An Idea To Crystalize Your Dreams Into Actions!

Jan 21, 2018 | Creativity


Lately, my mind feels a lot like crystals. Organized, clear, shining, deliberate. It’s this sort of spaciousness I knew was possible but couldn’t access no mater what rituals I tried.

I thought of myself as mindful, aware, “woke” and all the things that go along with having a lot of clarity. I didn’t feel mentally scrambled, unsure or anything else that suggested I wasn’t present.

What I noticed first was that I had a hard time feeling excited about new things, even wanting to hit snooze a lot before getting out of bed and starting the day.

But, then I noticed something more troubling– I had an increasingly hard time taking even the most well-formed ideas and putting them into action.

I was detailed, I could see everything so richly and in full color in my mind and I didn’t feel I was vague or not creative. My imagination was really sharp…

But, I just didn’t “make anything happen.”

And, I didn’t know really why or how to bring this ability back.

In feng shui, it’s the “wood element” that takes you from the ideas stage into action with sparks flying. Some “fire element” is needed, just like in nature itself, to start the action, but you need lots of creative inspiration that acts as wood to feed the fire.

Apparently, I had no wood left in the fireplace of my life! I burned it all in research, reading, action, thinking… and I never gathered up more of that really important energy. I thought I did, because I could still see what I wanted so clearly. I just had one hell of a time actually DOING things.

Today’s feng shui is all about those times when you can’t quite take the dreams and move them into real life doing…!

It’s an energy adjustment that can make incredible changes, and it requires no energy to do it!!!

This is a snap of a talk I did with Saraka Life not too long ago. I asked everyone in the audience, as this was taken, if they felt like they were failing at wellness.

Hands raised everywhere.

I totally get it. I felt the same.

Between:  the overload of data, the want of more inspiration, the accumulation of so many rituals, powders, pills, treatments, regimes…it’s so much to do!!!

Life optimization is a slippery slope. It’s very easy to get so full-minded with data that you burn your mind out. You use up the sparks. You burn all the fuel in your mental fireplace so quickly… and it’s common to forget to gather up more of that energy. So, soon you’re overwhelmed, feeling dull, not quite sure what to do next.

How do you gather up more of that firewood for your life to keep flowing creatively?

Stretching physically, eliminating stuff (filling journal pages, for instance, to clear your mind, clearing actual clutter…), sleeping…

We need these spaces in life to unwind and let go of too much data, too much stimulation, too many images, too much sensory input.

This is, of course, counterintuitive when your habit is to work harder.

You might want to look for more information, more data, more videos, more inspiration…

But that’s all mental clutter.

That keeps your mind’s engine firing and burning through so much energy.

Maybe you’re getting less creative the more you take in so much stuff that’s meant to inspire?

Maybe all the data is the opposite of useful in order to make things happen, taking dreams and realizing them? 

I read about an incredibly prolific inventor who never learned to read so that his mind wouldn’t be tainted with data from outside of himself. While that’s extreme, it’s really fascinating. He found a very enormous way to filter out the noise from his mind and creative soul.

If you’re having a hard time starting anything, being active, taking ideas and putting them into the world, turning thoughts into things… you might want to lessen your mental load.

Only learn the data you need.

Stop scrolling, flipping pages, going into wormholes of images on social media, background noise of Netflix.

Get into living in a more visceral way. Simple things like cleaning, walking, stretching, seeing friends…

This is so small. It’s really easy. It’s not a “method” as much as it’s a decision to allow less stuff to tax your mind.

When you’ve had time to charge up your mind with all that fresh firewood of energy, you’ll have a far easier time solving problems, taking actions, making things you love… and actually prospering.

When you’ve come to a place where you see when your mental firewood is burning out, you’ll be quicker to simplify your days and get quiet until it’s all restored.

This is the kind of practice you can’t fail at.

All this mind space becomes clarifying. You’ll know what supplements you need, what exercises are working, what rhythm is in line with your core.

You’ll be able to pluck the next ideas and most exciting steps forward, without needing tons of data or lots of people agreeing that it’s the right way.

The best part is, you can start at any time.

Like right now.

Gather up your magic by freeing yourself of way too much of everything, even the great things.

So much wonder is waiting…!!!



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