Feng Shui To Pull Life Into Brilliant Order!

Feb 20, 2018 | Prosperity


We’ve all had times that feel like a mess.  It can feel like life conditions are a mess.  Emotions can feel like a mess.

But you aren’t a mess. The mess is not you.

One of the joys of Feng Shui is the simple principle that your space and life are interconnected.  In Japanese Buddhism I learned the term, it’s called Esho Funi, which states the same. The mirror effect.  It’s not a new idea, but the power in it can’t be overstated.

If you feel like anything is a mess, more order in your space will bring more order to your whole life… right now.

Organization isn’t just a good idea or a good practice.  It is how we determine what we are creating every day.  Where you put energy, things will grow.  If you start putting energy into everything you love, and eliminate the obstacles, chaos and disorder that are a drain, you’ll see life rocket forward in a powerful way.

Order is how we shape our lives and make greatness manifest.  Without order, we live be default, reacting to things instead of creating them powerfully.

Time for order on sparkling heights! 

Sleep in order. As strange as it can sound, with 7 hours sleep when I need 8 I can feel unravelled. Sleeping more (or taking a nap as I’m about to soon so my afternoon will be super-powerful!) can help you to take depleted or scattered energy and reset it all.   Your mind will reset, your energy will reset, your body will reset… all from sleep.  One of the first things I do when I sense that things are out of whack is get extra sleep because it’s extra-rejuvenating.  It works wonders.

Eat in order. Eat so that you’re feeling even.  Set up your home with enough food to grab when you need a boost that you aren’t scrambling when your energy is diving.  I know it’s so basic, but the number of people I know who rollercoaster through the day with long breaks between eating are astonishing, and it impacts your brain and your mood.  Your brain needs energy to run well, it’s such basic stuff that it’s easy to forget.

Clean deeply. Again, you know your home is at it’s best when clean.  Deeper cleaning is a deeper fresh start.  Clean and clear the stuff that get’s neglected— computer screens, phones, door knobs, all of it— and keep cleaning until you feel a real sense of relief and accomplishment.  That’s when “order has been restored” and you’ll see it restored in your days, too.

Organize your daily flow.   Because flow is energy moving freely, and energy moving freely is wealth, art, wellness and love, you’ll want to have more flow in every day.  This isn’t an abstract concept; you know already where the flow is off.

beach manifestation

What holds you back?

Maybe: poor scheduling, exhaustion, disorder, no plan, crazy-makers, too much to do, a lack of skill in certain things, tech problems, clutter, something else, all of the above… ?

This is the major question that will reveal where/how the flow is being interrupted in your days.

When you can voice what and how you’re being blocked, you’ve got a path to more flow.

This means, you’ve got a path to more love, money, wellness and inspiration.

Follow that path.

The more you clear away the easy, recognizable, obvious blocks, the more you’ll open your days to the new, to higher levels and greater good.

Enjoy every scrubbing, filing, resting, snacking, life-changing minute of it!



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