Feng Shui For 2018’s Year Of The Earth Dog!

Feb 8, 2018 | Feng Shui 101

2018 is the lunar Year of the Earth Dog in the Chinese Zodiac, and the themes of grounded calm, wellness, prosperity, loyalty and stability are ever-so-welcome.  Today I’m thrilled to share feng shui for this year ahead from my own mentor, Dr. Gabriele Van Zon.  

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Feel-Good Feng Shui For The Year Of The Dog, by Dr. Gabriele Van Zon, Feng Shui Universal

Feng shui is all about feeling good in your space and reaping the benefits of good qi. Domestic pleasures seem to be on the horizon for the year of the dog. According to Chinese astrology, it will be an “Earth Dog,” and that means a year of stabilizing energy in a nurturing environment. After the volatile energy of the Rooster, we are ready for the reign of the gentle brown dog. To optimize our prospects for the year ahead, we must however play by the rules and emulate the positive traits of our canine companions. There are always doomsayers who predict the worst and warn of hostilities and health issues, but with good feng shui we are prone to protect ourselves from adversities and ill winds. Therefore it’s better to be forewarned and take precautions.

Caesar, The Dog Whisperer, says that it is exercise, discipline and love, in that order, that makes for a good dog. As we watch him do a “down-dog,” we note that our dog’s first move in the morning is a yoga stretch. Running for a ball is next on the agenda when we launch a game of “go fetch!” Our dog also knows how to relax after a few twists and turns of nestling into his favorite spot. Dogs are so good at biding their time that they could teach us a few things about patience.

Feng shui tells us about qi (chi), the vital energy in and around us. We experience this energy with our five senses, but dogs seem to have that sixth sense that we are always yearning for. Dogs observe every move we make, and even while napping, they keep an eye on the door. Their sense of hearing is quicker and more astute, as well as tuned to a range of sounds that we cannot hear. What they sniff and smell totally eludes us. A dog’s olfactory talents and capacities make him an indispensable asset for detective services. Dogs have been human kind’s companions for 15,000 years, and we are still learning and discovering the magnitude of their “uncanny” perceptions.

Contrary to our modern obsession with mindfulness, it seems to be a dog’s innate predisposition, and we doubt that he would prefer to text versus schmoozing with you side by side. In other words, domesticity and mindful attention to detail with a central focus on bringing lose ends to a close are all shaping up as the theme of the year. In the numerical charts, the number 9 is in the center, which, as the last single digit number, is the number of completion. With these indicators, we have an opportunity for creating a very strong home base. A well-built foundation is the optimal platform for launching future endeavors.

Here are our initial tips as we approach the New Year of the Earth Dog:

  • Avoid confrontations
  • Stay away from gossip and duplicity
  • Stay calm and take the high road
  • Wear protective amulets that are personally meaningful
  • Boost your immune system with herbs and supplements
  • Consolidate and complete what has been started
  • Strengthen your sensory experience with uplifting aromas and tastings
  • Place auspicious demarcations in the center
  • Increase lights in the center and nurture a plant
  • Emulate your dog’s loyalty, faithfulness and unconditional love
  • Practice the Golden Rule
  • And remember: Dogs sniff out the truth!

Thank you Gabriele! This is amazing! xoxo!!!



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