Feng Shui To Open Doors To What You Want With Ease!

Mar 16, 2018 | Creativity

open doors to what you want

Open doors to what you want more of in your life, and do it with much more ease.

My friend told me a few days ago she was done fighting for things.  She’d been fighting for jobs, relationships, peace, adventures… and she was exhausted.  She said she was ready to surrender and just let go of all the must-haves and trying to beat down the doors. Once she decided that, peace was restored to life.  And from there, the new doors started to open.

You can beat down doors.  We hear those stories of people who were rejected a million times but on time “one million and one” they were accepted.  We hear about the people who embrace struggle so deeply that it’s part of their DNA and after much suffering, they succeed with what they’re looking for.

Given the toll that stress takes on our lives and the ways that pressure actually closes doors (ie: how creeped out do you feel by high-pressure sales people?) , today, we’re looking at a new way to open doors that is way less of a draining nightmare.  You’ll still need to show up and do the work, but it can be far more exciting than we’ve possibly come to believe.

Believe in a less-resistance path. 

If you’re deep in the “no pain, no gain” I’ll be hard pressed to convince you that you don’t have to feel pain to triumph every day.  But, if you practice less-rigorous habits, you will start to see the difference between pushing and allowing great things into your life.

Less rigorous habits— softening yoga like Strala Yoga, all about opening and relaxing into moments, meditation that is easy and non-rigorous that allows you to unwind your mind, resting early with a curfew to get ready for bed and shut your electronics to clear your mind.

I have a friend who used to run 5 days a week because she thought it was more powerful exercise than hiking or powerfully walking.  And she got injured, repeatedly, until being forced to hike and walk for a while.  Not only did she feel better than ever, by not forcing her body, she started seeing her fitness goals being actualized at last.

These are just the start of unwinding the tension and proving to yourself, through practice, that there can be an easier way!

Remove the resistance from your home. 

Resistance enters your home in the form of negative, heavy or stuck energies.

HERE is one fun way to open energetic doors at home, with a Door-Opening Bowl!

It’s pretty fun to make and I love the whole ritual and symbolism…!

Authenticity wins.

When you’re trying to break down doors and dance around and convince other people that they have to, must, should, or need to love, honor, pay attention, acknowledge or reward you… it’s a slippery slope.  The more you have to “act” and “aggrandize” yourself, the less you are being you.

It’s authenticity that wins the day.  It’s rare. It rings true.  It reflects your self esteem. It makes others feel they can be authentic, too.

All the tricks to influence and win people over, etc, etc, are more of what you don’t want— acting, faking, dancing around, putting on a show.

If you’re not accepted by the people, the job, the opportunity for who you are, it’s not going to be built on a solid foundation.

Expand the scope of possibility.

There’s a lot to be said for seeing the big picture.  With billions of people on this planet, there’s a whole lot of opportunity.  The more you can stop yourself from panic and stress when things are not happening “exactly as you want them to happen” the more you can stay open to the millions of doors to opportunity that exist.

Look for examples of people who have done similar to what you’re after.

When one person breaks a record or beats the odds, a ton of people start doing it after them.  It just takes one person to get there to know it’s possible.  You may be the trailblazer who opens the field of possibility to everyone else… but, chances are, you’ll find some folks who have done what you intend to do, and that’s inspiring — and important— to see.

It’s not a matter of comparing yourself to other people, but, rather, knowing that you can do it, despite what people may say or think.  If it’s a road to your bliss, it’s going to open up!

Trust how you feel.  Even if a door does open, it may not be the door for you.  And that’s OK.

Not every marriage proposal is a YES.  Not every offer is a go.  Saying NO is part of bliss as well.

I shocked myself when I knew I had to turn down a book deal 2 years ago.  It wasn’t my door.  It was a great door but not my door.  I felt so nervous about my creative freedom, I didn’t feel it, I was more worried than excited.  Turned out that I self-released the e-book (Creating Genius!) without being edited or censored and it was a huge win-win.  It was my right door, even if the decision was totally unpopular…!

Feelings are not the most simple to follow.  We are raised to follow facts and strive and think… not always to be intuitive, to trust and to surrender.

Dare to do it anyway!!!



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