Following Your Inner Guidance Creates The Luck You Want

Feb 11, 2018 | Prosperity

following your inner guidance
Following your inner guidance can be a skill that expands your abundance.

I want to take a nap. I want to take a vacation. I want to take a break. I want to stay home. I want to say no. I want to cancel everything.

Do you get those feelings, hearing those words flowing through your mind, but, instead, you power through with the opposite actions?

Welcome to the modern condition of being disconnected from ourselves.

It’s so common to be disconnected that it’s considered unique and novel and wild to find someone who does follow their feelings.

Those people who do seem to have all the luck.

You, too, are one of those people.

I used to deeply admire my friends who could do this. And as I admired them, instead of following their glorious example, I would think…” They can do that, they are lucky. They have the money… success… they’ve got…”

Yep, it was so awesome for them, but I would have to put my head down and grind. I would have to work five times harder to get that lucky. I wasn’t going to leave anything to chance.

Are you painting yourself into this corner where, because you haven’t “gotten lucky” you’re going to push it to the limit every single day?

I’m so glad that I injured my arm with so much typing and so happy I burned myself out as early as I did.

I finally got to slow down and listen to myself much more. I had no choice. It was a blessing.

Do you know how much more “lucky” I am now that I can actually hear what my life is telling me?

I’m not suggesting you sit around and do nothing and expect for miracles to pour in.

But, instead, listen to what your body, mind, life and inner wisdom is telling you.

This is what actually made all my “lucky” friends “lucky” in the first place:


Connect to yourself.

Connect more to this inner wisdom and you’ll see where you’re wasting energy, where you’re being drained, where you’ve been too watered-down, where you can use clarity, when it’s time to work like mad and when it’s time to slow down or stop.

Following your inner guidance is a superpower.

You aren’t a robot. People seem to fear that robots can replace people but people have this wild edge of intuition that’s divine. Robots can never fully replace people because of the souls and connections we have energetically, spiritually and actually to the earth, to one another and, hopefully, to ourselves.

Pushing yourself to the limit out of fear or a deep will to be successful can eventually turn you robotic. You may hear the voice saying” get to bed” or “this isn’t the job for you” but you’ll ignore it because you’ve got no time for that. You’re on a fast moving train and you’ve got to keep that pace in order to get to the prize, no matter what it costs.

Living like this often costs us both success and also all it costs us the greatest things in life. Joy, passion, love, family, friends, time, delight, adventure, bliss…

And, it doesn’t really create more success.

You may have more of one thing, but at the expense of so much that’s invaluable.

Intuition will keep you grounded in your truth.
That truth will be your best compass, taking you to the right places to meet the right people and experience the right events for you.

Intuition will keep you closer to love.
Love is how we manifest in life. It’s the kind of energy that’s pure, undeniable and magnetic.

Intuition will solve problems.
It will open doors. It will help you to say NO when you mean NO.

We tend to think of luck as outside of ourselves, divinely ordained, somehow mystically bestowed on some of us. In some superstitious schools of Feng Shui, luck is a complicated web of trinkets and junk to scatter around your home according to a zodiac. Some people feel luck happens only on certain days of the year, and definitely not during Mercury Retrograde!

And then, of course, since you’re still wishing for luck that means that it’s far off somewhere and it’s still not guaranteed that it will come unless your number is pulled from a hat or your lucky day arrives.

This is a very powerless way to live, and I know that’s not what you’re aiming for.

It’s far easier to own the supernatural mystical powers that are very sensible (gut feelings, aches or pains or excitement or a voice or a very clear flash of an image…) that we all have. It’s where our guidance shines through.

I have a friend who has really clear dreams. I get flashes of future things while I practice Buddhism. I have clients who get strong physical feelings. I’ve had many dreams.

If you’re not sure how your guidance will come to you, start simple.  

You may want to try to…

Take more breaths. Take more breaks. Quiet your life.

Then, see what you’re guided toward.

If something feels wrong, it probably is wrong. If it seems right, trust that feeling.

We are all lucky, intrinsically. We are all led by luck. It’s just that we’re often too damn busy to hear the voice or feel the feelings.

HERE is some Feng Shui to help you shift the energy around you so you’re more tuned in and tapped into your inner wisdom.

Basically, it’s some Feng Shui to see and feel more of YOU reflected in your home.

It won’t really work if you’re still running and running and running, exhausted and wishing more than creating. It’ll just be another thing to do on the To-Do list while you’re unable to hear your body, mind and spirit talking to you.

Do things that bring you in harmony with yourself rather than outside of yourself. 

Trade workaholism for working with searing passion and an edge of genius.

Trade exhausted for incredible well-rested.

Trade tunnel-vision obsessing with curious, creative openness.

It’s incredible how much we know, how talented we are and how much of an impact we can have if we allow ourselves to stay connected. Following your inner guidance can bring you to the greatest breakthroughs in life!

xoxo Dana

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