Placing An Order With The Universe!

Jan 13, 2018 | Creativity

Did you think about what you wanted from today before you jumped out of bed (or sort of made your way out of bed… or hit snooze a whole lot) and got to doing your day?

I’m not a big fan of idle wishes.

I am a big fan of deliberate creation. Deliberate creation is amazing, no matter how you feel or how “on” you are or whatever is happening. It is always amazing.

It’s non-mystical. It’s not a process.

Deliberately creating always wins because it’s you being you.

In the world of “manifestation methods” there’s a lot of steps that have been built into “Manifesting Better” and “making miracles” and all of it.

But it’s really simple to just stop and try one thing.

See what you want from the day before you start.

I skipped it this morning, and I’m about to do it right now, the minute I’m done typing.

People talk about placing orders with the universe and the Universe itself as though it’s something out of our hands that we have to summon in some way. We have to tap in, find the right key for the right lock, find the right methods and means for the universe to hear us…

Vibrate on the right frequency to match what you want…

I feel like I’m praying to an abstract idea and hoping for cooperation from a nebulous “Universe” when I even say these words. It feels horrible. I feel semi-nervous, teetering, not at all in control.

Would Picasso hand the control over his brushes over to “the Universe” and hope that his vibe was correct enough to make a painting?

Nope. In all of the history of art, and all culture-shifting masterpieces, many have been made by people in all sorts of low vibes – desperately drunk, drugged, unethical, superficial. All of it and more.


I’m not endorsing any of the above, but I leave it here to say : “Why are we trying to make it so hard, imposing such strict standards on ourselves, to “manifest” things? Why are we thinking we have to be so squeaky and so ideal in order to be inspired?”

While there’s a lot — so much, so deeply and profoundly awesome — to be said for happiness and love and these emotions creating ease, and it’s been proven that our happiness plays a part in our success, creativity and creative ability and the ability to manifest things it’s not a math formula that you can miscalculate.  

Having a bad day won’t “cancel” your manifesting. Feeling things won’t “eliminate” the good from your life.

You won’t lose the job interview because you weren’t in love vibes enough at the moment you were sitting there, and you can still make tons of money and have relationships that are epic if you experience all emotions at times as they come up because they are all good.

surf waves

Do you know how many people I meet and work with and talk to who are afraid of having a bad day or afraid of their emotions because it means that they won’t “manifest” things?

It’s always amazing to aim for joy, for love, for bliss… yes. Yes. Yes.

But you’ll also have times of grief, tears, wonder, worry.

You don’t need to live in those emotions (and I hope you choose not to) but they are not bad things.

Creativity is always at our fingertips. If we’re crying, drunk, angry, bitter, elated or divinely inspired. I won an award (a fairly prestigious recognition) for writing I did in a rage. Doesn’t that sort of seem weird in the model of “must be perfectly stoked to be effective at anything???”

Forcing yourself to reach a bar where there are pre-conditions to your creativity— a series of steps that are arbitrary— is an enormous creative block that holds us back.

You shape the universe.

And your imagination places the order you want to make happen.  

Your doing and thinking and freeing yourself of small, fear-filled garbage we all take in during the day makes it all come to life as you open up more to creating your days. 

It’s non-mystical. It’s not a process.

It doesn’t seem to matter if you do it with your eyes closed or open. And, really, I’ve found it doesn’t matter early in the morning how much you can feel it and emotionalize it, because how emotionally awake are you before you get out of bed?

I’ve been doing this for a long time. Just seeing the day. Key things. Something I want to do. Something to solve. Something to experience.

I’ve done it writing in a journal, closing my eyes meditatively and also staring at the art on the walls or talking to my fur baby Bob. I’ve done it in the shower, brushing my teeth and even after hitting snooze.

See what you want to experience. If something or a problem to solve is sitting there, see it solved. If you’re loving it, sit with it and get into details. If you’re not feeling it, just see it and don’t force yourself to do a big process. 

Now do your day.

That’s it.

I stop and do it whenever I feel like the day is getting the best of me and I’m not creatively awake.

I’ve found the difference is vast between doing this- for a minute or fifteen or however long I feel like it- and not doing it.

I can only speculate as to “why” because I don’t channel spirits or claim to know the mysteries of divinity.

But, I can tell you it’s put me in the drivers seat, it makes me feel ready, it turns my mind on, it makes days feel better. When I’ve done it, it’s brought me to a place of more power, even if it’s a tiny bit more power.

And that’s enough for me.

So, I keep on doing it. I personally don’t make it too elaborate or follow a “method” because it makes me feel weird and restricted and wondering if I’m doing things “right” and that sort of sucks.

It’s easy.

What do you want to do today? What would you love to have happen?

See it all before you hop out of bed tomorrow.

Spend a few minutes in that” fifth dimension of manifesting” life otherwise known as “creativity.” (yes, it’s really simple)

Masterpieces, wonders of the world, incredible breakthroughs… all came from creativity. Even before The Law of Attraction or complex manifestation techniques were ever taught!!!

When your imagination is fired up to serve you, it’s this amazing creative force.

It doesn’t matter what “actually happens” immediately. It matters that you keep on making things.

Create your days with as much of your imagination and feeling intact and you’re deep in your magic.

Yes, it can be that easy. I’ll keep saying it because I know that a lot of us have these ideas that it’s really really hard.

Believe in your creative power. Decide what you want to do and put it out there, in thought or in words, starting your own engines going.

Easy things often bring the breakthroughs.

Be easy with yourself, too.

Have an amazing day of making, dreaming and doing!



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