Create A Wish List With The Energy That Makes Those Wishes Come True

Dec 30, 2017 | Creativity

Create a wish list

Create a wish list with the energy that makes those wishes come true and it will manifest!

Whether it’s your birthday, New Year’s Day, any holiday or any day of the week, it’s always a time to make a fresh start that matters.

It’s always a great time to make wishes, to set your sight super-high, to aim for more and determine that things will shift.

I’ve always been fascinated by wishes and dreams and goals.

It was what originally pulled me toward Feng Shui for nothing but personal reasons – it’s an art of designing wishes into a space in ways that are thought to make them come true, after all, and I wanted to see if it worked.

It does, it did… and now, with 11 years of perspective, I see what has made it work. And what seems to make wishes work. And what isn’t any kind of miraculous secret imparted to me because I’m so wise. It’s actually so basic, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a big revelation to me and it’s exciting to share.

Are you putting yourself first when you start planning your goals and making wishes? 

I spent three years — before I found Feng Shui– locked in an intensive and awfully rigorous world of pushing myself, forcing things and creating a world where I was living like a robot striving to get to the next place in life.

I thought this was some selfish, me-first endeavor to be so focused on self-betterment, but I saw in short order that my workaholic nature was a creative block, self-sabotage and self-punishment.

When that failed and my whole body failed me (!) I was at such a rock bottom that I approached life with far more of a light touch.

I was no longer desperate to succeed; I was wanting to be healthy and stable. I wasn’t looking for the highest tech ways to create achievement; I was hoping for days that felt good and a life without intense stress and endless hours.

Feng shui worked. It worked really well, I now see, because I was clear on what I wanted and what I wanted aligned with what was good for me. It was harmonious, it was easy, it was health-giving, it was balanced, it was exciting… and as I made each change, I felt stronger and more alive.

Eleven years later, I have come back to that place where I started. I found myself a few months ago far more tired than I should be because I do sleep enough, far more overloaded than I wanted to admit, and far less grateful than I was exhausted.

Even though I have by all counts a dream-come-true scenario for life, I stopped putting myself first in a lot of ways that matter most. I know all kinds of ways to “pull back” when I have gone too far and I’m getting tired or losing inspiration, but I realize that to get to that place where I’m tettering on the brink means that I haven’t been putting myself first enough in the first place.

I thought a lot about hundreds of clients and the ways their lives changed when they put themselves first. I thought about the ways I did this 11 years ago when I got a wake-up-call that if I didn’t get grounded in self-love that nothing would matter because I’d be sick.

Slowly but surely, as I started wishing and dreaming much differently, a whole universe is opening up of all kinds of new opportunity, ideas, people and love. I’ve dramatically created space for me to come first again, and I’m just getting started.

Your creative magic requires: rest/ breaks/vacations, high-self-value, a supportive support system, proper meals, exercise, less computer time and so much love to thrive.

Your creative magic doesn’t turn on with a sage wand or a crystal. It turns on when you shut off anxiety, overwhelm, over-thinking, stagnation and self-suffering. It turns on when you detox digitally, mentally, emotionally…

You can’t cheat your creative magic. It won’t show up if you are beating yourself up.

You might get surges of adrenaline, cortisol, stress hormones that allow you to push harder… but that’s not creative magic. It’s like using 1% of your brilliance, and getting exhausted, smushed and thoroughly burned out in the process.

What’s the point of this?

Not to mention, if you think that you’ll have to suffer to get anything you want, chances are that you’re not going to get it. Or, if you do choose this workaholic, single-minded-focus, extreme path, chances are you’re not going to be “manifesting” as easily as you could be.

It’s not very inspiring to think about days of torture, grinding hours and thankless sleeplessness, you know?

If you’re setting goals and making wishes, it’s a radical idea to make sure that they’re in harmony with your wellness. 

If your equation is to work more hours to make more money, and you’re already short on hours of living, see how this can change. A new job? A raise? Investing? Deciding that it can and will change without working 24 hours a day will open the door to new possibilities.

If you’re thinking that training hard physically is your road to achievement, make sure you’re not on a road to pain and injury.   I live near a CrossFit gym and while it’s suited to some, I’ve seen limping, cast-filled, body-braced people daily who went way past a place of wellness in their ultra-fit pursuits.

Just because you can push things to an extreme doesn’t mean you should. In fact, it usually gives you diminishing returns.

I’m not longer checking email or computer anything after 8pm. That one switch is so life-changing, it’s made it so much easier to do so much more during the day.

These small switches on your wish lists can be the epic switches that expand your life.

Make sure that their pace is a pace that serves your whole life. 

I want everything tomorrow. Do you?

I know. Even though I know it’s not helpful I still do want everything tomorrow.

We’re in an instant society. It feels like we can move so much faster. In many ways we can. But, that doesn’t mean we should.

You can write a book in one month or in three months or in six months or in years. If you insist it’s one month, and you don’t get it done or you do and it’s rushed and it’s not really good, what’s the point?

Deadlines do help us shape time, but creativity has its own pace.

Rushing it is self-sabotage.

Let that wish list unfold at a pace that feels fantastic.

Get clear on what your days look like when you’re at your best and work AROUND that. It’s scary, I know. I mean, we’ve been taught that lifestyle is a luxury instead of a necessity.

Instead of too many goals, imagine what a lifestyle looks like that feels great to you. Choose that lifestyle now and schedule the rest around that.

Weird, right? Imagine allowing yourself to be leisurely in the morning or to bring back a hobby or a sport or art form that got shelved and how great that would feel… and how weird it would be to allow that to be a part of your life!?

Weird, though, because we’re often lead to believe this is juvenile, irresponsible and not very smart.

It’s the smartest of things I’ve done in 10 years.

Dream huge and aim high, but make sure they’re your goals and your dreams.

I have no personal aspirations for many of the things that I thought “should” be on my list to do. Dropping those things from my place created such relief. Just being able to say ” I don’t want this!” was like a million pounds of pressure taken off my life.

Are some of your wishes what you’re told you should do or should have? Are some of your goals the goals of your parents, friends or some artificial standard?

Clear the clutter of those pressures, expectations and aspirations and you’ll see this whole different realm of opportunity and space.

You might not know yet what you want… but you’ll have the room to figure it out without feeling like a failure every day.

And that matters.

How you feel matters.

How you live matters.

Your creative magic needs your love, self-care and life in alignment.

Start there.

It’s radically refreshing and it will make your brightest dreams and best wishes come true.



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