescription for change is stressful and unfocused, like throwing every spice into a soup hoping one will be the right one and winding up with a soup that tastes like mud.

Instead of radically making many changes that intellectually sound great but actually are incredibly confusing and create miserable stress-overload, start with your own heartfelt energy.

Get quiet enough to listen. 

Pay attention to the energy with which you do things rather than WHAT you do. 

Contact your imagination and realize it’s what’s actually shaping what’s possible. 

Connect much more to your life and the people around you. 

And flourish by focusing on all that’s right as you go.

It’s not about laying on a beach all day, avoiding challenge or being immune to the obstacles of life… but, rather, loving it all so much that any hurdles or missteps seem  small in comparison to the joy and richness in every day!

Sending you so much love for a groundbreakingly love-filled 2018!!!






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