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Feb 19, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity


So, you want something. Or, you need it.  And no matter what you do, it hasn’t arrived.

I get you, I do, very well.  Our timeline doesn’t always match the timeline of the Universe.

If you’ve decided to spin out in a panic because, well, things are not going as planned and you do not know what to do and you’re not sure what comes next, I can tell you from personal experience that these spinning out periods have all proven to be giant wastes of time.

You may actually not get exactly what you want tomorrow in exactly the way you want it.  But, if you show up and give it 100,000%, really relishing the moments, all of them, you’ll be in a great space to make the practical magic happen.  Instead of what you “want” you may just get something far better that you couldn’t consciously conceive!


Worry Free.  Get upset, angry, feel whatever you feel, feel it fully, and let it go.  All that worry and stress is something known as resistance.  I have a friend who whether dead broke, unemployed, in a scary health situation… he’s really able to laugh at it all.  He also beats incredible odds, over and over again, constantly taking situations and using them as launchpads for new and better. I have actually never seen him lose, even when the chips are down, and, always, he moves higher. He doesn’t have that wired instinct to worry.

If you’re a worrier (and many of us are!), you might want to make yourself a little worry jar (see above!) and pull the worry out of your life and into a space where it can be useful.

Everything is an opportunity.

Early on in my career before it was actually a career (it was more of a side passion), I had a stream of busy so busy that I was stretched to the limit. It felt that it was actually a career taking shape and I was so excited, but so so busy, I decided I would do it anyway.    I deeply wanted the time to write an e-book (this was 8+ years ago) and yet I didn’t want to lose what I had going in momentum.

Everything cancelled for a month, then another, and I was stunned.

I thought it was the end of my fun thinking that maybe feng shui would be a career one day, and thank goodness I had a day job and maybe would need to get back on a career path…?

Every single person rescheduled consultations, cancelled workshops, cancelled everything.   In fact, it was so puzzling to me how things fell flat that I sort of freaked out.  I went from so busy to zero and I was now wondering if I should just keep on with the career I had and let my feng shui be a passion.  Of course, I called my best friends in tears and I was just… shook.

But… I asked for this, and everyone reminded me.  I asked to have the time to write a book, and I got it.  And I did.  It was not fun, it was not comforting… but it was an opportunity.  And so so many thousands of happy people later reading Feng Shui 101 and feng shui’ing their homes, it was worth the time that was cleared.

I was busy again, extremely busy at times, soon enough.

If you’re not getting what you want the way you want it, don’t turn a blind eye to the opportunity to do whatever you’ve wanted or needed to do.  It creates a whole new form of momentum to take opportunities and turn them into something amazing.

I know it doesn’t always feel fun (especially when you need a job, an opportunity, a solution) but it’s energetically so important I can’t stress it enough that there’s opportunity everywhere— even in clutter, problems and stresses that are calling your name and telling you that you’re screwed.

You are not!

Clutter is an opportunity.  Blocks and obstacles are an opportunity.  Beneath them, there’s a next level of incredible things waiting.

It does’t always feel like an opportunity.

One client had more downtime than was comfortable and she was flipping out.  She started filling her free time with diy home projects, upgrades, exercise, yoga, cooking… everything and anything to stay productive.  The most resounding persiod of success followed and never stopped.


Use your energy to make things.

Create your days in ways that allow your energy to flow more resoundingly.

Really, use your energy to make things and see how you do it. Make yourself an incredible cup of coffee.  Make yourself brakfast.  Write that email.  Write the letter.

Do you know what manifesting actually is?

I know you do because you do it every single day.

Creativity. Making things.  You want it and you get it not because of anyting else but you, using your creative power.

We complicate it with all kinds of proofs that we’re a failure.  That one thing didn’t come yet and so we suck.  That other thing didn’t work out and so we’re doomed.

In a space of sucking and feeling doomed, you’re creating more of those proofs of failure.

One of my earliest Campers felt the doom, and was finding more proof of doom.  She started making lists of things that would feel like accomplishments and started doing them.  They were across the boards of life small things that could be done. They weren’t huge life breakthroughs.

They created a huge life breakthrough.  They moved her from doom to creativity, from effect to cause.

We all need to exercise our abilities.  You can do it very practically.

Make a list of your unfinished important things to do and start doing them.  Right now. Small things are a great start.  Fix the button on a jacket, fix the hinge on the door.  Finish the emails.

Do them. Now, make a new list.

Keep going and you’ll be practicing your ability to transform things.  We’re all more confident when we’re seeing proof that we can change the way things are going and understand we have the ability to make things happen.

But… what if it’s a real thing you need? A job, money, a solution, and you need it so bad it’s a big situation?

I’m not suggesting that you need to be in survival mode to make great things happen, but there’s nothing quite like needing things because of deep purpose, deep passion, deep necessity…

I’ve been in this space of insane debt, life-threatening sickness, joblessness, no health insurance, no safety net, nothing but “What am I going to do?” 

It’s surreal how much power you’ll have in this place of need as long as you don’t let the nerves freak you out.

Necessity is deeply genius.  You aren’t screwed.  You’re going to turn it around.

I know luminaries who are stuck and bored because they no loonger feel the need to create anything, it’s just optional. They don’t make things, they don’t have fire, they lost their “Why” they’re doing things and so they sort of idle until there’s new necessity.

Channel your need into art, into those things done off the list, into the new projects, into the  preparation, into a plan that’s being enacted, into any spiritual practice that moves you… and keep on going.

Motion creates action and brings the goods in.

Thinking too much and stagnation in doom feelings create stuckness and bigger problems.

If you’re blocked in some way, start getting the flow going!

In feng shui, you’re going to experience the quality of energy flowing through your home and life as abundance in all ways.  There are so many ways to collaborate and synergize with your environment to create magic and clear away the blocks.  My favorite routine for clearing the stuck money vibes is coming soon, and it’s a thrill every year to share it because I know how tempting it is to freak out;  it’s my passion to help you prosper more and freak out way less!  You can start them right HERE!

Meanwhile, stay at cause.  If you keep on moving, you’ll find a way to make whatever you need happen, the next great step, the next door to open…

It’s the magic of taking your energy and naturally conjuring the life you want out of thin air— but it’s so practical you won’t need to second-guess your technique.

Here’s to making the magic happen every day!





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Gather up your magic & make gorgeous dreams come true!

xoxo Dana


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