Trusting Your Instincts To Guide You To Great Fortune!

Jan 17, 2018 | Creativity

It’s late and I’m writing the blog now because I had to take a long nap.  Yes, I had to.  I felt really tired for no good reason and I took a really long nap.

A year ago, I’d have had a giant tea (can’t drink coffee, makes me crazy) and I’d have stirred myself into moving forward with the day with all kinds of fun motivation… even though I knew I was really tired.

Back in those days I lost my voice three times, hurt my body super-badly in yoga (yes, it’s possible) and wound up feeling like… Two years ago I couldn’t move my right arm for a month and a half due to overexertion typing with one hand (yes, it’s how I type, and I don’t know why!) so much that my arm gave out… so, clearly I had some demons to slay that I couldn’t find, right?

I mean, all these obstacles coming up while doing all this great stuff with my life must be some sort of metaphysical energy thing to solve, right?

So I found a healer that took me further away from myself, my life turned — on a personal note — upside down in a terrifying way and I got a big wakeup call.

I stopped all this nonsense, dropped all this crazy striving and here I am. Sleeping in the middle of the day.

Hard work is awesome. Ignoring your life isn’t awesome.

Seeing the signs- hearing the voices- following your instincts — this is a very personal roadmap to creative power and all kinds of fortune.  

I wasn’t listening to the signs I was given — talk less, sleep more, don’t overstretch, have vacations— because it’s so much fun to do the things I do it still feels like a dream. Plus, to know me is to know that if someone works hard, I am hard-wired as a survival mechanism to work ten times harder.

All those exceptional habits — commitment, passion, fire, drive, pushing boundaries— serve us all well. They’re the things I think of as the ways to “manifest” anything. They’re also meant for their own time and place, and meant to be tempered with the opposite energy.

Yin (quiet) is as important and Yang (active) energy.

We need both. You can’t be all action and no rest… or all rest and no action. Both are important. They’re also intuitive.  

I know it can be confusing to start to trust your instincts—

I mean, what if you’re feeling tired because you’re procrastinating? Shouldn’t you just push through and have that double matcha and plow forward?

What if you’re not challenging your body enough and that’s why you’re not seeing the physical strength building and you need to push the limits?

What if you’re in this grand momentum and there’s no time to stop even if you do feel tired because maybe that’s “negative programming” or “abundance blocks” or something else that’s stopping you?

You know when you’re pushing. Your whole body, mind and life will show that it’s being stretched in ways that are not great.

We can be tricked- or trick ourselves- into thinking that our inner voice and all the signs from the universe are these “obstacles” when we are creating a lot of obstacles ourselves by ignoring the signs that are super clear.

Here is the bagua. It’s a great way to illustrate all of this. It’s the feng shui map that shows how your space reflects your life. The nine sections correspond to different areas of your life.


It’s tempting to find the areas where you want more of something and pile them full of feng shui cures. 

Typically, it’s MONEY, FAME & LOVE that I see as the areas that get chock full of feng shui stuff. And single-minded intention. 100% focus on fame (here in LA) or money or love… and the rest, we say, “will work itself out.”

What’s true of the bagua— and of life in general it seems— is that every area works with every other area. You can’t isolate one little section and blow it up with magic and crystals and see a shower of greatness when you’re ignoring the rest.

Wisdom, a sense of your self and the helpful people and compassion in your life are vital. Legacy and creativity are life-giving. Health is the core of all things.

Can you see how this is all important— your whole home and your whole life? 

When you’re able to take a broad view of things you’ll see that single-minded focus is a weaker way to work, and that pushing past a certain point isn’t really rewarding.

It’s like training only one single muscle for an hour a day and ignoring the rest of your body. In thirty minutes your whole body – including that one muscle- could have become stronger with a more holistic approach. Plus, that daily wear on one muscle will throw your alignment out of whack after a while. Our body works holistically. Everything seems to work holistically… except for our very well-meaning single-minded desires!

If you’re feeing off-track, confused or tired of so many obstacles, listen to your life. Are you drawn toward staying home more often, drinking green juice, walking instead of running? Are you craving certain foods, certain experiences…? Are you tired? Are you bored? Are you ready for a change?

Listen. Don’t write off the signs you’re getting— constant dull pain, yawning, or even lightbulbs blowing out, mysterious dreams…. there are infinite signs. They are all there to show you easier, more holistic, more brilliant ways to do things.

You may still work a lot of long hours sometimes… but not the hours that leave you feeling broken. You might still have obstacles, but they’re in perspective much more over time. Less daunting. Possibly even exciting?!

We have all of these awesome abilities and the only way we learn to use them to create fortune and make magic is by actually listening.

Get quiet. Tune in. Clean your house so you have more spaciousness. Spend more time outside.

All those cosmic downloads and deep wisdom feelings and sixth senses are waiting for you…!

xoxo Dana

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