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Feb 3, 2018 | Prosperity

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I thought that I haven’t been as “prolific” in a usual sense for the past month, because I haven’t been online 24/7, and I don’t plan to be again. I’ve been sleeping for incredibly long stretches, watching movies, daydreaming, taking walks with Bob. I deliberately took this break from so much ‘extra’ in my life, it had to happen, and I was prepared for the fact that I would get less done and fall behind.

I didn’t get much less done or fall far behind!

Turns out I actually have done more than I usually do in many respects. And, I’ve done it all so much better than I’d ever thought possible.

Now that I’m so ready for a deep dive into photos, videos, finishing my sofas, art and rugs at home (my own feng shui!), writing with a feeing of fire… all this creative outpouring that is showing me what I gained from an intense slowdown.

Not only did I not really “lose out” on productive stuff in all my rest and unplugging, I realize I can actually do twice as much as I used to do in soooo much less time. In my break I managed to eliminate the most hidden and most soul-sucking clutter from my life, and I’m only getting started.

Take a break in your own best ways and take your power back…!

I got a message— many messages— that my pace of life had outpaced me. Because I was doing something great, all the things I love, I wasn’t quick to listen to the early signs of being exhausted, under-stretched, blurry-minded. I didn’t want to work less, I didn’t want to create less, I didn’t want to skip out on awesome events— but I also didn’t want to feel the way I felt.

In a daze. Blah without many cups of tea. Tense for no good reason. Like a robot. The worst part about it was that I was less magical. I didn’t have my intention intact. No matter how much I focused, meditated and did everything “right” I totally lacked the power I needed to make things happen in ways that thrilled me. I would get frustrated, upset…

The break I took was revealing

It showed me where my power was going. It also showed me how much I had my identity invested in being “busy.” And… most incredibly… it showed me just how much prosperity was “draining” from my life because I was so busy doing things non-stop!

As it turns out it was initially so hard for me to stay offline at night because I’ve grown used to hiding out in Internet habits all the time.

How late are you online? What would happen if you shut things down at 8 or 9pm? 

It’s also somewhat stunning how much I had to collect “data” to do everything from carmellizing onions to the perfect pet bath— all this useless data collecting (I know how to do these things perfectly well) was epically mind-numbing.

Are you gathering lots of data that’s totally superfluous? Check your Google search history and you may be surprised! 

One big reveal: I saw how much I was coming last in everything I was doing every day, even though I was doing self-care, and self-loving actions. A bath fit into an over-stuffed life, I felt, was better than not doing it, even if it wasn’t relaxing. It was more like something to give myself a gold star.

I’ve talked about this a lot lately. Life needs space — real space— in order for us to create and live in awesome ways.

Are you doing lots of “self-care” that doesn’t really feel that caring? Do you have enough space and time to  “just be”? 

I have to say, my almost-daily salt baths with a book were very unfulfilling over time— my body didn’t want them, but they’d become one ritual that I didn’t skip. Now, they’re less frequent and deeply rejuvenating.   It’s amazing how much can happen when you’re quiet enough to hear what your body actually needs and wants.

So, what about power coming back? 

Within days of taking my life from a level 15+ to a level 5, I felt my mind returning to a more native state. My emotions were more resonant. I was able to start making things happen again with intention.

‘My voice came back in every way and I had so many wild personal breakthroughs, and this was all fast.

Now, further down this path of spaciousness, I’m deeply focused on exactly what I want from this year, this day and this moment. If something feels wrong, I walk away or look closer and what would feel right, instead of “powering through” things. It’s seismic how big the change has been to move deeper into my own core.

I’ve been watching friends doing the same break-taking and finally feeling grounded, settled, less “effect” of bad vibes and less “effect” of life.

Healthier, happier, more productive, more glowing, more purposeful, more steady…

And, most importantly, for me, my creative vision is so clear I can literally see things sometimes before they happen or before I create them— it’s like a whole next level of intentional living and “manifesting.”

Maybe this is the Fifth Dimension?!

So… what happens when the “break” ends? 

I don’t know that the break ever has to end! I’m “back to work” again in excitement, but with a lot more wisdom!

I’m still staying away from News (5 minutes a day, tops), late-night Internet (my curfew is real), scrolling through social media in the name of “work” and compulsive Googling and data-gathering.

If catch myself, I put the phone down and walk away. One night I did a little later-night work and felt like my brain was scrambled the next day in a daze, so I think my personal lessons will be easy to stick with.

You may not need a digital break or a sleep break— your break may be from over-stuffing days, or a call to let go of too many obligations, rearrange crazy work hours, take space from toxic relationships. Chances are you already know.

I know it may feel like your life will fall apart if you do less or rock the boat by stepping away.

But, stepping away is an awesome way to gather up your magic.

The break and the space will teach you all you needed to know to use your power in ways that thrill you!

xoxo !!!


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  1. Judee@gluten free A-Z Blog

    Dana – you have made some good points- I’ll try them and see- I do try to limit my blogging and writing to early morning and late evening. I work from 6-8:30 or 9:00 and from 9:00 to 11:00 Then From 9:00 am to 9:00 pm is time for me , family, and friends. – It works for me- I take an hour walk with friends everyone morning at 9:00 am outdoors in a beautiful park adjacent to the ocean! Then I come home and make a big salad for lunch and dinner and an entree for dinner for me and my husband and then the day is only for me.. enjoyed your post- thanks

    • danaclaudat

      this is so lovely the creative structure you’ve created full of love and nature!!!


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