One Very Common Way We Can Keep Greatness Out Of Our Lives

Feb 13, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity


After working with thousands of people, I have come to see really interesting patterns.  I’ve seen them in myself, too.

I know, you’ve heard the common stories from all the perspectives that about on creating wealth and manifestation and all of this stuff, all filled with a litany of why you’re not getting the money / love/ luck/ opportunity you need:

You feel undeserving.  You have a subconscious belief that money is evil or you’re unloveable.  Your subconscious mind isn’t programmed right.  Your routines are wrong.  You’ve got mythical energy issues and blocks that are so big…

I have to tell you, I have seen people with every single reason to be in a super-screwed state— on their last dollars with no one to bail them out, jobless and nearly homeless, driven to the edge of exhaustion trying to solve these “invisible blocks” — and they managed to, almost out of thin air, set things 100% straight, stable and prospering.

Why and how?  And what to do if you’re in that space right now, looking at all that’s in your way?

Let’s look at the stuff that keeps greatness at arms length and how to stop the madness in order to live richly. The feng shui of it all is stunning and simple, too.

To be plain and simple: These people who moved through these crazy blockades stopped letting focusing on what was blocking them and started letting themselves be just as powerful as they are, and I mean this in the most plain way possible.

No tricks, no jumping through hoops, no worries about whether or not they’re getting it right.

It’s what I did. I couldn’t have been in a more rock-bottom of a place without health insurance, with 140K in debt including credit cards that I had to use to pay one another because I couldn’t walk, could barely eat and was just hospitalized for weeks.  For some reason— perhaps the most practical of reasons being survival— I decided it would change completely and totally.

To be clear, I got into this mess when I got so wrapped up in self-improvement (story for another day) that I immersed myself in the kind of rigorous self-examination, classes, seminars, non-stop sometimes 8 hours a day, and all of it was full-scale, dove right in, and held nothing back.  If I had any blocks, there was no place for them to hide.   I did health cleanses on Level 10, I did hustling odd jobs to float by, leaving my talents in the dust because I wanted to “improve” myself so much and have this imagined breakthrough that would fix me of my childhood, erase every trauma and turn me into a creative mogul.

That didn’t work.

The deeper I got, the worse my life was.


The more you make yourself a fix-it project, the more you will find to fix.

You will find exactly what you’re looking for.

I still see people getting sick by hacking their lives to pieces in health obsession, betterment obsession, and even a kind of deep need to change everything— even the great things— about life.

Two things about the breakdown of my own life were the lessons that made everything else work better:

  • How I got well and rebuilt my life made me see how much easier I could live.
  • How I actually grew from my core— talent, instinct, owning who I was and all the stories I was once ashamed of, all the art, all the thoughts, my spirit really awake— was how it could be easier.

I only looked at how much better my body was becoming every day, even if it was minor.  I only looked at what was possible next.  I only took positive steps, even if I had an emotionally off day, I still took those steps.

It’s when I started studying feng shui and understanding, as I did it for myself, that I could literally free my life with extremely high energy and my own intention instead of superstitious “cures” and more fear.

I had no intention of doing this as a “job” but it became, quite rapidly, something unavoidable.  I didn’t sign up for “online business school”, I didn’t care what anyone was doing, I really just wanted anyone who would hear me to know that they could positively change anything they were going through without torturing themselves.

It’s not how broken we are that holds life back.

It’s freaking out when you see how powerful you are that can hold you back.

More than a few of us have bought the farm that says “we’re so screwed, let’s hope for miracles…”

I just watched a video of a man who was born without limbs who travels the world giving speeches.  His apparent disability, he explained, also came along with many more abilities.  He wasn’t planning to waste those.

If you ever think you have some invisible energetic block that means you can’t have “x, y, z until you fix yourself”, I invite you to read stories of people who have survived wars, famines, cheated death, overcome extreme adversity and then triumphed and ask yourself if you’re really unable to move forward.

Of course you’re able to move forward.

And I’m not saying that your beliefs and subsconsious stuff isn’t real or meddlesome; I am saying that it’s not this brick wall.  You can be bigger than it any time you decide to be.

That presence is your power.


Forward is often scarier than stuck. Power is often scarier than being the effect of everything.

I’ve had friends develop healing techniques and become so scared that they wished they could un-learn it all at first because once they knew what they were doing, they suddenly had a big responsibility.

When I was this self-proclaimed pile of damaged goods barely getting by in my life and hell-bent on fixing myself, I had zero resonsibility.  I had nothing, I committed to nothing and no one, and so, it was actually far less to be responsible for in every way.  I convinced myself that I was being responsible by putting a spotlight on my percieved adversity and making this the endless theme of my life, but that was one more way to hide.

When I was well, I had responsibility.  You know, you have to manage money.  You have to follow through, get organized, show up.  You have to take care of your job and own your actions.  You’ve got people who rely on you, etc, etc.  You are cause.  And suddenly, there’s no escape hatch of “well, I’m broken so, you can’t expect me to move through these problems…”

You’re powerful enough to move through just about anything.  You can go back and heal traumas and keep looking forward and cleaning up the past at any time, and it’s an epic and vital thing to do to keep growing and flourishing… but it’s really hard to do if you don’t believe it’s possible until you’re “fixed.”

You can do it right now.

Decide whatever’s been stuck is going to move.

Make it clear that whatever has been the song of “why I can’t have…” is now, ” I am doing this. Period.”

Now, for the feng shui of it all.

Your home, after all, is a mirror of you.

(photos of vermont)

When you become CAUSE your home can reflect and support that CAUSE.

Taking the reins and cleaning up.  Clearing out the bad vibes.  Getting the repairs done.  And, ultimately, filling your home with the intentions that are your actual intentions— bringing your purpose, talent, love, joy and all of those deep true wishes to life all around you.

I’ve learned for myself and from maybe 1,000 of my online Camp member around the world that it’s way easier to work with space — outside of your mind— that to swim in the depths of thoughts and get caught in the effect of them.

Take action in life. In space. In your day.  Every day.

Even the smallest of moves forward brings you into a space where you start to get familiar with— and soon, if you keep on going, very much in love with — your infinite creative power.

Here’s to making the most amazing things happen…!

xoxo Dana

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