A Feng Shui Way To Start Saving More Money!

Mar 3, 2018 | Creativity

Saving more money is one way to have more money.

This is not news.

What is a new awareness for some is that there are so many ways that energy leaks out of our homes- and our lives- when we have habits that allow money to flow out in ways that we’re not aware of at the time.

I had this experience when I made way more money than I needed and saved none of it. Making way less, I saved much more. It was perplexing, but, I found out soon enough, not at all uncommon.

So, after working really hard and having nothing to show for it, I started to see that there were reasons that were clear in my home as well as in my lifestyle that were letting money drain out like a sieve rather than accumulating at all.

Let’s look at a simple energy switch today to start keeping more money in your life and some fun feng shui to keep it going!!!

Use more actual cash.

We are not wired to keep track, so to speak, of digital finances quite yet.  So, while whipping out a card to pay for things is more second-nature these days, it’s also not as tangible as “spending.”

When you’re holding cash in your hands and paying for things, it’s far more tangible an experience.

Ramit Sethi, American personal finance advisor and entrepreneur, and author of the New York Times best-selling book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, suggests a cash only diet challenge for 2-weeks to help people save money.   The idea behind this regimen is that you will withdraw only a certain amount of money and therefore will only purchase what you really need, versus impulse buying.

As explained in Business Insider: “Rather than blindly using your credit card and deferring whether it’s worth it or not until your bill comes — by that time, it’s too late — using cash forces you to make that decision when you pay,” …”You withdraw a limited amount and watch it dwindle. It’s very primal: Since we’re more motivated by loss than by gain, each dollar you physically spend will cause you pain: the good kind of pain.”

It’s also really interesting because you’re having some tangible control over your money (and therefore your energy) which can be eye-opening as well as decision-altering.

I mean, if you knew that you would only have 100 dollars left for the month if you bought those shoes, would you impulse-buy them?!

Not likely.  Also, it’s more likely you’ll see more of these habits and drains clearly.

In a study published in the, Journal of Consumer Research, entitled ” Do Payment Mechanisms Change The Way Consumers Perceive Products” researchers found that,

“When it comes to credit cards, it’s well established in the field of behavioral economics that people who use plastic are unconsciously willing to spend more than those who pay with cash, a phenomenon known as the “credit card premium.” That’s because there’s an emotional pain associated with handing over hard currency that curbs spending, as opposed to mindless purchasing when forking over plastic.”

“When (consumers are) exposed to new products and thinking about paying with credit, they tend to focus on the good things about the product — the aesthetics of it, the features that are better than other products they’re considering, the sexiness and luxury of it,” Rose said in an interview. “That’s as opposed to details related to cost, like the price, shipping cost, warranty cost, installation cost and effort.” (You can read the full article HERE) 

It’s also more rewarding for many to use cash.

Avni M. Shah, a professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough, conducted a study to test how people felt about their purchases when paying with cash, credit cards and even vouchers. In one study published HERE , he gave participants money in the form of either cash or vouchers to make a donation. In both cases, the money was not theirs, but given to them by researchers. He found that the people who donated the cash had far more pride in their donation versus the group that donated with vouchers.

As quoted in the Time article, “Paying with Cash Helps you Save. It Can Also Give You More Joy” :

“It’s the corollary of seeing the value of your money when you buy something, and it seems to be just as strong: When you spend $20 in cash, it’s not just the money that has more value to you — so does the item too.”

Also, you may find you spend way less, as PT Money explains, “…it’s proven you spend 40% more with credit cards versus paying with cash.”

Credit cards, loans and financing do serve a purpose and they are not all bad things.

They are useful in true emergencies, in times of big upgrades that are needed and also in the buying of bigger things like houses and cars and education when they are wise investments.  It’s not that all of this is bad.  The idea is to shine a light on the very big thing flow problem that happens when it’s easier to whip out a card and get whatever you want and then pay it later (!) that starts to drain life of energy for no real powerful reason.

There are so many science-backed strategies to make more, save more, grow more wealth and live a lifestyle that’s awesomely fulfilling in the process.  It’s what Cash Camp is all about, on every level.  I love when Campers get out of debt, build savings, get new jobs, upgrade life and live in wealthier ways without being deprived of joy.  It’s actually JOYFUL to SAVE!

One fun feng shui way to start the flow of saving more money, even if it’s tiny amounts at first, is a classic piggy bank. A simple exercise can start the flow of savings!!!

The Cash Camp is on the way and the FREE Feng Shui Wealth Building video series kicks things off soon!

Sign up HERE to get started with your $$$ abundant Feng Shui as soon as the videos arrive! 

Have so much fun building your wealth in ways that make you feel more powerful and energized and awesome— it always pays off!!!




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