Are You Creating Your Days?

Jan 3, 2018 | Creativity

I’ve been run by my life.

Have you?

I reached a point where I didn’t even know where I went in the vastness of doing so many things that sounded great.  I thought I was just getting tired.  I thought I wasn’t sleeping enough or taking the right vitamin or burning enough sage or, or, or… There was some reason why.  I’d google them, I’d search for them, I’d occasionally flip out when I couldnt’t find a good reason… and then more monotony dragged on and so many more reasons why had to be found.

I felt like a science project.  Something was always failing, broken, not ready, not good enough.

When you’re not creating your days, there are thousands of reasons, contributing factors, excuses, ideas and so much you can point to and say… “oh, yeah, that’s why!”

Then you fix the why, and there’s another one. And another one.

It took a whole lot of pointing to people, places, vitamins, ideas, energies, memories, my crazy childhood and, when I didn’t know what load of problem places to look toward to blame the dullness of my days and my lack of spirit and my growing stress on… and finally I gave up.

Actually, it was a friend who said, “Dana, why don’t you create your life instead of watering yourself down?”

And she didn’t hold back.  She explained just how boring, monotonous and stressed I sounded.  She was right.

I wasn’t running my life.  I wasn’t choosing.  I wasn’t even allowing myself to see that I had choices in so many instances.  I kept saying, “I have to… I need to… I have to, you don’t understand…”

But I didn’t have to do anything.  I just lost the energy to choose something better. So, I felt I had no options.

We are all creators if we want to be.

There’s a really amazing science experiment that I talked about years ago that I heard at my Buddhist temple.  Fish were placed in  tank and there was a clear partition in the tank.  So, the fish could see to the other side but couldn’t access it.  Food was dropped in that other side.  The fish went for the food, but couldn’t reach it. Soon they stopped trying.  Later that day, the partition was lifted so the fish could eat their food.  They didn’t eat it.  They decided already that they couldn’t eat it (after all, they tried and failed) so even when it was right in front of them, they wouldn’t eat the food.  It’s as though they already decided it was not possible.

(They were fed new food and were unharmed…but… but the key in all of this is so much deeper.)

We’re all sitting in life like these fish with food (and ideas, and dreams, and loves and amazing moments) everywhere.  But, when we’ve decided we’ve reached once or a bunch of times toward these things and couldn’t have things we wanted or they didn’t work out, it’s like we’re those fish behind the partition.  We tried to get the food that was so close we could almost taste it and we couldn’t quite reach it, so, somehow we decided we couldn’t.  And, so, we stopped-  in often subtle ways-  even really trying.  Even when the food is placed right in front of us (and the ideas, and dreams and loves and passions and opportunities), lots of us convinced ourselves it’s just not for us.

So, we slowly and sometimes quickly become the effect of life and it’s percieved limitations if we fall into the waves of effect.

I once lost $65,000 in opportunities that were placed right in front of me that were pure fun and almost no risk (and almost no work, what a cool thing!) because I had convinced myself that I needed things to be hard and that easy things were scams.  It was not a scam, it was the opportunity I’d been hoping for… and I didn’t take it.

Seriously, though, this is sometimes what we do.  And I know it’s not just me because I hear it all day, and I see it all around me.

We have ideas that we’re limited.  That things have to arrive in a certain way.  That we only deserve so much.  That we have to suffer to love, to prosper to create…

None of this is truth.

What is true is that if you’ve decided that there’s nothing you can do, things will go the way destiny says, or the horoscope says or whatever fates say… and that will be the way it goes.  You won’t be inspired, you’ll be waiting.  You might hope for luck.  You might even try some feng shui to better the odds in your favor or do some rituals…

From a place where you barely feel like you can make a dent in life, I wouldn’t bother.

You can decide, though, to choose the opposite. You can decide to take your days into your own hands. 

Create your days.  You can deliberately create instead of wishing.

If part of your creation of your days is full of prayer or ritual or anything else… that’s amazing.  It’s coming from a place of creation and making and not from desperation.

You know the difference.  I know you do.

Things might not all work out perfectly, but more of them will because your heart will be in it, in everything you do.

So, if you’re looking for the sage wand that will crack the world of luck wide open, or the good fortune or the luck in the Year of the Dog that starts soon, you’re not going to find it here.

You already have all of that.

Use it.

Decisions crack the world of luck wide open, an awake you  (sleep enough, eat, play, enjoy your life!!!) will see the stuff of opportunity everywhere… and taking the kind of risks that feel exciting and not terrifying (I have no need to jump out of a plane or gamble my house on a longshot bet, personally, to risk in ways that are thrilling!) open your heart to right now.

And right now, you’re making the day.

Either actively, or by default.  I think you’re here because you don’t want to be tired, stressed, and hoping for miracles to get through the days.

Love yourself enough to start taking the reigns, and create what feels great even on the days when nothing feels that particularly great.

I can tell you of all the practical magic in the world, knowing you’re the one that can be in the driver’s seat is the most basic, true and powerful magic.

Something amazing is always about to happen if you decide it will!

xoxo Dana




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