Spring Cleaning For Your Energy In Five Fresh Ways!

Mar 27, 2018 | Creativity

(tourism on the edge)

Cleaning out life is a passion so deeply etched into me at this point that it never fails to astonish me when a wave of scrubbing and polishing hits home.  Like yesterday, I was just about to shower when I decided that I could polish the steel on the shower trim first… which led into an hour of steam cleaning (more on my steam cleaning obssession here!) the shower tile.   And then, I steamed the shower drain.  A few drops of aromatherapy followed.  Specifically: eucalyptus and peppermint both in the drain and in the corners of the refreshing shower that I had earned!

By the time I was done… the energy was 100% new.  It felt like the once fine and clean bathroom was now an epic space of rejuvenation.

That’s how you know when your cleaning— or anything— is done being refreshed or rejuvenated.  It’s a feeling sense that can’t be ignored, super-powerful and super-stunning.

Spring season’s start is atributed to cleaning largely because the Earth- and all of us- are waking up to more activity now.  It’s the “coming out of hibernation” season.  More than that— it’s an active call to fire up the engines of creativity and transformation.

All the space you make in your home and life by cleaning things out makes room for huge magic and those bursts of inspired living that are the springboard for door-opening, change-making, higher vibe living we all love.  


(tourism on the edge) 

Clean a personal care routine.

While it can be a long process of trial and transition to get to 100% natural beauty products or non-toxic makeup, there are easy places to start rejuvenating your routines in non-toxic ways.

Pure soap (I get handmade oatmeal bars with just a few ingredients)  can replace a body wash full of fragrance and chemicals.

Natural deodorant (I love Schmidt’s, and they aren’t paying me to say it!) can literally revolutionize your wellness/personal care by eliminating aluminum and other toxins found in standard deodorants from near your glands.   To make it work even better, start with an armpit detox if you’ve used chemical deodorant for a long time.

These are just jumping-off points.  Anything from a natural fragrance in place of perfume to a natural lipgloss in place of a glassy gloss can be a personal revolution.

Vacuum like you mean it.

When you vacuum, you can dig in and suck even more stagnation out of your home along with the dust and dirt and debris.

Pull apart sofas and dust under all the cushions, vacuum under everything, get into the kitchen and do the baseboards, vacuum up your doormat… this is a very fresh-making opportunity!!!

(green smoothie recipes HERE from the boutenkos) 

Start a health habit that brings you higher energy.

What you need if what you are drawn toward.  It may be more water.  New exercise.  New supplements.

I listened to Victoria Boutenko speak for three hours on You Tube last night while I cleaned (!) all about the power of greens in clean green fruit smoothies.  I tried her smoothies years ago and felt great… until, of course, I decided to add nut butters, dates and coconut and more to them, and totally missed the point of her method!  She talked about increasing hydrochloric acid (this is a big deal) by drinking the smoothies, and about the incredible health benefits of rotating greens in this quart full of nutrition every morning.  I was most impressed by the spectrum of nutrients in wild weeds and the ways that greens are actually a food group of their own.

Can you guess who is ordering a replacement container for her Vitamix today?!

Add some higher vibes to your home with gemstone elixirs!

Use intention as life clearing.

Your intention is something to practice every day, every season.  It never fails to astonish me just how much can be done when things are decided.

Practice your intention-setting in ways that feel amazing.

HERE is so much more science about the power of intention.  

To put it into practice:  start paying a lot of attention to everything that matters most to you, showering these things, people and ideas with love and affection.

This alone can Spring Clean your whole life!



P.S.: If you need more energy, confidence and glow… The Joy Immersion is a a month of happy-making, mirror-polishing, life-lifting and simple space-shifting!

It’s loaded with lots of actions (some you may know for sure even if you’ve never fully practiced them, some you’ve likely never seen or heard of…!) that can help you detox from your own negative stuff, uncover more of your greatness and light, and see happiness everywhere you look…! There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and it’s a daily commitment to a positive life shift… which is a positive life shift already!!!


And you can start right HERE!

xoxoxo Dana


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