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Feb 2, 2018 | Prosperity


Your past doesn’t “automatically” determine the future in any way.

There is a very powerful self-help path that says that “unconscious beliefs” will hold us hostage to the bad views we hold about our ability to prosper (whether to have money, love, health, anything) unless we “reprogram them”, and while some of it is true… it’s really not a full picture.

Not at all.

Do you think that every person who has risen from poverty to amazing wealth had to first clear away every single belief that was not optimal in their past before they made this shift? Of course not!

And while all the modalities in the world of reprogramming beliefs and re-wiring your mind are awesome— there are a lot of ways to change your perspective— and your environment— to prosper much more than you may have in the past.

You don’t need fancy trinkets (as shown above)to have great things. Nor do you need a perfect biography or a stunning mind.

Does your home look abundant? Does your life feel abundant? Are you abundant?

Big questions, and today’s look at the energetics of abundance are so basic, and so eye-opening for me sometimes, I revisit these ideas a lot.

If you’ve been doing “work on yourself” to change your mind and your beliefs, that’s great as long as it feels great. What’s really interesting is that it can be very simple to change your mind— not a lot of technique needed. You are not a victim of a poor childhood or less-than-awesome financial decisions in the past. Not at all.

It’s all about CHOICE.

“Your brain will make assumptions based on past experience, but, basically, it believes what you tell it to believe. Thus, examining these messages (and their effects on you) and challenging them will enable you to re-educate your brain and make different decisions about wealth than you have in the past” – Susan Reynolds, As sited in the Psychology Today article, “Can You Prime Your Brain to Get Rich?” Jan 23, 2012

Making assumptions about what you can do or have based on the past is common.  

As human-beings, our soul/mind has a default mechanism, intrinsically provided to ensure our safety, that more times than not, lends itself to an instinct to operate and make decisions based on our previous experiences, without assessing all the new information and details that are in the present moment of making a choice.

In psychological terms, this is called a heuristic approach to discerning information, taking action or making a judgment. It is a mental short cut, designed to facilitate our over capacitated minds and help us function faster, safer and more efficiently. The brain must rely to some extent on heuristic thinking, because the amount of decisions we make each day are endless, sometimes unconscious, and we do not have the time to attend to and access every detail in the decision making process.

People have all sorts of heuristics that they use to make judgments, ranging from availability heuristics; which are short-cuts based on how easily accessible it is to bring an image to mind, or how effortless it is to mentally conjure examples confirming our decisions or judgments, and representative heuristics; which are when our mind relies on past experiences and mental representations that are similar to the current situation to determine a decision.

You can. however, do this consciously. You aren’t “destined” to follow these first thoughts. You are cause, not effect.


Judgement is interesting, though. It’s a conscious way we block ourselves.

There’s one saying I picked up years ago that stuck with me, “What you criticize, you can not become.” 

I’ve noticed it to be true.

It turns out, we’ve got, on a whole, a lot of judgements that are interesting about wealth. Even surveys have shown that a larger majority of adults tent to think that wealthy people are greedy and dishonest.

In an article written by Kim Richards, director of social trends research for the PEW research center, “Yes, The Rich are Different”, a national survey revealed that when asked about attributes of people who were wealthy, “…more than half of all adults (55%) say rich people are more likely than the average person to be greedy. Only 9% say they are less likely to be greedy. The remaining 36% have no opinion. About one-third of the public (34%) says the rich are less likely than average people to be honest. Only 12% say they are more likely to be honest, and 54% have no opinion on this.”

If you’re judging people who have the type of abundance or opportunities that you want— whether they seem fake, pushy, aggressive, rude, stupid, or anything else— you’re likely moving that thing further away.

Why would you be motivated toward becoming any of these things?

So, watch out for the criticisms, they are your own energy barricades.

I often ask myself when I see things I don’t agree with in my own world, “What’s good about this? What’s working here?”

It’s a way into a different way of thinking.

Being more present is a form of “magic transformation” that’s hardly magic.

A systematic mode of thinking is effortful and aware of potential biases. It’s a careful, calculated way of accessing information in order to make a less biased, preconceived decision and consequential action and judgment. As explained HERE: “Systematic processing involves attempts to thoroughly understand any information encountered through careful attention, deep thinking, and intensive reasoning (e.g., thinking carefully about the arguments presented, the person arguing, and the causes of the person’s behavior). This information is combined and used to guide subsequent attitudes, judgments, and behaviors.”

This is a fancy way of saying: be awake and be conscious.

A few ideas to do this in your home include: brighter lights if it’s too dim during the day, more sensory richness (candles, aromatherapy, fresh food, lots of positive messaging around) and lots of feel-great energy.

It starts with YOU.

Not your past, not your decisions yesterday, but right now it starts with you deciding to show up and do things that are new.

Also, if it’s actually money you’re after, take a look at how you work.  

If what you do is unrewarding on many levels, chances are that changing your “mindset” isn’t going to change that. Many of us have had unrewarding jobs, and it’s not always easy to change that overnight, but if you don’t have rewarding parts to your day it becomes spirit-draining.

This talk by Dan Ariely, “What Makes Us Feel Good About Work,” is full of lightbulb moments if your work is draining your spirit. I was most intrigued that when cake mixes were first released that just required the addition of water, they were wildly unpopular. Once they were re-engineered to require the addition of eggs, sometimes milk, often oil or something else, people felt that it was more “rewarding” to “make” the cake and they became popular!

New wealth is emerging all the time. If you’ve been thinking “if only I was born with money” well, that doesn’t matter much.

It’s really interesting, also, that a lot of wealth is self-made and based on basic principles like working with passion and meaning. It’s not just the lucky or the already-rich that get rich.

Forbes reported that “A large majority — 77 %, in fact — of the high-net-worth investors surveyed grew up middle class or lower. Within that majority, nearly two in five (19%) grew up poor. This means that a very small portion of the high-net-worth community actually inherited their wealth.”

A 2016 survey, U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth, that surveyed 684 high- net worth individuals found that, “While the vast majority of respondents (77%) grew up in middle class or poor, success was attributed to hard work, ambition and family upbringing. From giving back and trying to save well and investing wisely, the wealthy in America today are driven by a contemporary set of principles and compose a new picture of what it means to be wealthy.”

The study also found that 81% of the investors had a sense of prioritization. They chose to remain focused on their future goals, long-term financial security and the financial security of their family.

The point of all these fact is quite simple: you can create wealth. You can create any kind of abundance. You can shift your perspective at any time. You can change your days, find more meaning and build more of what you want. All starting from a place of real presence.

Showing up. Being present. Constantly deciding. Focusing. Taking steps forward without getting lost in judgement.

And, your home can help you stay on this course, in a big way. Brighter energy, more intention and more grounded power can come from having a home that feeds your spirit.

Wealth is energy, and you’ve got energy infinitely available to you.

xoxo Dana

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