Feng Shui To Keep Negative Energy Far Away From Your Life

Mar 12, 2018 | Prosperity

I don’t dwell on the heaviness, but if the heaviness comes to my days, it’s not just a block to life flowing freely. It’s also an enormous growth opportunity.

Not only is clearing the negativity a chance to break through to a whole new level of life, it’s also a chance to see how that stuff got in in the first place… and send it away for good!!!

We are all light and love and radiance as our true nature.  None of us want the heaviness, upset or any of the torrents that come along with it.

So, before you fall into a hole of despair, if  that storm cloud is looming around your life, it’s time to usher in far more love and use this time as an opportunity to channel all your power into enormous strength and growth.

Negativity, we are done with you.

Whether you’re experiencing tremendous obstacles, small things, incredible blocks that won’t budge or just upset that keeps on coming, know that it will pass.

Don’t hold it in.  Let it fly.  Tears, punching pillows, staying in motion, not stagnating.  Longer walks, more meditative calm, more energy that is in motion.  Hold in your tears and they’ll become as concrete as bricks.

The same goes for your home.  You’ve got to let it all flow, let the stuffed closet pour open, let go of “controlled chaos” and dig in to get to the roots of a problem.

Patching a wall full of water damage with fresh paint won’t change the leaking pipe. That water is ready to keep draining… mirroring drains in your life.

Let the emotions flow… and dig in to solve problems at their roots.

That’s what the feng shui camps are all about— immersing yourself in ripping out the roots of problems so they can’t keep growing!

But… why could the heaviness be a real opportunity?

It shows you where you can reinforce your power and build yourself up.

That bad juju can’t get into your space unless you’ve got weakness.

I’m so deeply immersed in self-growth and art and all things about positivity, you’d think that nothing ever went wrong… and often nothing does.

But, when my own blindspots emerge, along with all the patterns repeat that have held me back, I know now that it’s a call to dive deeper and see what’s been putting holes in my energetic armor.

Energy that’s strong- like a secure fence without holes or wobble- keeps you secure.

Weak energy comes from habits like not eating well enough for you, being depleted emotionally, holding onto the past that’s so heavy and unresolved, being entangled with negative forces that you feel can best you like the terrifying trap of gaslighting, abuses of all kinds and anything else that makes you feel weakened or demolished on a soul level.

Weakened energy also comes from a heart that is closed, beliefs that you deserve less or that you are less or powerless… and that’s all wired into us like circuits we can’t see. 

If you have patterns that repeat, you now know some more of your subconscious “hard-wired programming”.

If you only make enough money to get by, even when you make way more money or have windfalls of money, yet, somehow, it’s all gone, there’s a weak energy field, a habit, that’s somewhere in your system or your memory or energy banks. There’s some belief holding this truth in place.

Your habits and cycles are life showing you some of that programmed stuff we absorb as children that may make no conscious sense but it’s looming there, keeping you anchored to what you don’t want.

You don’t need to precisely know what it is, but you’ll get a good sense from what you see in your life, in the condition of your home, in your relationships… everywhere.

You don’t need to know every detail in order to change it. In other words, you don’t have to sink into it in order to be done with it!!!

One big tear-filled lightbulb moment I had some time ago is that I had become used to a very negative kind of motivation— I needed some force working against me in order to feel motivated.  I was used to being driven by battle.  Meaning, I was so used to seeing people fight for their voice, their power and their light… it seemed normal.

I just didn’t know another way but to find lots of vampires and life-suckers and welcome them all into my life, only to have to fend them off daily, constantly battling to survive in all the chaos.  That said, it kept me motivated!

At a very important job, I pulled in the big fish- the most evil of evilness that came after me.  A woman so intent on sabotaging me and so twisted that she was feared by everyone in her large, powerful company where she was not even an executive. She made the leaders of the company terrified, too terrified to fire her. What was worse is that I thought she was my friend and treated her as a friend and I thought we had a great relationship.

Nothing changed, until, one day… boom…. out of the blue. The ride of terror began, too terrible to detail.

In non-stop, 24-hour chaos-making, she forced me to become:  stronger, more self-expressed and more grounded in myself.

I started to break free of my cycle of bringing in people who decimate my life, forcing me to fight like a superhero to stay on solid ground.

That evil was an opportunity.

One of the best ways to bypass that programming is PRESENCE. 

Showing up.  Loving your days.  Living with more passion and practicing a new way to be.

Keep on being more present and consciously create your days as the agent of change-making.

You can do this without special training or tricks.

Show up.  Stay present.  Be conscious.

Feng shui is a way to actually re-wire your mind as you change your home, shifting habits, energy and behavior on a conscious and subconscious level.   Kind of like brainwashing yourself with magnetic awesomeness!!!

There are so many ways to clear your home and your life and your mind and your heart of what’s been shutting the lights off.  There are so many ways to divorce yourself and untangle from what’s heavy or seemingly endless.

Having a powerful aim cuts though the weeds and gives you infinite motivation to dig in deeper and clear your life until it’s absolutely unlimited.

Get very clear on what you want— and don’t back down.

When you want it enough, and kick that darkness out of life, it’s on the way.

If you’re in your power fully you’ll know it’s really on the way because it won’t be a hope or a wish or a mental fixation you’re still not certain about— you’ll feel it deeply.  That deep feeling is you in the process of creating and reorganizing the universe in amazing ways.

Life is ready to move in your favor when you are ready to move up with it!!!



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