10 Ways That Letting Go Of Too Much Control Can Transform Your Life!

Mar 7, 2018 | Creativity

letting go of too much control
Letting go of control is so liberating.

One of the many reasons I am very careful about “preaching” the rules of Feng Shui, or the rules of anything, is that is spurs this desire I think we all innately have to “get everything right.”

Essentially, it triggers an impulse to control things. And, the rules aren’t even that rigid in this Feng Shui Method.

After all, if you follow all the rules it logically should follow that you get what you want, right? So the more exacting we can be the more we’ll be experiencing all kinds of magical results, whether from Feng Shui, special fitness plans, life philosophies, jobs, all of it, right?

It means the more perfectly we adhere, the more excellence we receive. Yet, that’s not always the case.

If you’ve been in a perfect situation that feels terrible, if you’ve followed every rule and gotten no results, if you’ve doubled-down on being exacting and have nothing to show for it, you’re not a failure.

Control is failing you.

Control in an exacting sense is what we’re talking about today— dogma, perfectionism, a need to have it all exactly right, a need to fit a mold or check things off a list.

Right now, I see this control streak blazing through wellness as much as it blazes through our lives in so many ways.

The thing is: this kind of control is limiting. It’s also teetering on the brink of insane stress, pressure and zero fulfillment.

In my Feng Shui Camps, I do share the core “rules”, the principles of Feng Shui, but I’ve realized over the last four years that the reason the successes are so wild is that the application is all about a lack of perfection, a following of feelings and understanding for yourself and just how powerful you are.

We need to know the best practices, yes. We don’t need to let the best practices rival our dynamic brilliance.

Ready to control life much less and prosper much more?!

There are a few — many—benefits you may experience when you start trusting in the flow of energy and following your heart.

Knowing the core rules and skills of whatever you’re doing in life is where you get a foundation. Expanding on the skills with all your creative passion is how we evolve and build lives we love!

1. You’ll be more creative.

Creativity is completely the opposite of control. The energy of creativity is unleashed when you open up to a zone of elevated energy flow.

2. You’ll be more excited.  

When you know what’s going to happen— i.e.: getting intuitive readings constantly to predict the future outside of yourself — it’s not that exciting and it’s more puzzling to go through life looking for what’s going to happen. I remember my days of psychic addiction vividly, and my psychic was so good she did forecast with accuracy.  Even so, I started, quickly, to be less excited and more on the lookout for what I knew was coming.  And I started creating less, waiting much more.

What if something bigger than you could ever imagine is on the way right now?!

Make sure you’re in the middle of creating and you’ll be ready to receive it!

3. You’ll be more present. 

When you’re not living in the future, constantly trying to piece together exactly how it should be, you’re far more awake in the moment. Presence is super-powerful. It’s how we glow, how we build confidence, how we shine.

4. You’ll be more intuitive. 

All that presence leads to knowing ourselves way better. Intuitive living isn’t living in the next moment, it’s living in tune with ourselves, living from our hearts, trusting our feelings far more.

5. You’ll be more in gratitude.

There’s an element of faith and deep graciousness that comes from being in a flow every day and, as you create the day, receiving what appears. If you are in a grind, whatever comes is usually never enough because that grind is thankless and whatever you get won’t equal the time you spent in that tension and stress, you know?

I’ve observed that lots of people who hate their jobs but do extreme work for the cash tend to spend way way more money than the average person who is fulfilled, trying to sort of cope with feeling so disconnected.

6. You’ll be more connected.

Because you’re really in the moment when you’re not trying to force life, you’re sort of naturally in a space of Tao connection. It’s the energy that moves life forward. It’s where you’re most grounded, most rested, more in equilibrium. It’s where our best work and best ideas spring forth.

7. You’ll be more resourceful. 

When you’re in a zone of constant creativity, you’re able to reach for ideas you maybe couldn’t see when you were in a tunnel vision of just one desired outcome. I had no idea that 90% of what I do now was even possible (it was sort of created out of thin air seven years ago) but I kept innovating and the ideas kept coming because I was willing to think of wild things (like working around the world with people online) to avoid doing what I didn’t want to do (constantly travel, etc). I knew there had to be a way and there was.

Resourcefulness can be everything from creating a side hustle to exercising in your lunch break, finding unique home solutions or creating new recipes from what’s in your fridge. The possibilities are endless…!!!

8. You’ll be more of a manifesting genius.  

Living from your heart with an awareness of your energy is “fifth dimension” manifestation and it’s super-powerful.

9. You’ll trust yourself more. 

The only way to trust is to build it. We build trust with others. Building trust with ourselves, though, is often an afterthought. The more you find that presence, strength and creative electric in your days, the more you’ll come to trust yourself— even, and especially, if you make mistakes. It’s never a mistake if you’re truly growing

10. You’ll be more stable from within. 

And that’s really everything.

Stability from inside is what makes us unstoppable. Trusting our truth, expressing ourselves fully, living with power, creating solutions, developing ideas…

Some people fret about the economy. I keep an eye on my own energy and connection far more— it’s what’s going to keep us stable as the waves of change constantly roll.

More personal magic, less of too much control.

Here’s to every season being a season of wild abundance!



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xoxo Dana


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