Why Your Solutions May Not Be Coming No Matter What You Try

Feb 24, 2018 | Prosperity


The energy with which you do things is what makes a grand difference in what happens.

When you make a mandala, you’re opening up your art mind and shutting down your rational side… sort of channelling art thrugh you.  The idea is that as you make the mandala, or gaze upon it, you will find the answers you are seeking.

You can, however, make a mandala, though, while you’re full of stress, lost in worry, fear and panicked insistence, tense and wanting only the answer, demanding the answer, and… it will likely not work.

This is why some people seems to ride out a crisis when others slip beneath it and spiral down.

When things are not going your way, especially in monumentally big ways, you may be in all those panic states.  It’s not intuitive to relax, it’s not easy to let all that stuff go.

Energy, though, will go where your attention goes.  You don’t want to fixate and throw your attention  to draining money, draining energy, problems, arguments rehashed and all that’s wrong as you dn’t want more of it.   Chances are what you DO want is solutions, answers, opportunities, fresh starts and abundance. Shifting your attention there and staying in that space can be utterly life-changing. 


In feng shui, if you identify a problem at home and make it bigger (like if an “expert” tells you you’ll have bad luck because of your front door placement that you can’t change— which I think is so untrue and unethical) , you’ll see it more prominently.  You’ll get fixated on it.  You may have never had bad luck before and now your world starts to crack because… you got fixated on something wrong.

Luckily, none of this crazy stuff is true.  Nothing in your home except a collapsing structure, faulty locks or broken foundation will “have such an effect” on your life in a bad way, and this is common sense.

What is true, though, is that if you’re focused on what’s wrong, you’ll shower your energy of panic and stress all around you.  You’ll find more that’s wrong.  You’ll see the wrong things grow.

I know a lot of people who have done “everything” to turn situations around and they aren’t turning.

I’ve done it, you may have done it and you may be doing it now.

If you’re saying  you’re “open to everything” but not really open to everything because you want things yur way and that seems like the only fair way…. If you’re doing “everything” to solve a problem but really scrambling in your brain and body in fluster to find the thing you need… If you’re thinking that you’re being things like 1. psychically attacked, 2. cursed 3. disadvantaged by astrology or anything else while you are trying to find a solution…

If you’re in any of these places, or simply fixated on a problem and not a solution, you’re the effect of it.

Let’s say you’ve got some negativity swirling in your life and you decide to burn some sage.

Light that sage and be clear and grounded in the idea that you’re ready for freshness, fresh starts and a mind open to solutions.  See the smoke giving you that clarity.  Meditate on that as you clear your home with the wand of smoke.

This is you at CAUSE. It’s awesome.

Light that same sage and start walking around hoping to chase away invisible demons and ghosts and fight off negativity that’s attacking your life and what are you doing?  You’re imagining yourself already the victim of bad vibes, negative juju, things holding you back, all sorts of bad stuff…

And this is you at EFFECT.

It’s hard to solve problems at EFFECT.  It’s hard to be effective at EFFECT.

You’ve already decided that something or some collective force is working against you and so you’re just not able to out-power it but you’ll valliantly try to make a dent with your actions.

This is not powerful.

This is not true.

This is not YOU.

These are the kinds of ideas to clear if you want to be a problem-solver, an innovator, a solution-maker, a wealth-generator… if you want to have more fun, more money, more love, more peace, wellness…

Start from 100% of you. Not from, “Oh, this person and this person don’t like me so… I’m not going to get what I need… or it’s the wrong astrological date… or anything else….”

You’re giving other people/other forces way too much sway over how the story goes.

It goes the way you decide.

You can turn things around at any time.

Now is one of those times.

Decide to lean into solutions, love, peace, strength…

Decide to tune out everything disempowering. All the noise, the worry, the other stuff…

You will get to where you need to go much faster without fear, panic, angst and the rest of it.

You’ll also find out just how powerful you are, increasingly so, with every one of these moments you overcome with your brilliance and grace.



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    Makes so much sense. Well said.


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