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Feb 22, 2018 | Prosperity

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Wealth is the theme of this season!  The Cash Camp is coming, the brilliance of wealth Feng Shui is flowing, the sunshine of Spring is almost here…and it’s so exciting.

And: Easy.

You can have days that are much easier, a lifestyle that’s much easier, a schedule that’s much easier.

Simplification is a form of feng shui magic.

More isn’t better most of the time. More is often just more clutter.

Today let’s see how you may be able to simplify and find a far more prosperous flow in your life!

I want to qualify this idea of doing less. Let’s just say I didn’t write any more. Or I wrote once a month, just one post on the blog. Not only would things fall apart that I’ve built, you’d likely be bummed if you were finding useful information on the blog and, also, I wouldn’t feel good about it.

It’s a very important part of life to be self-expressed, productive and out in the world, making things, doing, synergizing with others, and creating amazing things.

When I say simplify, I mean this: take out the extras that are just dead weight.

Where can you simplify your routines so that you can get the most out of your days without overdoing it? 

What you likely don’t want to do is wish for less work or less money or less activity that you love.  When you’re overwhelmed or burned out though, you may start doing this because your body and mind need a break.

First, clear actual clutter and organize your stuff.  There are key ways to release the stress and drains in your life, with housecleaning and organizing being top on the list.  The feng shui wealth-building videos are up soon for a few weeks to walk you through some of the biggest abundance-blocks at home and how to remove them now…! 

What could you “not do” that would give you more freedom without sacrificing your productivity?

Where do extra hours go each week that don’t have a grand payoff?

Could a grocery delivery service be worth the extra cash to have a few more hours of rest? Could you drop one social media platform you scroll through? Could you workout at a gym closer to home…or do at-home workouts?

What would you like to add more of, and what can you swap out?

Get clear on what truly adds value to your life and make it a priority.  

I know I need more spiritual practice and I swap out time watching movies and randomly surfind the internet to get in an extra hour every day.  I need more time sleeping, so I was able to drop out some bisy work that I was able to delegate to others.   The time I spend with the fur kids and loved ones overall is more valuable to me than random time shopping, so I’ve found ways to minimize all that wandering and maximize my home time.

These are big questions.

They may lead you to see that a new job, a new focus, a new routine or a whole new paradigm is in order.

Move on a gradient, step-by-step, and make the changes that feel good.

I can’t overstate how epic it is to simplify.

Not only will you have more room to live, to breathe and to enjoy, you’ll actually find your voice is stronger when you communicate. Your ideas will be crisper, and your energy more beaming bright.

It’s disarmingly simple, and utterly worthwhile!





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xoxo Dana


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