Are You Interested In Making Everything Easier?

Jan 8, 2018 | Prosperity


Are you interested in making everything easier?

Organized, lovely, like art in everyday life, with small moments of joy and big adventures and all of it.

It can be.  A lot easier. And much grander, and more precious,  And, you already have the answers to how you can simplify your own life for yourself in the most gorgeous ways. 

I’m actually about to take a nap as soon as I’m done writing this because I have come to realize that sleeping as much as I need to sleep, whether it’s 7 hours or 11 hours, is what I need.

It started as this really risky proposition, because, in many ways, as I have build my life around volumes of creative productivity and achievement. Sleep was not going to build up my life, even if I was tired, you know?

I get now that sleep is just as important as anything on my to-do list, and that list right now is full of exciting things that aren’t exciting unless I sleep more. I love writing this.  I love completing what’s next… but at the moment I dread it because I hear my body letting me know just how much I need more sleep.

I know that only because I fought with the signs I needed to rest more for years and years. I struggled, pushed, forced and freaked out a lot because what my body needed- what my actual life needed- was at odds with what achievements I thought I needed to have every day.

My head was filled with so many loud voices that  people who succeed don’t sleep all day, I’d be average if I didn’t work ten times harder than anyone else, I was going to lose my momentum, I was going to fail if I slowed down.

We do this to ourselves in so many ways.  It might not be sleep for you- it might be compromising yourself fully to keep the peace in a relationship, it might be giving to everyone but yourself all day long until you’re totally empty, it might be the way you’re forcing yourself into a fitness or diet regime that is so not for you that it’s painful.

We do it all because we’re afraid or stuck.  Somehow we think we’re inadequate, we don’t know or trust ourselves or we’re somehow obligated to go against all the signs, the voices and everything we intuitively know in order to get something we need or we want.

“Oh, yeah, more money is more problems, I’ll take the problems, I’ll suffer through it… Love is really hard work and it takes so much time… If I don’t suffer I won’t succeed because look at all these people who are so far ahead of me…”

I have said and heard this all so many times.

I’ve crashed my life, my adrenals, my soul for the sake of trying to fill a hole that was only empty in me because I was ignoring my truth.


Your home will show you this. In so many personal ways, you’ll see it.

You won’t feel at home. You’ll be living on a treadmill trying to keep up with clutter, dishes, or other simple tasks because you’ve fallen out of sync with your days. You’ll see more of what’s wrong and less of what’s right… and the simple things that are  actually wrong— needing new batteries, needing to put a nail in a wall to hang a painting, needing to fix the leaky faucet– seem like Herculean tasks.

Your life will show you this.

Because it’s being drained of joy. It’s without spirit.  You’re not sure when you’re going to catch up. You’re not interested in things you used to enjoy. You look in the mirror quickly or avoid the mirror. And, if you’re really positive and spiritually minded or consciously awake, you’ll likely keep talking about how things are wonderful and that these are all lessons to learn and life is wonderful, but as you speak those words you don’t feel them.

We can’t fake being real.

We can’t fake being well.

We can’t fake being ourselves.

We can, but that’s how everything becomes really hard. Stuck.  Like a battle.

In a sense it is a battle- you know what you need and you ignore it because it seems that what you need is something that won’t bring you money, fame, love or anything of the sort.


This is the feng shui bagua.

Look at the top row. It’s money, fame and love— they are all located at the back of the house— that we all tend to want. It’s true. It’s good. We should be loved, wealthy and acknowledged for our talents. There’s no shame in that. In fact, it’s powerfully good to know you deserve all those things.

The effort in life is when you think those things will only come if you focus only upon them.; If you double down, zero in and think about nothing else. If you step out of yourself and pour your life into them to the exclusion of what you already know is true.

It can happen slowly, and suddenly, you’re exhausted, in a web of love that feels like a full time job, consumed by what people think of you.

You know when you need time off, quiet, sleep, more food that’s calling you, more time to think, more learning, more art, more joy, more family and friends—

Listen to that, whatever it is. Even if it’s odd.  Even if you’re thinking that it’s giving up.

I have a friend who followed her voice out of a very dark time and it took her on a year of travel, where her most amazing job found her, and then the greatest man arrived. I know, it sounds like Eat, Pray, Love. But it’s real.

It doesn’t have to be that you bail on everything and start over 100%. That’s a unique example.

It will be just as fantastic when you feel it.

Your truth is your ease.

Believe that it can be easier and you’ll slow down the fast moving train of life that you’re chasing every day, always feeling behind.  Decide it can be easier and you’ll start to hear what you’ve been missing- all the signs and signals that you’ve been too stressed, too overloaded, too tired, too deprived of joy- and those signs will steer you in the right direction.

It’s clearing life on a whole new level.

And it really does lead to so much more of the success you’re after, without chasing it.



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