The Wealth-Building Magic Of Being Yourself

Feb 10, 2018 | Prosperity


Pile your home full of Feng Shui “cures”, pile your life full of the Law of Attraction, pull every inspirational quote, read every book, go to lectures, join groups… and see nothing happen.

Yes, that’s common.

I see it every day, I’ve lived it, I know the story.

Nothing works when you’re not being you.

Even the easiest of switches in life work tend to wonders when you are being you.

Today’s wealth-building Feng Shui for life isn’t anything but the cold hard fact that you are amazing, unique and deeply powerful and you can do absolutely anything and change anything and magnetically attract to you all that you want— just by being yourself. In the process, you might find a pile of garbage ideas, life clutter and vampires to clear… and that’s a bonus!

I woke up shaking to read my words edited in an article I wrote. I say what I say the way that I say it. It’s not meant to be edited. In fact, when I am edited, I won’t share my work because it’s not my work. This time, though, while it was unintentional it was way more more personal and I slammed the breaks on the day and made sure this was changed.

I’m so grateful it was changed, but the lesson and the feeling burns bright.

I’m not editable.

Neither are you.

To be clear, if you want to edit the grammar in a technical piece of my writing, have at it. Or explain to be how to do something better. Or ask for what you want. I welcome that.

If you want to edit the content of my life experiences, my methods and the way I tell them, I’m not interested.

If you don’t like them, that’s fine. But to alter them is altering me.

Not OK.

I used to let this happen. I also used to be a victim in my life. Not a good theme to perpetuate.

I would never read the edited version of me, and if I don’t want to read a watered-down version of myself, why would anyone else?

It’s always counterproductive.

This editing was not done with ill intention to me, but it has been in the past. And I’ve seen it so many times before in so many ways, it’s shocking to recall the endlessly long list of ways I’ve internalized this.

You don’t need to be a writer to be edited or censored in ways that hold you back and chip away at your soul.

I’ve seen in my years in art before this chapter of life curators being censored because they were outshining their bosses, designers being censored so they’d lose confidence in their gifts and stay tethered to their corporate jobs where they were limited, relationships where I was critiqued and silenced so that I wouldn’t leave (because, how could I leave… I wasn’t good enough for anyone else…?!) and…

Can you see just how easily we can be controlled, minimized and even pushed into a box if we allow ourselves to be edited?

It’s not about pointing blame, it’s all about stopping the cycle.

That cycle stops when you stop allowing the genius of you to be limited by what others feel is acceptable or better for them.

If you’re not feeling the sparks in life, and not seeing the wealth in your pockets or your days, chances are somehow you’re held back.

What and where and how are you being censored?

And the even-bigger question:

Where are you censoring yourself? 

I can’t tell you the number of times I tried to be a part of a group I had nothing to do with, a group where I couldn’t be me, where I had to shape-shift, edit, conceal and re-invent a persona to fit in.

When I did this, I was broke. I was exhausted. I was confused. I wanted a miracle. I wanted salvation.

I’d cry about how unfair life was and how wrong and how much I have done and why does nothing good happen for me???

I was living a lie by not being myself. That lie is the ultimate block to everything.

If you’re trying to reinvent yourself into someone else, you’re moving away from money, peace and love.

If you’re trying to be like them, you’re losing out on you.

Being yourself is so indelible it’s arresting. It gives you wings.

It also gives you controversy sometimes, because not everyone will like the unvarnished, imperfectly perfect truth you have to speak. Not everyone will feel comfortable if you shine bright, and not everyone will be jumping for joy as you soar.

The good news is that when you’ve hit a point where you are you, none of that matters.

Your self-worth isn’t tied into anyone’s approval any more.

Your value isn’t dependent on pleasing people in ways that minimize you.

And, luckily, you’ll find yourself so immersed in a boomerang of greatness— opportunity and awesomeness— as you live from that core of your truth that you won’t have time for anything else.

Money. Intuition. Love. Art. Wellbeing. All of it.

This is wealth. It starts with you being you.



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