Actually See The Universe Working In Your Favor!

Feb 9, 2018 | Prosperity

Sometimes (i.e.: all the time) it’s not enough to hear or read that it’s all working out or the universe has your back. 

Proof is in the proof, you know?

As we head into the Love Camp season, I’ve been reminded of how much power we have to shape outcomes, heal our lives and flourish in rich ways.

If you’re not feeling that power right now, I get it.

I don’t feel it 24/7, but I aim for it now.

Cause… rather than Effect. 

Tapped in… instead of Lost in research and looking for data

Creating my days… not Reacting to my days.

I’m not interested in complex “manifestation formulas” because the more complicated things are the less they work.

You don’t need insider secrets to do what you were born to do— create, make, manifest, live, love.

No instruction manual needed.

You’ll see the universe working in your favor as YOU work in your favor.

I’m not talking about monitoring your thoughts or activating crystals here—

I’m talking about you being yourself. 

When you’re being yourself, everything won’t always work out to the letter as you’ve hoped, but you’ll see and feel and know it will work out. You’ll have that feedback right away.   You’ll also have all your power in your hands in incredible ways.

When you’re not being yourself, you may be able to hold together things that aren’t meant to be with a lot of force and effort, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. You’ll get all the feedback to make a change, and likely, you’ll ignore it because we all like to stubbornly dig in and get “what we want”, you know? It’s a slow then fast dive into powerlessness.

Here’s a classic example of me not being myself— and watching my life melt around me as a result.

I spent a year “gaslighting myself” in a relationship in order to “make it work.” I knew I was being lied to and knew I was being told false stories, I knew it was insane and terrible but I was addicted to the rush of how great it was when it was great. I literally forced myself to follow the lies and uphold the charade even though it felt horrible and that horrible feeling was harder to ignore. First I was anxious, then I was unsteady even at work (this was years ago) and soon I didn’t know who the hell I was…

Because I was so invested in making things go my way and keeping this “love” in my life, I spent so much time I could have used to create great things instead in a fight to hold onto something that the “universe” (and every sane person I knew) would tell me repeatedly just wasn’t for me. It took a year and a half to recover from the nervous wreck I’d become— traumatized, sick, lost, confused.

When we know it’s not for us, but we push it anyway, molding ourselves to fit expectations, struggle to hold things together, the outcome will be, sooner-or-later, a big bust.

How can you be as powerful as you are if you aren’t even able to be YOU?

Exactly. You can’t.

Be yourself. It’s so powerful it’s disarming.

Now let’s look at your home and how it affects your manifesting power.

Feng shui isn’t magic but it is an amazing way to gather up your magic— your intention, focus, power, all of it— and feel at home in your life.

Let’s imagine you’re sitting in an uncomfortable room with yellow-tinged light and there’s a pile of papers to sort through and you’ve got a stacked day of appointments ahead and there’s a TV on in the background and text messages pouring in.

How much do you feel brilliant, focused, powerful and at home? 

If you do, you’re in an astonishingly great place to use your full-throttle energy to create things. 

If you don’t— or you don’t feel at home or inspired anywhere you are— here we have a drain.  

Your environment is either supporting you or draining you. 

You can feel it.

Sit in a room and see how you feel.

In the time of that gas-lit relationship of mine, I spent so much time hanging out in places that made me exhausted, I had a home that overrun with problems and I ran around in circles looking for reasons why I felt so bad.

Hmmm… was it low iron levels, new vitamins needed, time to do more yoga, eat differently…time for a healer… psychic… expert…

It was all more of the same smoke screen.

The universe showed me plain as day what I needed to see and I refused to see it.

The real reasons I felt so bad?

I wasn’t being myself. I was steeped in spaces that full of black energy. I was attached to a vampire intent on taking all he could get.

Mystery solved.

As soon as I cleared all the clutter (including that guy!) and started making myself at home, I started seeing my “manifesting” magic coming back to me.

The more I shaped my home with the feng shui I was learning, the more energy, ideas, thoughts, coincidences and flexibility I had.

So, if you don’t see the universe working in your own favor, see if you’re actually working in your own favor by being your un-watered-down, uncensored self. If you’re not feeling your self is that strong or bright or daring or vivacious, change your space so it lights you up instead of dragging you down.

Light that kind of neon fire and get in the flow of the energy that creates everything.



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