7 Feng Shui Ways To Get Your Home Ready For A Fresh Start!

Feb 14, 2018 | Prosperity

Whether it’s a New Year, a New Moon, a birthday, the start of a new job, a new home or your decision with crystal clarity that a new cycle is ready to begin at any time— a fresh space greets a fresh start!


Because your home is a mirror. It’s like the 24/7 Life Coach reminding you to keep your eye of the prize, stay grounded and always look for gratitude and inspiration.

Your home— crisp, clear and energized— is your own cheering section. It’s also motivation, creative momentum and a magnet for love and wellness and money if you decide to set it up as such.

Yes, home is that powerful.

Times of change and re-booting are all about new energetics, creating a new container to hold all your magic and usher in more.

Let’s get into the creating of Feng Shui fresh starts right now!

After over a decade of working with space and life, I’ve felt the need to deeply improvise, innovate and personalize my home prep and routines because they felt stale and life feels far more multidimensional these days. The roar of technology, the instability looming in the “outside world” and all kinds of changes in our awareness means that you + me likely need a new look at space clearing and how we use our homes.

One of the first ways to innovate a fresh start is to decide on something that is truly moving from your heart.

Set a heartfelt determination. We are not as creative with our minds as we are with our hearts. Our heart is 5000x more magnetic, more impactful and it has a “brain” of its own. All the time you spend lost in thought or overthinking is way more magically spent in your heart, literally.

Drop your attention to your heart. Hum and imagine your heart is humming. Breathe and imagine your heart is breathing.  

From this place, decide what you’re ready to clear from your home and life, and what the theme of your reboot (or your New Year, or your newest moon) will be.  

Treat every corner with love. There are so many rituals you can create, and so many tools to innovate with but the most basic is to send some love to every corner of every room. While you’re sweeping or dusting or just musing on the space, walk around and feel/hear yourself telling the walls, the plants, the empty spaces in corners how much you are grateful for them and the energy that collects in them. Use your own words, feel your own nuanced feelings, but do shower these corners with love!

Let go of superstitions. Any trinkets, any talisman or other things you’ve got in your home because they’re supposed to be “lucky” even though they aren’t— those can go. You don’t need to have anything that robs your power in your home as you’re about to step into an elevated chapter!

Energetically clear fabrics.  Fabrics pick up energy, dirt, bacteria, mites… and you don’t need any of these things! Here’s where I love my steamer. I steam my pillows, bedding, curtains and cushions with a steamer for the actual anti-bacterial cleaning and freshening.  (more on steamers : HERE!)

I give the blankets, linens and towels a great cycle of warm water in the washing machine with a natural laundry cleaning liquid few drops of lavender oil for extra freshness. It takes many loads, but it’s so worth the effort to have everything re-calibrated on a higher note of energy!

Scrub intuitively. As you ponder your fresh start ahead, you may have questions that your inner psychic can answer! Yes, your inner psychic guidance, always ready for you, tends to give us insights and answers while we’re doing things like dishes, scrubbing floors and ironing clothes. Ask yourself for guidance as you get ready to scrub and see what answers come through! It’s also a great time for some daydreaming/ visualization.

Add magic to your housecleaning. Here is more on cleaning with super-bright energy!

Bless your own space.

Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, whatever your ideas about life, bless your home with this energy. Unless there is a ceremony you are deeply connected to culturally or spiritually that involves someone coming to “bless” your home, I strongly urge you to do this yourself. Whether it’s with prayer or gratitude in each room, incense or magic candles, crystals or plants or anything else or all of the above… add sacred energy to every room of your house in a way that makes you feel amazing.

These are the starting point. Take your pick, make it your own or do your own things— just do whatever you can to let your space help you rise higher and make this next chapter the best chapter!



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