Do You Want To Become More Brilliant At What You Do?

Jan 25, 2018 | Creativity

the artists way

You are already brilliant.

We all have inner wisdom (even if we can’t hear it at the moment) and we all have all kinds of knowledge, too, whether from books, classrooms, science labs or life itself, the greatest teacher.

When that brilliance isn’t being reflected in your life or your work or your art, it feels as though it’s gone or maybe you question if it ever existed.

Maybe you look at a long to-do list and see that there’s all robotic tasks and there’s no room for anything else. Or, you’ve done things the same way so many times… even if they were once joyful, now they’re flat and dull and blah.

If you’re looking for more of your brilliance,  these two ideas may help you find it in endless ways.

If you’re wanting to be more brilliant and inspired and make an impact, some people will tell you to look at people you admire and copy what they do.

That’s non-brilliant.  And it’s plagarism in the worst sense… and it’s stealing from yourself.  It robs you of the ability to be yourself, in the guise of being more successful and more awesome by being like someone else.

Copying the examples already out there may work if you’re making a graph or writing a resume, but it’s not a way to be self-actualized.

This is a more holistic way to be your most brilliant you, step-by-step. Suprisingly, this one was found in a science lab!

This pyramid is all about self-actualization.

The bottom is the foundation.

The theory goes like this: If you don’t get the bottom solid (your home, your finances, your relationship dynamics, your wellness) on a basic, grounded level, you’ll have a hard time getting to the top where self-actualization is.  Your life will sway too much, you’ll be constantly rocked by avoidable drama, avoidable instability and avoidable confusion and fear.

Being really solid in your life will almost-instantly open you up to more of your brilliance. 

You don’t need a soulmate, billions of dollars and a perfect showplace home in order to master these basics. You don’t have to be 100% perfect.  Just really basic and easy and clear.

Try straightening up at home, taking care of your money and connecting to everyone you love even more.  Let go of some vampire type draining stuff.

These really basic things make it easier to be present and feel secure.

They’re a foundation

When you’ve got your basics handled, you’re less distracted, drained and pulled in a zillion directions.

It’s pretty brilliant when the answers are simple.

Now, the other thing I observe a lot about brilliance these days is that it’s borne of experiments. 

Have you ever watched the cooking competition, Chopped?

Contestants are given boxes of mystery ingredients and a timer is set.  Every ingredient needs to be in the dish that you cook from the contents.  And… it all has to be transformed.

Sometimes, it’s like a masterclass in creativity to watch this.

You’ve got a time limit, a few rules and endless possibilities… and you have no time to think or plan.  You just start experimenting. I’m often amazed at what happens, the food that’s crafted from a box of mysterious ingredients.

That’s pretty much how I created my own way of working with feng shui.  I charged no one for years and I could freely test theories, ideas, over and over.  I saw what happened.  It was like my test kitchen, or my science lab.

It was a time I felt my brilliance moving through me—capturing new ideas, finding my own way.

When I became too busy to keep experimenting, my work was still great but my spirit was not.

I lost that sense that I was innovating.  I lost that sense that I was doing something new.

If you feel that dullness, challenge yourself to find a new way.

Shake things up with more skills you’ve been dying to try.  Get a new kitchen gadget. My friend found passionate creative awakening in the kitchen from a new InstaPot!

You may need a new journal.  New art supplies. Pens.

I just learned about a ballet class on the Westside of town with a live piano player, and now I have to try it.   I’ve been watching videos over and over again of cups full of rainbow colored acrylic paint swirled and poured on canvas into multicolored swirls, and now I have to try it. 

It’s how I know I’m in my zone. I have to try things.  I want to experiment.  I can’t wait to see what happens.

Be more brilliant every day by settling your life and unsettling your creative flow.

Your breakthroughs are waiting.



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