Are You Wondering Why Every Time You Take A Step Forward, More Problems Appear?

Jan 9, 2018 | Creativity

Have you been wondering why every time you step forward in some ways that have been stuck, more problems seem to appear to stop you in your tracks?

I was wondering that, too!

I don’t have a definite answer as to “why exactly” this happens, but I can tell you that I’ve found ways to make it happen so much less.  

We’ll never be free of all obstacles.  But, we can be free of the obstacles that keep us small and stuck.

I used to take a step- or three- forward and then wind up full of problems.  Or, I’d wind up in the same place I started.

Need more money, make way more money, suddenly have to spend even more money (!!!) and never ahead.

Need more time, create more free time, and suddenly have to spend so much time on something totally unexpected…

It got to a point where I felt not just “broken” or “undeserving”…I felt so tired, even depressed, because my unlimited dreams were very very very limited even though I was working so hard.

Today, let’s get into the feng shui that expands the field of your dreams so that you can have more and create much more without getting stopped in your tracks. 

Here’s the weird thing I saw happening in my own life:  I would pull a ton of obstacles into my life to keep me stuck because I was so far off my creative mark I just didn’t feel like myself.  I felt weak.  Dull. Like I could be overpowered.

When I came back into my creative life-force,  blazing-bright, nothing phased me and nothing felt bigger than me.  Also, nothing seemed to be able to stand in my way.

It’s so simple.

We’re creative.  All of us.  Every day.

Your job or apparently skills and talents don’t matter.

We are all creative.  It’s our birthright.

To say that some people are creative and some aren’t is like saying some people can breathe and others can’t. Creativity is at work in every breath. It’s that deep. It’s every thought, word and action.  It’s how we create our karma.

Not only are we all creative, all of our cells are looking for ways to survive.  They survive best and thrive most in environments full of positive energy.   It’s actual science: the happier our environment is, the more we thrive.

This is all creative.

If you want an entirely rejuvenated life, if you want to be the one making incredible things happen, start creating: positive environments, days full of light, visions for the future, connections full of love, actual art, business opportunities, healing, prayer, play, food… 

Start with what you have.

  • You can open the refigerator and see no-premade food, then close it to sulk and be annoyed that there’s nothing to eat.
  • You can open that same refrigerator and see the ingredients for the best simple meal you’ve ever made.

I used to want to see things ready to eat or I’d be very upset.  Now, I deeply enjoy the days where I’m called to create things using whatever I have on hand.

This applies to everything- love, fitness, wealth, spirituality.  We have so much of the raw material and opportunity everywhere, if we’re willing to work with it.

Andy Warhol felt that business was one of the most powerful forms of art. He felt EVERYTHING was art. He captured the essence of what creativity actually is: it is everything.

What does any of this have to do with taking steps forward and then finding yourself stuck in the same place you started, full of problems and no further down the path?

When we’re that stuck that we’re pulling in problems to stay stuck, we’re not using our creative power fully. 

I wasn’t. Not at all.

I was so underwater in clutter, obligations, disorganization and unfinished business from the past that I’d hit a wall as soon as I would try to do anything new.

I had no room for success. I had no room for anything.

We all shut the doors on success, love, power and bigger responsibility when our lives are so full that we can’t really create much any more. We can try to stuff more into the day and stay up later and feel more resentful and start looking at other people who have it easier and wonder when it will be our turn because we’ve worked harder than anyone else…

Yep. I know.

Creative power is so much more powerful that hours and hours of laborious doing.

It’s an instant door opener.

It hits home.  Your soul feels it.  And: you get pretty immediate feedback from your life.

It’s this massive yes, this YES, YES, YES!!!

In the process, all this creativity EXPANDS YOUR FIELD OF DREAMS.

You can imagine more for yourself.  You see the possibility and you’re totally prepared for the bigger game. You’re rooted in such fundamentally life-giving energy you are so much more cause than effect.

Creative power is the willingness to see the magic everywhere. The raw ingredients, the new ideas, the potential, the opportunity. 

No one can teach it on a moment-by-moment basis.  It’s so fundamentally awesome and unique to you.  When you’re faced with a hurdle, how you approach it is everything. Knowing you CAN approach it is the start of a life revolution.

Creative power is the choice to be light instead of dark.  You can still tap into dark emotions and creative freely without judgement… but we’re all more crative when we aren’t assailed and bonbarded by bad news. 

Lately, for me, that choice is the News itself.  Sensational news stories can lure me in and then leave me feeling creatively bankrupted by the negativity and the anger around all of it.  Its almost instantly a headache. My biggest choice is skipping the news except for a catch-up on the week for a few minutes.

My equally-big choice was to shut off the electronics after 8pm.  Life-changing… and I find myself wanting to bend that one often because all that clear space and quite was brinhing me such creative power I was overwhelmed by it at first!!!

Creative power is the greatest spell you can cast to enchant your life.  It’s the greatest transformational energy.  It’s the stuff of legend and it’s how legends became legends.

Exercise that power every day.

Dump the robotic hours of doing things and work with your heart wide open instead.  Make sure you feel amazing and you’re taking time to enjoy your life every day.   Choose to keep your life lighter, out of the overwhelm, out of the noise pollution.  All the obstacles are opportunities.  And, all the flashes of awesome feedback, the feeling that you’re on fire every day, the stunning glow in your eyes:  that’s how you know you’ve broken out of that loop where you never move forward.  Now you’re moving at light speed. Enjoy it immensely.

xoxo Dana




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