Embracing Imperfection Can Be Your Rocket Ship Ride To Success!

Mar 5, 2018 | Prosperity

We aren’t perfect, you know?

You’re possibly never going to fulfill every single passion you’ve ever come upon. And there’s no one who is everything to everyone. Not everything will look, sound and be seamless.

But, this drive to have it all “right” seems like the right kind of drive, you know?

Yet, it’s one more block to just going for it.

From love to money to creativity to fitness and on and on, we are as ready for things as we allow ourselves to be.  If you’ve got to be perfect and have things wrapped in ribbons before you launch a dream into the world, you’re always not going to be ready.  And things won’t show up as easily, because, well, you’ve already decided you’re not good enough yet, you know?

There are tons of people who are super-successful and wildly imperfect because everyone is wildly imperfect, and everything can be improved.

Let’s take all that well-meaning drive toward super-excellence and perfection and channel it into awesome stuff today, right now!


There’s no reason to get hung up on how “not good enough” everything is.

Instead, just keep making things, clearing space for even more great things, and be OK with where you are along the way.

Imperfections resonate more than perfection because its REAL.

Results are better than fancy packages. 

Have you ever had a perfect-looking meal that was not that good? I have had tons of them.  Then, there’s the impefect brilliant unforgettable meal.  And occasionally, there’s the perfect-looking and totally delicious meal.

There’s nothing wrong with striving for things that look as good as they taste, so to speak, but… it’s the taste that matters most.

You can find fancy websites full of lackluster content, fancy shops with nothing great inside to buy, fancy homes with terrible contruction…

Instead of thinking about how to make your life look perfect, think about the qualities that make it luscious and vital— from your moods and your wellbeing to your talents fully expressed and your work getting out into the world.  You can make the package fancier as you go, but if you’re waiting to have the package right, you may not get that message out at all.

Authenticity cuts through the noise. 

Truly it does. And there’s a lot of noise.  A person who is real-real is unmistakable.  You don’y have to change WHO YOU ARE to get to a new level in life…. instead, be who you are even more boldly.

There’s always something better. 

There are always things you’ll see looking backward (“Oh, I wish I used red instead of pink… I wish I was more clear… I think that carpet wasn’t ideal here… I have outgrown this house…”) … but that’s for later.

Commitment opens new doors. 

Passions change and things evolve. There are so many people who aren’t living more in tune with passions because it may not be the right choice, minds may change, things may happen… If you don’t pick anything, you start living by default, taking whatever comes, not asking, not stating, not being clear.

Art is messy.  Uncertainty is actually the thrill of it all. 

We all love certainty on some level because it’s how our brain’s patterns feel safe and at home.  It’s more “comfortable” to be in the same position in life or to repeat the same cycles because it’s more predictable.  But… when you want change and want more, you’re challenging what is.  It creates messes to make things.  It makes you wonder why you should dare to open up to new things.  We may try to hedge our bets and keep it as safe as possible, trying to predict how things will unfold.

If you knew precisely what was going to happen, would you pour your heart and soul into it? Would you even be excited?

Getting comfortable with a little mess and chaos is how we actually grow and take on MORE.

At home…

Allow things that are imperfect.  Change what you can, but realize that you can still have an amazing life with quirks and eccentricities. For example: I can’t insulate my house better because it’s not mine to insulate, but I’ve managed to do a better job of insulation where I could. When I was fixated on what I couldn’t change, I felt stuck in many other ways…

Focus on results.  Meaning, set up a home that works for your lifestyle rather than a home that looks a certain way because you’re compelled to meet a standard.

Keep the energy free of noise.  The noise of negative energy, the noise of garbled messages, the noise of electronics, the noise of everything that drowns out your spirit shining through!  Space clearing, energizing, opening life to the new…!!!

Love you for you.  Let that love make others feel more comfortable being themselves, too.

Raw ralent.  Realness.  Your voice that’s not watered down.  Loving that in others.  Seeing that in art.  Seeing that in life.

This is the kind of echo of greatness that makes more manifest on every level!

You can always grow and improve as you go, but right now, keep getting ready for more and keep creating from where you’re at!!!



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